CERN -The 5th City-State- Decides to Build NEW Super Collider 3X Larger than LHC, Exponential Mandela Effect

These are the proposed sites for CERN’s Future Circular Collider (FCC) 3x the power of LHC

The 5th City-State CERN-LHC announced building a NEW SUPER-SUPER-COLLIDER with proposed energies 3 times that of the LHC called the Future Circular Collider (FCC).  Besides The Vatican Inc, City of London Inc, and DC Municipal Inc, CERN-LHC is its own “Sovereign Power” with Diplomatic Immunity from the rest of the planet.  FYI, the 4th City State is the UNITED NATIONS, INC: The City-State of Nations.

The LHC is already cause for great concern, particularly with the continuing and “worsening” (seemingly greater divergences) Mandela Effects.  It is the largest man-made machine on Earth and is 100,000 times more powerful than the Earths Magnetic Field.  CERN admits to opening portals to other dimensions and possibly granting demonic entities access to Earth.  It is proposed that this machine changed the weight of a single electron, thus shifting holographic realities.

the new theoretical energy range for the new CERN Future Circular Collider (F.C.C.) is about 39,734 TeV; about 2,838x the power of Large Hadron Collider (L.H.C.)

CERN-LHC has the JESUIT flag REPUBLIC AND CANTON OF GENEVA front-most; leading all other flags.
CERN-LHC is established near the REPUBLIC AND CANTON OF GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, which has a seal containing the JESUIT sun symbol on the top with christogram IHS (in greek S=∑ for sigma).

The issue with the new CERN – F.C.C. is that they propose that it run at about 100 Tera-Electron-Volts (TeV).  The CERN-LHC has already been operating at 2,360 TeV since 2009.  What have they been able to achieve since then?  Given the math that the new CERN F.C.C. is to be 3-4 times more powerful than L.H.C.’s 14TeV…  that’s 56 TeV.  They seem to be pulling “100 TeV” out of somewhere… Let’s examine.

Given the 100 TeV is 3-4 times the current capacity of the LHC, this would imply that the Current CERN-LHC is operating between 25 TeV and 33 TeV.  In light of the 2,360 TeV experiments achieved from an apparently “only” 14 TeV super collider, the new high energy range of the CERN-FCC is more likely around 16,857 TeV; from a 168.57 multiplier on 100 TeV.  However, given that CERN-LHC is likely operating at 33 TeV rather than the original 14 TeV, the new theoretical maximum energy ranged for the new F.C.C. is about 39,734 TeV.  Experiments to achieve such energies would endanger the whole planet; and would be reason why such “science” needs the umbrella of the UK Monarch’s and Vatican’s Diplomatic Immunity.  Tesla described his ability to “resonate the planet earth” to the point that it would split in half.  40,000 TeV and the magnetic field it produces could do that -exactly-.

The CERN- F.C.C. could be suicide mission by the “Powers That Were” to destroy the planet.  It could be such that if they can’t have the planet and humanity, they won’t let anyone else either.  Like brats on the playground, but with the debt-money to be able to destroy the playground if they don’t get “their way.”  It could also be an attempt to hold humanity hostage from E.T. forces.  Theoretically, CERN-LHC -in coordination with the other super colliders on the planet- is/was doing such a thing with strangelet quark bombs and toplet quark bombs.  One of the main, “cabal” weaponized science is/was the BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LAB super collider in Upton New York.

CERN-LHC is not being honest with their numbers if they are saying that they can achieve 2,360 TeV (2,360,000 GeV) but then somehow need to make a machine 3x larger to make 100 TeV.  There is a LOT that doesn’t add up about the L.H.C. and F.C.C. numbers.

One oddity that stands out is the acronym.  the FCC.  The FUTURE –Circular– Collider.  It’s pretty obvious that round super colliders are circular.  It’s almost comical that the word “CIRCULAR” is part of the name.  This likely points to a possible name-change in the future.  However, what does else could it mean?

It could be actually dealing with FUTURE collisions of particles…  as in the energies are so high that it is capable of collapsing FUTURE timelines of the F.C.C. colliding into the present moment.  It could be doing this by making time CIRCULAR rather than linear.  Indeed, CERN would be accessing multiple PAST energies of multiple FUTURE timelines, present.  The amount of energy that could be achieved by warping TIME in such a way are nearly infinite.

