Math Illegal? Oregon Board criminalizing Freedom of Speech and Unlicensed “Practice of Engineering”

As a “Software Engineer”®©™ (at the Common Law; ®©™ as tongue in cheek), educated in a prestigious American university (equivalent to M.I.T. -by their standards-), working as a “software engineer” for high-end open-source web frameworks, many successful and still operating web projects, having been screwed by “worked for” banks, transnational conglomerate auction houses, fast paced business consulting firms, small business consulting, business development, and “self-employed” (and all of those under false pretenses of what debt as money is and is not; and unconscionable contracts with the UNITED STATES, INC)…  and every one of them hired me based upon the exercise of my (constitutionally) protected freedom of speech to say and write my prior job experience.

Would I be “practicing engineering” by saying and writing that software companies hire me as a “software engineer” without some legalized license to practice?  and without being “designated” as an “engineer”?

How is it that the word “engineer” has been “legalized”/ “legally defined” (which is merely a LEGAL FICTION) such that the statutory codes precludes the right to freedom of speech?

LEGAL FICTIONAn assumption that something occurred or someone or something exists which, in FACT, is not the case, but that is made in the law [merely legalisms of fiction] to enable a court [-room, administrative court, debt collectors] to equitably [by debt!] resolve [because it was already solved] a matter before it. [the matter existed before the debt, making the matter superior to the debt; but in the LEGAL SYSTEM debt is sovereign by definition!]

BTW: Sovereign is legally defined as:    2. In the United States the sovereignty resides in the body of the people. Vide Rutherf. Inst.282.  The “BODY of the PEOPLE” are all ARTIFICIAL PERSON corporations OWNED by the STATE (CORPORATIONS).  The Artificial PERSONS corporations [legal presences that “represent” us in the system] are insurance franchises backed by DEBT.  Birth Certificates make up the TRUST that contain the debt.  The California Vital Records BANK NOTE SPECIALIST has said by phone, “it [the birth certificate] wouldn’t be a BANK NOTE without the BAR CODE!”  So the “BODY OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES INCORPORATED” are literally DEBT accounting line items as negotiable instruments via Birth Certificates.  The human body is SURETY for the debt in violation of U.C.C. Article 3-402 (b) (1): “If the form of the signature shows unambiguously that the signature is made on behalf of the represented person who is identified in the instrument, the representative is not liable on the instrument.”  The “represented person”- Person being the key word for the artificial “person” corporation insurance franchise.

Attorneys also go after people for “Unlicensed Practice of Copyrighted LEGAL CODE [they call ‘LAW’]”.  After the Article here, there is an Analysis of the Legal definitions and CODES in Oregon that dives into what makes using the word “engineer” illegal in Oregon.

Illegal Math? Oregon State Board criminalizing speech about traffic lights and unlicensed “practice of engineering”

Running red lights can get you a ticket. But in Oregon, you can be fined just for talking about it.

Mats Järlström learned this first-hand last year when the state of Oregon fined him $500 for publicly suggesting that yellow lights should last for slightly longer to accommodate cars making right turns.

Mats is a tinkerer. In the great tradition of American inventors and scientists who got their start working in their garage or basement, Mats saw a problem and set out to fix it—that is, until the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying (EDITORS NOTE: we encourage you to call them on 503-362-2666) brought everything to a screeching halt.

It all started when Mats’s wife received a red-light camera ticket, which sparked Mats’s interest in how exactly yellow lights are timed.

He did a little Googling and found the formula used to set traffic-light times. The length of time a traffic light stays yellow is based on a relatively straightforward mathematical formula, originally drafted in 1959. Mats realized that the formula is incomplete, because it fails to capture the behavior of drivers making right turns. After developing a modified formula and even corresponding with one of the formula’s original creators, Mats started to reach out to others in the scientific community, government officials, and the media.

Mats’s work was generally met with interest and praise, but when Mats e-mailed the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying, things took an abrupt illegal U-turn. The Board told Mats they had no interest in hearing about his ideas. Fair enough. But the Board didn’t stop there. They launched a full-blown investigation, alleging that he’d engaged in the unlicensed “practice of engineering.”

After a two-year-long investigation, the Board fined him $500. According to the Board, “critiquing” the length of yellow lights and talking about his ideas with “members of the public” made Mats a lawbreaker because he’s not an Oregon-licensed professional engineer.

