CEO Obama Illegally Robbed Fannie, Freddie To Fund ObamaCare

Let us not forget that ObamaCare was originally MittRomneyCare!


KD: I wrote to David because on Fox News it was said recently that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were used by method of THEFT to Fund Obama Care. This was 6 days ago as I wrote him immediately before I forgot.

I remembered that Freddie and Fannie (of which I am familiar or was anyway from the distance days of my real estate career)… were owned or whatever by the Global Debt Facility. So I was asking him to check and give clarity. I assume this piece offers some explanation of why Trump says its going to fall flat on its face and collapse. I will put some links on the bottom of this. I assume something is going on that caused the recent issues with the ”’end and replace Obamacare surfaced… who knows but if you see people blaming TRUMP for the failure.. IT IS NOT TRUMPS FAULT.




Yes readers, they are committing theft and fraud against the Global Debt Facility (indirectly) in a way that doesn’t show up on Government Accounts, and this time it is OBAMA who was behind it, not the illustrious Clintons, although the link between Obama and Clintons have been exposed and cemented by many other persons / parties.

OBAMACARE is the recipient of this criminal operation, and the Non-governmental organizations of “Freddie Mac”, “Fannie Mae”, and Jennie Mae” along with the Global Debt Facility are the victims.

When OBAMACARE was introduced it could not be financed by the US Government, mainly because it had no money to finance such a substantial revamp of the US Healthcare system. Had it used Government finance the Debt Factor of the US Government, which already stands at $68,561,578,220,654-00 USD (As of 02.18 hours on 10.04.2017) refer (with a further $105,739,718, 631, 847-00 USD in US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP)); the US Government liabilities would have increased substantially especially as it has caused substantial anxiety to many America Citizens.

Instead OBAMACARE was financed by theft of funds from the Non-governmental organizations “Freddie Mac” and “Fannie Mae”.It has been reported to me that this subject was also made known to the American people via one of the Main Stream Media outlets who gained said information from a high ranking “Whistleblower” inside the “Freddie Mac” corporation. Unfortunately, neither Congress, the Senate, or the People appeared to have noticed this. If they did, nothing has happened about it with the usual apathy still existing in America, rolling on, and on, and on.

More to the point however, is the underlying effects of such theft and fraud. The effects of which are deliberate disguise and criminal deception and criminal activities by a Government upon its citizens.

Many people do not see or understand what really lies at the back of such non-government organisations as “Freddie Mac” and Fannie Mae”.

So let’s look at where “Freddie Mac” and Fannie Mae” get their money from to be able to purchase the Mortgage Debt accumulated by the Banks when they approve all those Mortgages.

It certainly isn’t the American Government [Corporation], so who is it?

It is the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY who purchase 98% of all “Freddie Macs”, Fannie Maes” and Jennie Maes” ever written. FACT, FACT, and more FACT.

If anyone looks at any certificate / bond issued by the “Freddie Mac”, “Fannie Mae” and “Jennie Mae” corporations you will see “GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY” clearly written in the top left hand upper section on page 1 of such “Offer documents”. So the effects of this theft and fraud by OBAMA and his criminal regime is that to balance their books, “Freddie Mac”, “Fannie Mae”, and “Jennie Mae” have to issue more certificates / bonds, which the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY purchases to be able to balance their books.

So we, the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, have to buy, or that is what they believe; more certificates / bonds to cover the theft of money by the American Government, which was money previously paid to “Freddie Mac” and “Fannie Mae” by the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY.

A rather ludicrous and criminal situation just so OBAMA can introduce his magical and highly questionable OBAMACARE program.

It is a similar situation to the 1998 scenario of the infamous Bill Clinton when he was President of the USA. He and his accomplices, stole hundreds and billions of dollars from the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY and was caught Red-Handed. Now he has to pay it all back. So what does he do? He can’t get the Government to pay this as it would show up within the Government Accounts, so he forced “Freddie Mac” (I wonder what dirty little secrets he has on the top management of “Freddie Mac”, or were they, like many others, threatened), to accept the Debt and issue “Freddie Mac” certificates to cover the debt, which the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY had to accept, otherwise there was nothing.

This why “Freddie Mac”, “Fanny Mae” etc, were deep in debt during the 2008 (to the present) financial collapse, and nearly went Bankrupt.

No, the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY did not pay for these “Freddie Mac” certificates, they were passed to us to cover the Hundreds of Billions in Debt which the infamous Bill Clinton had created through theft from the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY.

Another issue here is who, or what, is the name of the Trust, owned by the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, that finances the purchase of all “Freddie Macs”, Fannie Maes” etc purchased by the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY?

It is the WORLD TRUST which is one of the Trusts established by St. Germain (The Count of St. Germain) and owned by the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY which is legally owned by THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER, as legally appointed Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter (1995 and 2012); whose original Trustees were replaced in the time of the TTTGC, by, Yes, if you haven’t already guessed it, here it comes ——- The CIA.

Everyone can be fully assured that The International Treasury Controller did not give, or grant, permission or authority at any time for OBAMA or his GOVERNMENT to use the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY funds, whether directly or indirectly, to finance OBAMACARE.

What a mess America is getting, or has got, itself into and ultimately passing the costs of these thefts down to the American people.

I find it incredible that the American Government, having been caught Red-handed several times in the past, are still continuing in their criminal ways, just like Al Capone and Jessie James did, until their final days came; without due regard for the ultimate consequences.”Final Days” is the ultimate and highly applicable statement here, because it does happen, will happen, and it is inevitable and a dead certainty that it will be the eventual outcome. America’s downward spiral to oblivion.

David P. Crayford


KD: Actually just putting this into google will give you a bunch of sources. I was unaware until I saw it on Fox.


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One thought on “CEO Obama Illegally Robbed Fannie, Freddie To Fund ObamaCare”

  1. Just remember it’s all funny money, created out of thin air and leveraged 10:1 or more. Government bonds, bills, I.O.U’s purchased by banks and credit institutions, are recorded as ASSETS on their books, and upon which the banks issue NEW loans. The real robbery is what the bankers did back in 2008, threatening to crash the economy and held US hostage if we didn’t give them billions in bail-outs and golden parachutes, while Iceland put their banksters in jail, and recently Spain. Obamacare ain’t perfect but it’s healthcare of a sort, albeit over-priced (designed for/by the insurance industry after all.) There’s nothing magical about socialism, people pay taxes for what they receive. Problem is they don’t often receive it for sabotage by money-grubbing capitalists who want it all and the people to have nothing.


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