Self-Driving Cars double as Weaponized Policy Security Cameras

To Summarize: The cameras in Self-Driving Cars are “legalized” for use as and by “legal fictional statutory policy enforcers.”  The car itself is literally owned by the state when it was SURRENDERED during purchase.  The cameras are also owned by the STATE that issues the LICENSE PLATES and REGISTRATION INSURANCE DEBT for the vehicle.  The self-driving car cameras are to be used for “SECURITIZING” more financial debt against statutory corporate “insurance franchise” artificial persons.

As these Vehicles gain Artificial Intelligence, the new DIGITAL PERSONHOOD rules for giving legal privileges to AI means that the automobile itself shall  be declared a “PERSON” under current legalisms.  An accident that destroys the Vehicle very likely would be considered MURDER of and by DIGITAL PERSONS.

Intel CEO: Growth areas are growing double digitsSelf-driving cars will double as security cameras, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

The benefits of having self-driving cars go far beyond automatic parking or fewer accidents, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told CNBC on Thursday.

Among those other benefits: Driverless cars will double as security cameras, he said from the sidelines of the Code Conference in California.

“I always say that the cars are going to be out there looking, so the next time an Amber alert comes up and they’re looking for a license plate, the cars should be able to find that license plate quite rapidly,” said Krzanich.

The idea could bring up concerns about privacy, but Krzanich has already thought of how to minimize those worries.

“We’ll have to put limitations on it,” he said. “We’ll have to encrypt that data and make sure I can’t tell that it’s John’s [car] necessarily,” said Krzanich.

“I think there will be rules and new areas we’ll have to explore, but the amount of social good that can come from that far outweighs those concerns,” he said. “We just have to deal with them.”

Autonomous cars on a road with visible connection

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