“It’s A Public Health Crisis” Nation-Wide as Americans lose 97 million IQ Points due to Fluoridated Water in 2017


Yes, in several Significant US Cities lead concentrations in water  -over “federal corporation” statutory levels- that affect about 100,000 people is a very big deal.  We are talking about lead levels over 15 parts per billion (15 ppb).  (article appended below.)  Fluoride might be 3-8 ppb however it is a very different chemical!  Fluoride is far more toxic than Lead and Chlorine combine even in such low concentrations.

Yes, the FLINT, STATE OF MICHIGAN debacle cost the “MICHIGAN TAXPAYER” $97 million -despite that those are new debt dollars created from nothing, and rehypothecated at least a few dozen times. Meanwhile, human beings suffer as a consequence of these multiple food, water, air, and electro-magnetic (pollution and manipulation) crisis.    The electro-magnetic manipulation using Scalar Waves (Tesla Style EM field that to actually travel “faster than light”, which would effectively destroy all appearances of debt having value).

Yes, until there are actual damages there can be no debt to solve the issue.  The Debt of $97 million –created from nothing, literally– is remedy for the damage that the UNITED STATES –and UNITED NATIONS, superior to the constitution by the constitution by the international treaty supremacy clause– has done to the folks, families, and children.  The damage is that no action could be taken until “federal rules” are broken.   However this is not  the Nation-wide crisis.

It could also be pointed out that the U.S. Education System has codified “learning.”  In doing so, it has destroyed the free-flowing process of actual learning and forming concepts on ones own.  The U.S. Educational Codification called “COMMON CORE” disenfranchises children of learning -by en-franchising “children” into artificial person trade name insurance franchise corporations, called “legal presences.”

Lead in aging pipes, terrible educational codifications/standards for artificial children corporations of corporate mergers call “MARRIAGE LICENSES”, is just the beginning…

The American Intelligence Crisis

The true crisis is not just Pittsburgh, but across the entire of America.

According to Water Systems through and through the UNITED STATES, INC, the fluoride is NOT MEDICAL GRADE despite being said that it is introduced FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES.  The knowing performance of adding NON-MEDICAL GRADE fluoride and saying that it is for MEDICAL PURPOSES is not just false and deceptive “advertising” -which every American has a right of tort on the issue-, it is knowing, intentional, willful Medical Experimentation.  The latest scientific peer-reviewed papers from Harvard University shows that Fluoride Toxicity causes Neurological Development retardation of -0.45 IQ Points in children 14 and under.  Fluoride was publicly widely branded by corporations to gain public acceptance in the 1940s to cover up Aluminum smelting pollution of fluoride.

The purpose seems to be claimed that fluoride is for teeth…  only…  other countries removed fluoride and saw no statistically significant change in dental health across Europe.  Fluoride usually causes severe medical harm when NOT TOPICAL (such as fluoride in tap water) and it costs the water department “debt”-money to buy.   Both of these “negative” performances -technically against the Controlled Substance Act- create massive amounts of debt!

Fluoride is treated as a Hazardous Material and requires EXTREME Precautions.  When fluoride accidents do occur, it causes ACUTE poisoning, destroys concrete, and obliterates ecosystems.

Let’s assume that Fluoride happened to be Medical Grade –for despite the dubious claims of medical purposes, e.g. Europe-, the grade of fluoride more pure would still be Medical Experimentation with the effect of Children losing 6.3 IQ points by the age of 14 due to fluoride.

Let us assume that Neural Damage of 0.45 IQ points continues indefinitely.  Let us assume that “16” is not a magic number where the brain stops being damaged by neurotoxins.  Here is proof that Fluoride damages neurons.

Statistical Analysis of American IQ Damage

The Center For Disease Control Corporation (CDC), has statistics on Water Fluoridation.

Across the United States in 2014, there were 211,393,167 PERSONS (their term not mine!) being fluoridated out of 284,099,832 PERSONS served with Corporate Operated Water.  The US population being calculated as 318,857,056 for 2014.  Today, May 4th, 2017, there are 326,100,500 PERSONS being operated in the UNITED STATES, INC (DC MUNICIPAL CORPORATION).

There are 216,195,364 persons drinking fluoridated water -on this writing- with a statistical yearly change (loss) of -0.45 IQ points.  This comes to a figure of 97,287,914 IQ Points being lost in 2017 by US CITIZEN PERSONs.

Americans are being retarded by -97,287,914 IQ Points in 2017.

Flint may have been an issue with lead in the water, Pittsburgh and other major cities may be a disaster of epic proportions with lead in their water…    Yet Governmental Officials voluntarily put a known neurotoxin in the water?  and expect that it’s not an issue if enough people are brain-washed into using an literally and actual neurotoxin in their mouth before they go to bed?

This can be stopped immediately.  CEO Trump could simply write an executive order terminating fluoridation.  Or existing codes around non-informed non-consensual medical experimentation could be enforced.  Also Controlled Substance Act could be enforced.  Each agency that does these enforcements knows, though, that such enforcement would trigger a shit storm.

The Fluoride Scheiße (shiza)-Storm

The American Dental Association has a lock down on LEGALIZED DENTISTRY.  They have been given “enforcement” authority through the legal fictional court system to stop any “U.S. Legal Presence called a DENTIST” from “unauthorized practice of dentistry” (why do you see DENTISTS’ names in upper case so much?).  The STATE OF OREGON has started enforcing “unauthorized practice of ENGINEERING.”

