Donald Trump Directly Bought the President’s Office for Nothing (mere debt)

By: Belisoful    May 8th, 2017

President Trump loaned himself the “debt-money” –which came from nothing!– to purchase the CEO-President’s Office of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.  The “money” he loaned himself literally came from nothing…  that is what underwriting is: magically creating debt from nothing by entering it into a book entry.  The process of debt creation violates double entry accounting standards.

Trump used the mechanism of Debt Creation to literally finance his campaign from Exactly Nothing. The loan from “himself as a creditor” to “himself as a debtor” was a PROMISSORY NOTE that DONALD J. TRUMP signed- making it worth the stated value. The bankers then took the PROMISSORY NOTE and underwrote it as a loan- fresh new DEBT-MONEY to buy the President’s Office.  This debt-money did NOT exist before, and was not in Donald’s bank accounts, indeed… he only needed to show that it could be paid back.

NPR: Will Donald Trump Get Back The $38 Million He Lent His Campaign?

The apparent Republican nominee, Donald Trump, at Trump Tower in Manhattan on the night of his victory in Indiana.

Donald Trump likes to say he is self-funding his campaign. That isn’t entirely true. He has actually lent his campaign about three-quarters of the $49 million or so that he has spent so far.

That means the campaign can pay him back if it has the money. But there’s a deadline. Trump has 11 weeks to repay himself — exactly at the moment when he needs to pivot and start raising cash for the general election campaign.

The loans began more than two months before his announcement speech last June, when he said, “I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care.” He paused. “I’m really rich.”

Trump had lent the campaign nearly $38 million as of March 31. It’s not much in the grand scheme of “really rich” candidates. Mitt Romney, for example, lent his 2008 primary campaign $44 million.

Romney later converted the loans into campaign contributions, something Trump may do as well. But the fact that Trump chose to make loans, not contributions, suggests he at least has hopes of getting repaid.   (continue reading…)

Evidence of Fraud through-out the entire Republican Party

This “self-funding”/”self-underwriting” trick is something that rich people know about when “the time is right.” I know several rich people who have been told this and I have “personal” experience with it through JP Morgan Private Bank as well. So yes, I am a whistle blower, on this blog. (“I am competent to handle my affairs” ~belisoful)

Yes, Donald, you are VERY VERY VERY RICH… So is every one else. It’s a matter of stepping into it. Being in debt is a positive thing if you know what debt is. The negative side being the debtor, the positive side being the creditor of the loan. Donald Trump acted as both for gaining the Presidency.

The video states Donald’s ideas “might” be out of step: NPR indicates that Republican MITT ROMNEY has done the same in prior years. Of course, converting the “debt” to a different label (“credit”) is merely legal naming/type semantics. Each type of debt has its own kind of rules. Though debt is debt is debt is debt is debt. Meaning it is all convertible for being the same thing: debt. Even LEGAL PRESENCES -a second “you” that represents you; the straw man- is itself debt via the “legal presence.” Legal Presences are a corporate insurance franchise called an INDIVIDUAL PERSON for tax purposes.

“All attorneys, all bankers, and the great business people know that debts are created by loans that come from nothing.”

Donald trump could have issued as many of these “loans”-debt instruments as needed to “SELF-UNDERWRITE” his campaign. The bankers know this and are the ones not just in on it but bank on the DEBT FROM NOTHING legal machinations.

Trump bought the Presidency for nothing

The most fundamental facts here are that President Trump created the debt from the loan to himself where the new debt from nothing. He bought the Presidency with debt (called legal tender “money”) that literally didn’t exist before the loan.

The creation of debt from exactly nothing is why Donald has no problem simply cancelling the loan to himself. He know that by paying it back, the debt would be “extinguished.” If extinguished, it would actually be “BAD for the economy” as the debt ponzi scheme requires that debt be created in ever increasing amounts.

Here is the best evidence that debts as money (aka Federal Reserve Notes) are worthless:

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 14: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on December 14, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Donlad Trump is campaigning in Las Vegas a day ahead of the final GOP debate. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Trump : I Have No Intention Of Paying Myself Back Money I Have Loaned My Campaign

Donald Trump told MSNBC’s Ari Melber in a statement Friday that he will not use funds raised in the general election to pay himself back for the loans he made to his primary campaign, despite a report the cable news network made saying otherwise.

A large majority of the cash used to fund Trump’s candidacy was money he loaned to his campaign, meaning he can recover it later. Not to mention the fact that almost $3 million of his campaign expenditures went to companies owned by or connected to Trump.

“It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it,” the former reality show host told Fortune in 2000.

In many ways, Trump has actually been able to realize his dream of using a White House run to turn a profit. He certainly hasn’t been losing money in a selfless attempt to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
(continue reading…)

Democrat Party under control of Banker’s– Underwriting just like Republicans

The bankers also know that the CLINTON FOUNDATION uses and is dependent upon the same mechanisms of “self-funding” via loans creating debt from nothing.

All campaign donations are in many ways moot and merely for decoration and the “business of Candidacy for Office.”

In 2000 Donald Trump told Fortune magazine, “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

Many U.S. Incorporated “elected” officials get these benefits. The many newly minted elected officials are groomed and only told what they can handle.

Donations to the Clinton Foundation and the DNC were debts that were then duplicated upon bank deposit, duplicated by the DNC, sold (possibly to the Clinton Foundation) and duplicated again. Each time more debt is being created by duplication; a process called rehypothecation. Rehypothecation is/was why the economy is/was SWIMMING in debt that can never can be repaid. The World is over $200 trillion in debt… to who? Saturn?