The idea that Earth could be an “energy starved planet” is/was total slavery mentality.  Tesla had zero point free energy over 100 years ago and these technologies are being directly and obviously hidden by the US Patent Office.

The Mandela Effect

Despite the dangers of the F.C.C. literally ripping the planet in half and/or to shreds from resonance, the next concern is massive

40,000 TeV could rip apart time and space -even as the name of it suggests- though Energy like this is not LINEAR.  It is exponential and possibly infinite.  Speed of Light Energy is also not linear.  The Lorenz Equations (and contractions) are exponential and are only “applicable” when energies are near the “physical speed of light.”  Photons are instantaneous as all photons and mass is quantumly entangled.   This is known scientifically and philosophically.

40,000 TeV very likely could act EXPONENTIALLY in changing the weights of electrons causing the Mandela Effect.  These energies are minimally interfacing with the apparent HIGGS-BOSON that apparently gives mass to the ENTIRE KNOWN (PHYSICAL- NON-ELECTRIC) UNIVERSE.  With energies so high, what happens if a “HIGGS-BOSON weight” were changed?   What is to say that this has not already been done?  There certainly are other faster than light boundaries (Nikola Tesla) that they implicitly -by Godëls Incompleteness Theorems- could never have known about nor imagined.  The “ether” of Einstein’s day, has actually been confirmed with new Michelson Morley Experiments with new equipment.  Scientific experiments so sensitive they can detect the merging of two black holes within 190 million light years distance.  

One of the scariest and most intriguing questions: What happens if they are able to literally gain CONTROL over the Mandela changes in reality?  While I can’t imagine that CERN would be able to changed Presidents and Prime Minister’s, it is theoretically possible.  If they can STEER the Mandela Effect into a world they desire -with all the HOLOGRAPHIC HOLO-CAUST that would occur-, there would be no stopping CERN.  No one can validate CERN science as it would require that a second machine of equal size be built independently…  and it also assumes that CERN would even share their ACTUAL discoveries and science!

What if the “control” effects are more subtle; such that they can influence events rather than changed them outright?  For instance, the ability to “change” a football or soccer game score but not change the winning team?  There are certainly quantum degrees of change to be dealt with.

One of the most concerning things to me is that there seems a general shift in “historical memes/themes” so much that events and words conflict with itself.  eg. I am proposing that when Forest Gump says, “Mama always said, Life WAS like a box of chocolates”, the tense is totally off.  If it was like a box of chocolates, he shouldn’t have a box of chocolates.

A main point of the Forest Gump Character is that he is PRESENT in each moment, NOW.  For him to latch onto such an NON-FLOW STATE PAST TENSE would have been “caught” by the writers, actors, director, editors, etc.  This is a small change.  Such things could effect text of Bills passed by Congress.  If it could affect the bible, it could certainly affect any of the legislation passed by any nation/corporation.

While there are many small effects that we are becoming observant, such as Forest Gump, Darth Vader, Mirror Mirror, and Biblical changes, we could just pass these off as subtleties that don’t effect us.  why should we be concerned, right?  maybe we didn’t hear it and/or read it right to begin with.

What is truly concerning is this question:  What is changing that we don’t even know about?

There are people who seem to be totally unaware of any Mandela Effect.  Either they don’t know it’s occurring, or they are from the holographic reality that the “rest of us” shifted into.

Either way, How can we even know that we are cognizant and conscious of any greater changes?  How can we trust our memory?

At some point, we have to believe SOMETHING to be true.  It seems that Bankers, BAR Attorneys, “Secretary Generals”, President-CEOs, Popes, and the like are hiding a lot from us.

The CERN PROPAGANDA on the Future Circular Collider

To read CERN propaganda about the F.C.C., click here.

Future Circular Collider Study Kickoff Meeting

This meeting is the starting point of a five-year international design study called “Future Circular Collider” (FCC) with emphasis on a hadron collider with a centre-of-mass energy of the order of 100 TeV in a new 80-100 km tunnel as a long-term goal. The design study includes a 90-400 GeV lepton collider, seen as a potential intermediate step. It also examines a lepton-hadron collider option. The international kick-off meeting for the FCC design study will be held at the University of Geneva, Unimail site, on 12–15 February 2014. The scope of this meeting will be to discuss the main study topics and to prepare the groundwork for the establishment of international collaborations and future studies. The formal part of the meeting will start at noon on Wednesday 12 February and last until noon on Friday 14 February. It will be followed by break-out sessions on the various parts of the project on the Friday afternoon, with summary sessions until noon on Saturday 15 February.