The Board also told Mats that he couldn’t refer to himself using the word “engineer” either. Most people would probably agree that “engineer” is a sensible way to describe Mats, given his education, experience, and skills. (He has a degree in electrical engineering from Sweden, and he’s worked in a range of technical fields for decades).  But in Oregon, none of that matters; the word “engineer” is off-limits to everyone who is not a state-licensed professional engineer.

But now, Mats is fighting back. No matter how technical the topic, the government cannot give state-licensed experts a monopoly on exchanging ideas. Mats isn’t claiming the right to single-handedly change traffic lights himself; he just wants to talk about them.

The government has also stopped people like Mats from truthfully calling themselves “engineers.” Just as the State of Oregon has no monopoly on engineering concepts, it has no monopoly on words (EDITORS NOTE: IN SOME SENSE IT DOES! B.A.R. ATTORNEYS WORLD-WIDE HAVE GIVEN THEMSELVES PERMISSION TO MONOPOLIZE WORDS WITH ALL UPPER CASE DOG LATIN-The Justinian Deception and semantic deception/word magic of “LEGAL DICTIONARIES”; WHICH IS USED IN ALL COURT CASE DEBT “MATTERS” across nearly the whole planet -within the corporations pretending to be “governments”- and relates to using UPPER CASE ARTIFICIAL PERSON CORPORATION “NAMES”, particularly on TOMB STONES GRAVE SITESas death is merely a legal fiction!). That is why Mats has teamed up with the Institute for Justice to ask the federal courts to protect the First Amendment rights of all Oregonians to speak freely about whatever they want. It’s time for Oregon to give free speech the green light.


In the Oregon Legislature – glossary of LEGAL TERMS,

“Chief engineer” or “engineer” means the person designated by the director under ORS 184.628 (Chief engineer).


First, click the link on person.  There is no definition related to human being ANYWHERE in the glossary definition for “PERSON”.  The closest thing there could be is an “INDIVIDUAL”; which is another name for TAXPAYER and thus Artificial person -by code definition in this link-.  When

The closest definition for INDIVIDUAL in Oregon Revised Statutes related to human being  is as a NATURAL PERSON, but this then relies on the recursive definition of PERSON…  which is a logical fallacy.  A term cannot define itself; even externalized one and/or more layers through COMPOUND DEFINITIONS -another semantic deception of the legal system-.

  1. “Individual” means a natural person. “Individual” includes the estate of an incompetent individual or a deceased individual.”

3. “Individual” means a natural person and includes the guardian of an incompetent individual.
Oregon Legislature 3
See also board, person, uncompensated officer

“INCLUDES” means — A term of limitation! — Ex parte Martinez.

“It is a miserable slavery where the law is vague or uncertain.”
Misera est servitus, ubi jus est vagum aut incertum. – Maxim of law

This means that: In referring to an “INDIVIDUAL” as a NATURAL PERSON, what they mean is the GUARDIAN of an Incompetent Individual (the legal presence artificial person, that one has not yet become executor of); who is also an incompetent “individual.”

By referring to human beings as “INDIVIDUALS” -by semantic deception-, Oregon is making “citizens” legally of unsound mind and incompetent!

 Furthermore, the DEFINITION of INDIVIDUAL references that they are an UNCOMPENSATED OFFICER.  Thus supporting the fact that just simply HAVING a Driver’s License (which the human is the CEO-President-Officer-Authorized Representative (falsely assumed surety) OF the DRIVER’s LICENSE ARTIFICIAL PERSON) REQUIRES Universal Basic Income via Minimum Wage!  Humans have been the UNCOMPENSATED OFFICERs of the ARTIFICIAL PERSON -by criminal fraudulent deceptive assumption- since 1938.  We have every right and responsibility to demand back pay.  The Debt to pay for all this DOES exist…  in the BIRTH CERTIFICATE BANK NOTE INSURANCE FRANCHISE ARTIFICIAL PERSON ACCOUNT.
These unclaimed ARTIFICIAL PERSON BANK ACCOUNTS -worth many millions of dollars if not billions- end up in these 1000 peoples’ hands upon LEGAL FICTIONAL death.  The account numbers are staggering2.588 septendecillion Federal Reserve Notes per last public tally.  This is 2.588 million trillion trillion trillion trillion (which is four trillions stacked in a row).


From the OREGON Glossary Term “DIRECTOR”

2015 ORS 184.628¹

Chief engineer

(1) The Director of Transportation, with the approval of the Oregon Transportation Commission, shall appoint a chief engineer. The chief engineer shall be a registered civil engineer and shall be qualified by technical training as well as by practical experience.

