Judge Rules Recreational Drone Weighing Less than 55 Pounds need NOT be Registered

Police state centric CNN is crying over this one. Got a Dji phantom? That’s 50+ pounds below the limit! The limit for unregistered drones is now 55 pounds.

From CNN:

A Washington, D.C. court ruled Friday that the FAA drone registration rule violates the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which Congress passed in 2012. Hobbyist John Taylor argued successfully that he should not have to register because the act states that the FAA “may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft.”

The problem with “LEGAL CODE” is that guilt is presumed and  innocence must be proven in violation of basic human rights, rather than guilt by the government must be proven.  The entire Temple BAR Association System is/was a violation against humanity.

My Response: After that leading paragraph, CNN plays dodgeball with the truth. HERE IS THE TRUTH: Ever since the dawn of aviation, model aircraft of all sizes up to 55 pounds, flying at all altitudes were allowed if anyone had the ability to do it. This really took off in the 1960’s when transistors made it possible to make excellent model aircraft controllers. And lots and lots of people did it, with many very large model aircraft (which were all “drones”) being flown. Youtube is full of videos of huge model aircraft that weigh under 55 pounds taking off and looking like they are so big they are real. And quite frankly, at the weight of 55 pounds, with modern tech, anything is possible. You can really have a superb piece of gear in that weight.

Then drones with cameras came out, and someone got their underwear all bunched up over it. It was realized by people in the power structure that GEE, if I am going to RAPE the American people, I’d really rather not have it be possible for the average joe to mount a high end SLR with a giant spy lens on a toy plane and get into my business. My hunch is that the DJI phantom drones are what made someone act on this, because they are good enough to provide a portion of the functionality of a lot of the military stuff, and are out of box ready and perfect. So some elite jerk figured it would be best to have that registered, after all, it could really nail a molech festival.

The DJI Phantom, (or even worse, the Mavic, with a 5 kilometer range) which provides ultra clear and stable HD footage in real time was too much for someone, and the ridiculous limit of 0.55 pounds was suddenly put on model aircraft. That’s a 100 fold decrease in what is allowed to be flown by model enthusiasts. And there really is nothing worth flying that weighs that little, my guess is the limit, even with the best tech, will always be right around 3 pounds absent a military budget. That’s what a good model aircraft has always weighed, at a minimum.

John Taylor, a model airplane enthusiast, realized how ridiculous the new limits set by the FAA were, and he challenged their new registration rules before a federal court and won. After all, what about all the fixed wing model aircraft that already existed since the 1960’s? Suddenly they were illegal? What about all the people who have been doing this for decades without incident?

I always thought that the recent incidents with drones at the ends of runways, threatening jumbo jets with “bird strikes” were nothing but Jews trying to slam limits on everyone. What about the decades of sensible model airplane enthusiasts that never did that ONCE in the years prior, years where no model could support an HD camera? People who can afford anything good enough to be capable of flying high enough to threaten jets are simply not stupid enough to fly it at the end of a runway. But when it comes to an agenda, creating mayhem is key. That is how the Jews operate after all – do something ridiculous, and false flag a control net over everyone. And this time, it failed – In defiance of the norm. I am surprised.

So guess what folks? It looks like the limit is going right back up to 55 pounds. And Soros is gonna puke over it.


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