Bitcoins reach $2000- Is Bitcoin being Attacked with Subversive Transactions?

There are many things being done and said to generate distrust of bitcoins, such as the German Central Bank Warning Not To Use Bitcoin As It Is Not Backed By A Central Bank.

The banks have been “investigating”, investing in, and creating their own digital currencies…  so has the governmental service corporations (FBI, DEA, US Secret Service, CIA, NSA [spying], Pentagon, Federal Reserve [their white papers on bitcoin], ECB [white papers]).

The FBI’s Bitcoin address in known.

These block-chain technologies are highly studied: academically, technologically, mathematically, information network systems dynamics, financially, etc with many case studies.  The bankers and attorneys have an infinite amount of debt to influence and harm the perception of bitcoin and related digital currencies.

These deep -and possibly Artificial Intelligence discovered- insights into bitcoin technology might be being used to slow the transaction network and make transactions expensive.  Many of the seemingly subversive transactions are recurring and bouncing back and forth, looking like “laundering.”

The Bitcoin Network may not be the ideal block-chain.  There are other digital currencies with more security features such as Monero that could handle such subversive transactions.

For the great amount of observation of the Bitcoin Block-chain by banks and corporations, it may be wise to start considering other block chains.

Other reasons for using other digital currencies is that some of them are FASTER with lower transaction fees.  The other digital currency networks are not being observed like bitcoin has been.

Despite its heavy monitoring by banks and governmental corporations, bitcoins have reach over $2000 per bitcoin.  Over 50% of the bitcoins are own by a 927 people.  Other digital currencies do not have such heavy weighting on so few.


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