(2)The chief engineer may designate persons within the Department of Transportation who have full authority to perform any duty required or permitted by law to be performed by the engineer.

(3)The director may authorize the employment by the chief engineer of such staff engineers, engineering and technical assistants and such other help that in the chief engineer’s judgment may be necessary. Compensation, travel allowance and other expenses shall be fixed by the chief engineer with the approval of the director.

Only the Director of Transportation is allowed to APPOINT registered artificial persons as “chief engineers.”   Then only the “chief engineer” may “designate” “engineer” artificial persons.  The “engineer” entity then only has “registered” debt-insurance to commit “fraudulent and deceptive commerce.”  The “engineers” are authorized, meaning they can issued JUDGEMENT ORDERS to CREATE DEBT FROM NOTHING on behalf of the “chief engineer.”

The CHIEF ENGINEER is allowed to FIX THE BOOKS.  That is to say: FIX is another word for MANIPULATE, RIG, CONSPIRACY.

A JUDGEMENT ORDER is a very specific type of NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT DEBT that allows them to just simply CREATE it from nothing and count it as REVENUE!  They even refer to creating judgements and orders by authorization right there in the Oregon Revised Statutes.


This appears to be extortion by the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying.  They have no right nor claim -even as the code is written- to usurp the word “engineer” in such ways.  Feel free to contact and/or call them on 503-362-2666 and give them a piece of our mind.  If you record the conversation, please say so in the beginning, and send me the audio.  My contact info is in the About Page.

This is an offense to all engineers planet wide, particularly those in Oregon who now cannot use the term on their resumés until the legal system changes.

These underlings in the Governmental Corporation likely do not know what their ATTORNEYS are doing with their corporation and codes.

One of the most amazing aspects here is that criminalizing basic human “words”, “actions”, and rights is/was done in many other codes and states/statutes as well, such as “Midwifes”, “massage”, “driving”, “dentist”, “doctor”, “teacher”, “sheriff”, “attorney”, etc.  It is almost shocking that the STATE OF OREGON doesn’t start suing/issuing judgement citations to people for using the word “DIRECTOR”!!!!   ROFL!  The Word “Director” is just as “monopolized” as the word “engineer” here.

So why is/was Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying issuing warrants against the OREGON TREASURY for the word “engineer” rather than word “director”?  It seems that the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying is trying to PUNISH people who do their jobs better than them!  ROFL!  #sad-and-true.

Attorneys try to say that “unlicensed practice of legal statutes is illegal” which may be true because only attorneys have access to the COPYRIGHTED STATUTES and their “execution”, however it is NOT UNLAWFUL.   ATTORNEYS -in FACT- do not have any legislative standing in courts.  ATTORNEYS ARE PRACTICING CRIMINAL ACTS and allowed to get away with it by having FRAUDULENT DEBT INSURANCE.

I have attempted to gain remedy through these DEBT INSURANCE instruments and even with legitimate claims and PROVEN EVIDENCE, all claims are denied…

Insurance is merely an act to rationalize The State’s criminal behavior.

This -AGAIN- goes to show that the criminal UNITED STATES, INC needs to be treated as the FORECLOSED BANKRUPT TERMINATED corporation that they no longer can fraudulently present themselves as.  The APPEARANCE OF JUSTICE is totally done.  the UNITED STATES, INC is not about justice, it is about DEBT and not being liable for their own crimes.

Lastly, Oregon and the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying is foreclose by U.C.C. File Documents #2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127907 and 2012127914, unrebutted.  They do not have any copyright on the terms “chief engineer” nor “engineer” any more.  Such is the nature of foreclosure.

