U.S. Public Servant Questionnaire: First Line of Defense against unlawful Police

Every time a Police Officer talks, they are speaking through their LEGAL [fictional] ARTIFICIAL PERSON CORPORATION ENTITY construct.

When they ask for a name, that name is AUTOMATICALLY legalized into its UPPER CASE representation.

Police do NOT tell us that every time they talk to anyone, the “person” they talk to is already under suspicion BY LAW.  Such full terms and conditions are required to be disclosed by the TRUTH IN LENDING ACT -where the insurance franchise they are assuming exists is debt loaned into existence from nothing and thus covered by the TRUTH IN LENDING ACT-.

By Law, every time a Corporate AGENT/OFFICER speaks, they are to treat the human being as if they are GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT, by way of the still enforced LIEBER CODE, along with the TRADING IN THE ENEMY ACT, makes all human beings enemies of the Corporate “State“!

With this in mind, every time a Corporate POLICY ENFORCER opens their mouth, they are to automatically treat the human as a legal fictional criminal.  Indeed, just stopping someone in their policy enforcement car automatically puts the “driver” under administrative arrest.  They are required to say the Miranda Warning first thing when talking to a “driver,” yet most policy enforcers break these codes EVERY TIME.

In the STATE OF MICHIGAN, their APPLICATION FOR DRIVER’S LICENSE claim as legal language above the signature, “I certify under the penalty for perjury that I am a legal Michigan resident, the statements made on this application are true, and that a court is not holding my license.”  the first two “I”s refer to the human being, then the human is “fit” into a “legal Michigan resident” which is the “legal presence artificial ‘person’ corporation trust trade-name insurance franchise” that is corporate property owned by the STATE.

This legal language makes claiming to be a human over a “corporation” a felony crime..  just for having a Driver’s License.  This is what clergy would call “Original Sin.”  It is the first commission of a crime by temptation and suggestion.  The simple idea that a human being “needs” a Driver’s License to “Drive” is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, start to finish, birth to death within the LEGAL SOCIETY of ARTIFICIAL PERSONS.  The Right to Travel is independent, immutable, inviolatable, and may be used with IMPUNITY (total disregard for the violence that criminal mistrained corporate policy enforcers, as it is the violence that is the crime).

Policy Enforcement AGENTS depend upon this original commission of claiming to be NON-HUMAN to treat us as just that.

By way of WITH PREJUDICE, every officer may simply ASSUME (especially by POWER OF ASSUMPTION!!!) that these unlawful adhesion contracts exist and may be acted upon even if it is NOT true!

With that, the first line of defense is to have the PUBLIC SERVANT fill out the following questionnaire before they even open their mouth (but after they have placed your artificial person under administrative arrest by talking to “it”).

This form presents the PUBLIC SERVANT with the knowledge that the “person” they are talking to is the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE, and not the ARTIFICIAL PERSON representing the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE.

This form was originally given to me and then edited for AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE information; as that is one of the most authoritative positions to be in according to statutory code.  U.C.C. Article 3 §3-402 (b) (1) clearly indicates that the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE cannot be held accountable for the debts of the ARTIFICIAL PERSON!

Print this form out and use it any time a POLICY ENFORCER attempts to engage with you as an ARTIFICIAL PERSON.

Public Servant Questionnaire PDF

Instructions for Use

Print this form out and Carry this with you at all times.  Present it to any PUBLIC SERVANT who decides to get cheeky with their job and fictional “authority.”

Have this ready whenever they talk to you.  When they approach, give the form to them and say, “YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED.”

Refuse to answer any questions until it is filled out.  just say and repeat: “I don’t answer any questions.  Please fill the form out.”

DO NOT FOLLOW ANY ORDERS, as the orders do not have any authority nor standing until such authority/standing is PROVEN by a completed questionnaire.  It is recommended that we force policy enforcers to act in violent, combative, and belligerent ways rather than just comply with their unlawful orders.  (all orders by policy enforcers are unlawful, especially in light of the WRIT MANDAMUS issued at the COMMON LAW preventing all COLOR OF LAW actions.)

This is just one of many real-time solutions for dealing with unlawful POLICY ENFORCERS…  which is all of them.

This form works for non-legal human beings, assumed artificial persons (which is the primary job of policy enforcers), and World Citizens.

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