Overview of the Currency Reset – Bankers Arrested Secretly Worldwide


3 thoughts on “Overview of the Currency Reset – Bankers Arrested Secretly Worldwide”

  1. How is the ‘rump & co., cutting the safety net for millions of retired & disabled people without jobs or health insurance, redirecting taxpayer dollars to a military-industrial complex kleptocracy, serving the “good guys?” What about freeing the Chinese people from their brutal regime of slave labor, execution buses and organ harvesting of dissidents? This information seems dated. Jamey Dimon, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, GW and other bad guys are still free to walk this earth. Just bringing back a gold standard doesn’t cut the mustard.


    1. You are correct Guestimate. There is some dated information in the video above. It is more about where we have been, how we got here, and what is going on (in the background, for the moment) for people who have not been paying attention or maybe been bamboozled by the Fake News, or… or. Many are waking up.

      There are many people who desire and could use the Intro Class into the Banksters, their shenanigans, and what is being done. Some are not as up to date as you guesstimate. 🙂

      The information is the video is about as consistent as it gets with other due diligence avenues.

      The real-time info is a bit more rare and difficult to come by. I do what I can.


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