When the banks duplicate donation deposits, one copy is kept on (shadow banking system) accounts the other is passed to the “recipient.” All deposits work by debt duplication. All bank deposits are bank loans by law, and thus new debt.

How Bank Deposits Work – The Secret Story

If you deposit a $100 bill at the bank, the bank puts $100 on the account, but the bank has a total of +$200 now; $100 from the deposit and $100 on account. The bank is only required to hold about ~$7 of the $100 should you happen to come back to request it. The bank can loan the $93 out (apparently). However, there is also an additional $100 in the account’s name. The other $100 is free to be sent wherever by the customer.

Let’s say the customer then writes a check for $100 to someone with another bank. Upon deposit. the check negotiable instrument is underwritten exactly like the $100. There is now +$200 in the receiving bank: $7 for reserve, $97 for loaning, and $100 for the customer. The bank then acts like they don’t do this -by law-, they inform the funding bank with a message to deduct $100 from the account, and the debt is subtracted from the account and kept as profit… well, that’s why being a banker is so profitable… and their buildings are always the largest in (almost) any city.

Hillary’s Donations – All Donations

The donations going into the banking system are underwritten with new debt each time. Hillary Clinton knows how this system works… and banks on it. The question is who controls the debt being created (besides the bankers). Here is a short list of politicians that know how Debt can be created to self-fund campaigns: Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, Trump, the Bushes, Berney Sanders, every top level DNC and RNC leader. No one in the Green party and other Alt-Parties has been let in on this debt for money secret.

Sell everything. Sell everything immediately

All these Debts from nothing using in these ways are fraudulent. The banks re-hypothecate debts dozens of times and -given the banks own models- very possibly thousands of times. There are no controls on the debt from nothing scheme as the new debt only acts as even more “reserves.” Globally, more debt is owed than exists. The City of London Crown Corporation allows for infinite rehypothecation. Rephypothecation is how The Big Short happened.

And with the re-hypothecation of all debt globally dozens of times there is a real issue with retention of value. If you are not concerned about the Federal Reserve Note keeping its value, consider the idea. Possibly start mining alt coins on your computer.

NYTimes: Clinton Lent Campaign $5 Million, Considers More

Hillary Clinton Self-Funding is very misleading because the loaned debt was not “her debt-money” until after it is created. She did not LOAN herself the money, she created it out of thin air. Then she simply owes “herself” the debt. But then can cancel it after using it all and spending it into the economy.

All these attorney’s know that DEBT is SPEECH, as declared by the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT CORPORATION (EIN: 52-2283179) which btw is not the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (EIN: 53-0205205).

Meanwhile, everyone has to work for a living? No wonder there are record numbers of people out of work. Besides the fact that robots are taking over everything… Artificial Intelligence is even being given “DIGITAL LEGAL PERSONHOOD” to receive “state privileges”– like access to the legal system and the creation of debt.

The Bankers and Attorneys who run for office are in a distinct advantage in possessing the knowledge of debt creation with a signature. The fraud does not stop there.

The DNC has established “DEBTS” of lacking donations from previous years. The Campaign Donor then donates beyond the yearly maximum limits by having the DNC distribute the funds across these prior year debt negotiable instruments. Only an attorney -like Hillary Clinton- could be scummy enough to actually use negotiable instruments in such way. This may have been one of many revelations from Seth Rich who shared DNC emails with Wikileaks.

There has been a more recent change to campaign donations; ever more ominous.

No Campaign Donation Limits

Attorneys have made the Campaign trail a “survival of the DEBT-est” by striking down all limits on campaign contributions. All this profits the bankers debt replication ponzi scheme. These “campaigning” people have every right and responsibility to loan themselves as much debt as it takes to get the office they seek.

The Legal Fictional Corporate Supreme Court (EINs: 52-2283179 & 23-7420574) has ruled that DEBT is SPEECH on many occasions, such as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Donald Trump was only using The First Amendment rights of Speech to Issue himself as much debt as he needed to Purchase the President’s Office. Donald is -after all- a self-proclaimed debt master by his own admission.

The best/worst part is that any corporation -foreign and domestic- can contribute any amount of debt they want to any candidate. Given that all “governments” are actually only governmental service corporations -authorized by The Vatican City and their 4 papal bulls-, Public Offices across America are essentially “for sale” to foreign investors, big banks with underwriting facilities, international trans-national corporations, and foreign governmental corporations.

Supreme Court strikes down limits on federal campaign donations

The Supreme Court’s divisive decision Wednesday striking down a Watergate-era limit on campaign contributions was the latest milestone for conservative justices who are disassembling a campaign finance regime they feel violates free-speech rights.

The 5 to 4 decision — striking down the limit on the total amount of money wealthy donors can contribute to candidates and political committees — was the fifth since Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. joined the court that agreed with constitutional arguments challenging laws designed to blunt the influence of money in politics.
(continue reading…)


Donald J. Trump loaned himself the debt-money from nothing to buy the PRESIDENT’s Office of the UNITED STATES. Campaigns are extorting people due to their claims that they “need” capital when politicians have the ability to “loan themselves” any amount of debt required to capture any office.

The extortion taking place upon the populace is just simply destructive for the politicians and the people they serve.

We have every right and need to issue our own negotiable instruments to pay for their fraudulent debts that they create in multitude.

Debt creation as the banks current engage in violates the TRUTH IN LENDING ACT, as the full terms and conditions are never explained, debt never need to be paid back, and everyone can loan themselves money and then simply forgive it, just like Donald J Trump. It is a super secret of the rich. I’ve even done this myself when the bankers would let me.

P.S. As evidence that Trump is/was the CEO of the INCORPORATED UNITED STATES. Here is Representative ALLEN WEST saying that the President is actually the CEO:


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