CERN prepares its long-term future

Diagrams and Charts
Schematic of an 80-100 km long circular tunnel (Image: CERN)

Geneva, 6 February 2014. Particle physics takes the long-term view. Originally conceived in the 1980s, the LHC took another 25 years to come into being. This accelerator, which is unlike any other, is just at the start of a programme which is expected to run for another 20 years. Even now, as consolidation work aimed at a restart in 2015 continues, detailed plans are being hatched for a large-scale upgrade to increase luminosity and thereby exploit the LHC to its full potential. The HL (High Luminosity) LHC is CERN1’s number-one priority and will increase the number of collisions accumulated in the experiments by a factor of ten from 2024 onwards.

Even though the LHC programme is already well-defined for the next two decades, the time has come to look even further ahead, so CERN is now initiating an exploratory study for a future long-term project centred on a new-generation circular collider with a circumference of 80 to 100 kilometres. A worthy successor to the LHC, whose collision energies will reach 14 TeV, such an accelerator would allow particle physicists to push back the boundaries of knowledge even further. The Future Circular Collider (FCC) programme will focus especially on studies for a hadron collider, similar to the LHC, capable of reaching unprecedented energies in the region of 100 TeV.

The FCC study will be a global venture for particle physics and stems from the recommendation in the European Strategy for Particle Physics, published in May 2013, that a feasibility study be conducted on future fundamental research projects at CERN. It will be conducted over the coming five years and starts with an international kick-off meeting at the University of Geneva from 12 to 15 February.

The FCC will thus run in parallel with another study that has already been under way for a several years, the Compact Linear Collider, or “CLIC”, another option for a future accelerator at CERN.  The aim of the CLIC study is to investigate the potential of a linear collider based on a novel accelerating technology.

“We still know very little about the Higgs boson, and our search for dark matter and supersymmetry continues. The forthcoming results from the LHC will be crucial in showing us which research paths to follow in the future and what will be the most suitable type of accelerator to answer the new questions that will soon be asked,” says Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing at CERN.

“We need to sow the seeds of tomorrow’s technologies today, so that we are ready to take decisions in a few years’ time,” adds CERN’s Director for Accelerators and Technology, Frédérick Bordry.

The goal of the two studies is to examine the feasibility of the various possible machines, to evaluate their costs and to produce a conceptual design report for the FCC and elaborate on the one already produced for CLIC in time for the next European Strategy update around 2018/2019.

For more information on:

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  1. Don’t now if this is a valid response to the site.Here goes. Have noticed small differences in people that I know-behaviour etc. -nothing extremely marked .Seem to be a stickler for anomalies of all kinds. Had marks on my upper inside arm since I was a small child ie all my life
    The shape of a pyramid ,with another one a one or tick beside it. Noticed 8-9 months ago that I seem to have augmented these two scars with another three in the same vicinity. I was adopted I was told through a Masonic Lodge.adoption???Realise this is somewhat irrelevant ,but the scars are definitely not


  2. Another Long and Stunning Article about CERN – The Biggest Science Scam in History

    CERN Data is Flawed According to the NSA

    CERN claims to have found the Higgs Boson particle called the God Particle. This data is now questionable and seems to be propaganda based upon an inadequate theory. This coincides with the charges made by the National Security Agency and researchers at other accelerators that CERN data does not fit in with the standard models. It appears that CERN data is simply computer simulations of fake experiments that do not match the data from other legitimate accelerators around the world.

    In an article entitled: NSA Concerned: CERN’s Data the Only Ones They Cannot Make Sense Of, from February 4, 2014, we read that:

    NSA officials are increasingly concerned about the fact that they cannot understand the data produced by the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN.

    “We can’t see any of those W-bosons, Higgs-bosons, or top quarks these folks claim to have detected. Instead all this appears to be an unintelligible mess that shows up when one crashes highly energetic particles at random.”

    According to rumors, NSA director Keith B. Alexander is very upset about “particle geeks with a damn high income” that are “unable to explain the meaning of their business to anybody else.”

    CERN management stated that “The entire physics community trusts the results because an unprecedented number of experts believe them. We are astonished that NSA is so distrustful.”

    Via unofficial channels, CERN assured that none of the particle physics experiments have developed anything useful, let alone anything harmful, in the past few decades.


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