Attorneys try to enforce “unauthorized practice of law” despite not having any legislative authority in Courtrooms.   Here on the GCS Blog, we deconstructed the CHILD SUPPORT CODES requiring FULL FAITH AND CREDIT of the MONEY ORDER the administrative officer -called a judge- hands to the state, of which we are then extorted to pay a second time… as presumed AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE; in violation of U.C.C. 3-402(b)(1).  Furthermore the law is not the “law”; “THE LAW” is legalized corporate code being DEFINED by legal fictional dictionaries as “LAW” in nothing but NAME…  which is one of the semantic deceptions that all attorneys commit upon us.

Dentists have been promoting fluoride as healthy for teeth, and they have been putting mercury fillings in people’s mouths.  If it were to come out that Mercury Fillings cause mercury poisoning to the point of brain damage in the majority of “patients,” the amount of tort would put every dentist out of business who tried to “rationalize” that poison is somehow OK or even good for us.  The same goes for fluoride.

With the recognition that fluoride (and mercury) are neurotoxins by the “governmental corporations,” there would need to be some kind of “waiver of liability” for “insure” with new debt money that the damage is recognized, reversed, and remedied.

Without some kind of exemption, dentists and governmental corporations would never admit to such staggering liabilities…  until it were forced upon them by an outside “force.”  Government and/or not.  It is up to us to get informed and act.


We could use water filters.  This is highly recommended.  However, water that has no fluoride still has chlorine and other substances in it and water filters are generally recommended.

However, this does not change the Nation-Wide crisis that is occurring EACH DAY across ALL of America.  Many of our fellow Americans are NOT awake to this forced and unnecessary neuro-degenerative disease and medical experimentation.

If you have 10 minutes.  Call your local governmental water works and find out if they have fluoride in the water, and if they do…  simply ask them if it is MEDICAL GRADE due to their claim that it is for MEDICAL PURPOSES.  Record the conversation as evidence, and post on Facebook.

With enough work, together we can stop this Governmental MANDATED retardation.

It is not enough to read the head-line any more.  The situation in Pittsburgh is nation-wide… and has been for decades; since the 1940s.  The fluoridation must be stopped.

The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science.

We have been attacked by governmental service corporations by and though fluoride -an many other vectors- for decades.

It’s time to call them…     out.  Why is the Fluoride being used for Medical Grade purposes when the chemical being added is NOT Medical Grade?

If the question does not rot the brain, the fluoride will kill the neurons.  Also, fluoride calcifies the Pineal Gland-Third Eye!

So, let’s help our neighbor, friends and family and stop the fluoride medical experimentation.

“It’s A Public Health Crisis” – Is Pittsburgh The Next Flint?

We have noted that Flint, Michigan is not alone with its ‘poisonous water’ problems, it appears Pittsburgh is near a tipping point as WSJ reports, according to EPA data, a total of seven U.S. water systems, which each serve more than 100,000 people, had lead concentrations above the federal action level of 15 parts per billion in recent months. “It’s a public health crisis,” warns one city official.

A Reuters investigation late last year uncovered nearly 3,000 different communities across the U.S. with lead levels higher than those found in Flint, Michigan, which has been the center of an ongoing water contamination crisis since 2014.

click image for link to interactive map…

Last week, Michigan’s legislature voted to send $100 million in federal funds to Flint for lead-pipe replacements and other infrastructure upgrades. The funds were approved by the Obama administration in December.

And now, as The Wall Street Journal reports, Pittsburgh, which exceeded the lead limit last July for the first time, is drawing renewed attention to the problems besetting crumbling and heavily indebted water systems nationwide. Pittsburgh’s troubled water authority has nearly $1 billion in debt and has been plagued with allegations of over billing and water-main breaks. It began testing for lead in the late 1990s.

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority serves about two-thirds of the city, or about 250,000 people. It treats water from the Allegheny River and distributes it through 1,000 miles of pipes to 81,000 homes.

The authority estimates that a quarter of those homes have lead pipes.

The lead levels in Pittsburgh’s drinking water, based on sampling from a limited number of homes, reached 22 parts per billion last July and fell to 18 ppb in December. The next test results will be released in June. Exceeding the 15 ppb federal action level triggers increased regulatory oversight, and cities are typically required to begin replacing lead pipes and launch a public awareness campaign about the hazards of lead in water.

“It’s a public health crisis,” said Ms. Wagner, a Democrat who has criticized the mayor for not responding quickly enough when higher lead levels were found last year.

Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech researcher who helped uncover lead contamination in Flint, said Pittsburgh’s lead woes are representative of issues facing many older cities. No one in Pittsburgh with a lead pipe should be drinking the water without a filter,” he said.

He criticized Pittsburgh officials for replacing only the public portion of lead service lines. In the short term, the disruption typically causes more lead to be released from the remaining lead pipe, he said.

“We have old pipes, and some of those pipes are lead,” said Mayor Bill Peduto, a Democrat. “What took many decades to happen with the system itself will take at least a decade to solve.”


4 thoughts on ““It’s A Public Health Crisis” Nation-Wide as Americans lose 97 million IQ Points due to Fluoridated Water in 2017”

  1. Michigan State legislature passed a bill that prohibits Flint residents from suing their municipality for damages caused by lead in the water, and the town is looking forward to foreclosing on homes of people who refuse to pay their water bill. Add this to the chemtrails that are being sprayed upon citizens & property, coast-to-coast & globally, and it becomes clear that there’s an extermination campaign aloft by some seriously missanthropic policy makers


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