UPDATE 2017.04.28
Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying

Subject: The Common Law Copyright & Trademark on the word “ENGINEER” in Oregon
From: belisoful
April 26th, 2017
I recently heard about you and your office criminalizing freedom of speech and “practice of engineering.”  I am a concerned Software Engineer, Private Attorney General, and Human Rights Inspector General for the World Government operated by WSA in Washington, DC for the whole planet of Earth, in this sector of space-time and galaxy.
This is YOUR CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE that I, ———————-©, in propria persona, world citizen, own the COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT and COMMON LAW TRADE MARK on the word “chief engineer” and “engineer” in the COMMON LAW territory of Oregon, and your offices are violating my protected COPYRIGHT and TRADEMARKE.  This is your CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE to immediately CEASE AND DESIST all claims and actions defending such claims upon BASIC HUMAN WORDS.  This is your CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE to immediately CEASE AND DESIST all color of law operations as per the appended WRIT MANDAMUS.   This is your CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE that NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT; NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL.
Your offices have 10 business days to terminate all fraudulent, criminal, deceptive practices and legal suits, which is all actions, operations, and performances.  Failure to do so shall result in EXTREME PREJUDICE as the Natural Law as a result, a reflection, and a consequence of refusing to acknowledge this LETTER and the FORECLOSURE OF THE UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED for being a crime body in exactly the way your office seems to be acting..  I nor anyone else may cause harm except by and through the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying upon themselves by Karma/Natural Law.
If your offices do Not immediately ceases and desist within 10 business days, please provide the authority and jurisdiction your agency has to cite STATUTORY CODE upon human beings regardless of “legal presence corporations”.
Please notify the GENERAL COUNSEL of this email and its contents, as he/she is engaging in willful slavery and GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, including and not limited to via U.C.C. File Documents 2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127907, and 2012127914 (“these U.C.C. Filings), unrebutted.  These U.C.C. Filings FORECLOSE upon the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying.  If your office desires to continue operating past 10 business days, without DISHONOR, please provide the U.C.C. Filed Rebuttal to these U.C.C. Filings. to this email address.
Furthermore, I am including an audio recording of the MICHIGAN WASHTENAW COUNTY PROSECUTOR claiming that Attorneys works for the UNITED NATIONS.  Your offices are required by 5 U.S.C. 552a to provide who are master’s of the attorneys your offices are using to sue “MATS JÄRLSTRÖM”, representing mats: järlström.  If your General Counsel works for the UNITED NATIONS as per EVERY COUNTY PROSECUTOR -as evidenced by the audio recording of Brian Mackie-, what jurisdiction do you have to be operating in the TERRITORY OF OREGON in violation of Title 4 U.S.C. §72 providing: All offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia, and not elsewhere, except as otherwise expressly provided by law.”   By Law, you are required to render your codes that expressly provide you, your offices, and co-conspirators authority to sit in the Territory of Oregon rather than District of Columbia!  I have included another audio from Judy Kramer, Risk Manager for Washtenaw County, claiming that public officials people DO KNOW the difference between the TERRITORY and the CORPORATION called STATE OF OREGON which is not OREGON STATE!  And ignorance of the law is NO excuse!
Lastly, I am including the PUBLIC OFFICIAL QUESTIONNAIRE for your office and agents to PRINT; then have MARI LOPEZ, JENN GILBERT, ERIC ENGELSON, KEITH VAN NORMAN, SANTIAGO PUENTE, ROB SOBOTKA, SHAWN THORNHILL, and all BAR ATTORNEY COUNSEL (e.g. General Counsel, office of corporate Counsel, etc) fill out the form, Sign it, Scan it in digital format, and send each copy to me and mats järlström within the next 3 business days to ensure that your offices are operating the legal code without violations.
It is a pleasure conducting business with you.

By Signing Below I certify:
– I am competent and authorized to be making these statements.
– I am competent to handle my affairs.  (AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH)
– I am no citizen, national and resident but a registered and declared World Citizen of the World Government of World Citizens.
– Any court matter must be settled in an International Court of and at
The Common Law and only The Common Law with a jury of private non-lienable human being peers (each knowingly, willfully, and intentionally without legal presence as we both only have in common).
– I am no person (e.g. statutory person, trust, corporation, public office, etc) but a private non-lienable natural human being dweller at
The Natural Law since birth. 

Sincerely, In Lak’ech ala K’in,

    Without Prejudice, All Rights Reserved, AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE

By: /s/———————————-©/, in propria persona, World Citizen    2017.04.26
©, in propria persona, World Citizen, living private non-lienable natural sentient being dweller   Date

Common Law Justice for Peace
Deputy Clerk for World Citizens
Private Attorney General

Besides making our voices heard, what else can be done about the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying?  Rather than sue the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying GENERAL COUNSEL BAR ATTORNEYS -whom are LITERALLY in cahoots with the BAR ATTORNEY JUDGES and DEFENSE ATTORNEYS (as all BAR ATTORNEYS WORK FOR THE COURT FIRST AND FOREMOST; before the client)-…

How about this as a solution to the clear and obvious corporate criminal behavior by public officials in the UNITED STATES, INC?

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