The “Taxation Is Theft” Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream

The “Taxation Is Theft” Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream

Op-Ed by Alice Salles

The month of April is a nightmare for anyone with a conscience, as we only have until “tax day” — which usually falls on April 15 — to give the taxman what he says he deserves. So if you pay taxes to Uncle Sam and you’re also aware you’re paying for mass murder in the Middle East and in U.S. streets due to the drug war, you should also feel sick to your stomach as you write that check.

To a restaurant customer, this may have served as enough incentive to remind his server that taxation is always immoral — but he didn’t stop there.

Last week, a customer at a Missouri restaurant gave the waitress a “personal gift” instead of a tip, writing the now popular line “Taxation is theft” in the tip section of the receipt.

In a second note, the fiscally conscious customer added:

This is not a tip. This is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes.

With major progressive news outlets like ATTN: reporting on this story, left-leaning reporters started to debate wages in the food and service industries, discussing the fact that tips end up being factored as wages, meaning they are always taxable.

But as that discussion developed, reporters were quick to realize that when personal gifts are in the mix, the taxman can’t take part of those earnings away. After all, a gift would have to exceed $13,000 to be subject to taxation, meaning that even if the customer had spent hundreds, the “personal gift” would not amount to anything close to the requirements stipulated by the IRS.

With that, ladies and gentlemen, it becomes easier to not only tip with class, but also with substance, giving your waiter a lesson on what’s moral and how to legally go around the rules to make sure they enjoy their full tip — not just the percentage deemed to be fit by the federal government.

As this story becomes part of the popular movement ignited by libertarians, expect to see more progressive news outlets becoming familiarized with the actual concept of taxation. What’s left for us to find out is if they are going to change their tune and start attacking people like this customer when the two-party pendulum swings once again and a fully Democratic slate takes over Washington.

Are they going to remain consistent in discussing taxation from the point of view of the worker, or are they going to side with the leech?

Only time will tell.

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UPDATE 2017.04.30 – Tipping tax free…

This Blog offers a COMMON LAW USE AND SALES TAX EXEMPTION FORM for being TAX EXEMPT with any US Corporation as a Foreign non-legal non-resident non-citizen.

Find out how to use this one form to stop giving USE AND SALES TAX to the criminal “STATE OF” Corporations that use the debt to criminalize being human; as can be seen here:



2 thoughts on “The “Taxation Is Theft” Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream”

  1. Not all taxes are theft, but how citizens/we-the-people pay for government, services, police & fire, libraries, public works projects. Of course this could be done far more efficiently and at far less cost if the government didn’t give all currency away to banks at cost of printing.


    1. Yes, really. all taxes are theft. yes they are. Do you know what Negotiable Instruments are? Do you know what a “bill” is? All “tax bills” are negotiable instruments… worth the debt written on them…. AS NEW DEBT. Which is to say, tax bills are actually free. they pay themselves. If we pay their TAX BILLS with any of our own currencies, that is double payment…. that’s called extortion when physical violence is used… even “authorized”, these debts are worthless.

      Every payment of “taxes” is literally NEW DEBT MONEY! All payments to government, services, police, fire, library, public works projects IS NEW MONEY. Literally EVERY DEPOSIT IS NEW MONEY because it is a loan to the bank… all loans are NEW MONEY.

      The cost of printing money is exactly ZERO. EVERY DEPOSIT is NEW MONEY. When depositing a negotiable instrument with the government -for instance, in paying taxes- the Government treats it as a NEW NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT.

      This new debt is what PAYS for the services. The government the literally STEALS a second copy of the debt FROM OUR ACCOUNTS with the complicity of the banks.

      The whole point is that the cost of debt is exactly zero. If you do not overstand this, it is you-guxestimate who needs to learn a few things about what attorneys are doing in the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED.

      The California Vital Records even said, “It wouldn’t be a bank note without the bar code” and explains that they aren’t valuable… which means that debt and negotiable instruments are valueless!!!!


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