Dane Wigington: The Environmental Threats We Face– Run-Away Exponential Environmental Destruction

Post-Documentary Film Screening Q & A – Dane Wigington
Lead Researcher for GeoengineeringWatch.org

Environment, Fluoride in the Water, Vaccination, [Fukushima] Radiation, Fake News, False FlagsGMO Food and Glyphosate, CERN – FCC, Wifi RadiationGeo-engineering, mind-numbing prescription medications, etc are each profoundly important.  The strangeness is/was that these things going on and the population seemingly be willing to go along with it.

New Born Babies get Hepatitis B Vaccines directly out of the womb before leaving the hospital.

The Powers-That-Were are/were totally off the rails.  Given the evidence of aerosol spraying, we have much bigger problems than fluoride in water, vaccination, prescription medications, and TV Mind-Programming/Fake News– though they go together.  Together these issues tend to make a population to not respond rationally.  It makes them willing to “go along, to get along,” docile, and submissive.

The Mercury –from Vaccination and and from Coal Power Plants- synergizes with the aluminum coming down in the air column to create a toxicity 100x greater than each separately.

The Biosphere

The EXTREME Biosphere degradation plugs into why we are being fluoridated, vaccinate, and symptoms treated so conditions persist.  People with less healthy are also less cognitive.  “Public Education” is merely slavery mentality training.  Children are trained to believe “the government won’t do that.”  They rationalize that climate engineering couldn’t be happening because “the ‘powers-that-were’ wouldn’t do that to themselves.”   Yet, How many examples do we have?  How many do we need?  What kind of evidence is proof enough?

The Fukushima Nuclear Damage seems to be 10x worse that it was, and getting more devastating.      It was 73 Sieverts prior to recent “unknown nuclear events”.   4 Sieverts can kill a human in a couple of minutes; [Columbia River measures 89 Sieverts!].  It is estimated to cost nearly $500 billion and required 4 decades to fix the Fukushima area. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is the worse since the 1986 Russian Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.  Fukushima Radiation is being detected on the California Coast in the ocean.  No Technology exists to fix it.  There are 3 reactors in China Syndrome melt down this moment.  Meanwhile, China is set to building 60 more Nuclear Plants in the next decade.

The Mind-NUMBING Agenda against the population is so people don’t  panic regarding the biosphere.

The latest data from an Arctic Scientist shows that -if the equation doesn’t become MORE non-linear than it already is- mathematically there is a 18º F (10º C) temperature increase on Earth already set.  This kind of Temperature shift is Totally Uncharted Territory.  The temperature has already increased 3º C.

The Antarctica Glacier Larson-C  is about to lose a chuck major chunk of ice the size of the Territory of Delaware.  It is the Clet that hold the whole rest of the glacier back.

The cryosphere (Earthly Ice-deposits) are disappearing globally.  Environmental groups are being scientifically and materially dishonest about Climate Engineering, as we cannot have legitimate discussion about climate without first talking about climate engineering.

When groups -eg Fake News- deny geo-engineering, the message that “Nothing is wrong”/”It’s can’t be happening” is the problem.

The North Pole Arctic Ocean temperatures are 25ºC/36ºF above normal.  Canfield ocean -stratified water with lifeless layers without oxygen- is already occurring.

Regarding ocean rising, Miami, Florida plans to spend $400 million to pump out water of a few neighborhoods.  What about the next foot of sea level rise?  How are these neighborhoods going to continue existing?

The solution: We need FULL Disclosure of ALL Climate Engineering and it needs to stop immediately and in perpetuity.  We need to simply allow Earth herself to respond Naturally.  Preservation of the planets ability to support life is not negotiable;  Without Life nothing else will matter.  It won’t matter how much debt they bankers can create, how much gold the rothschild’s can steal of the planet, nor birth certificate control.

Coal-fly Ash is being mixed with other chemicals and sprayed.  There are patents for the spraying technologies.  Some of the added chemicals are for Ice Nucleation; which themselves have patents.  China openly commits to artificial rain nucleation to fight smog.

Using chemicals and electromagnetic fields to create snow, rain, and temperatur  produces a weather whiplash.  There are reportedly dozens of airports being used to spray geo-engineering mixes.

There are over 200 published minor weather modification programs.  very small programs, though their used to mask and cover up the exponentially larger programs.  The smaller programs are merely Red-Herrings.

If it rains somewhere, that is water didn’t end up somewhere else.  Colorado -and other states- denies “CITIZEN”‘s the privilege of collecting their own water from on their own properties.

These weather modification programs robbed cold air from arctic to create boston 2014 snow event while the rest of the country has record highs.

By using the Weather whack-a-mole- by keeping population confused and divided -as to the true state of environment-, with add vaccines, fluoride, and prescription drugs, by TV programming and Fake News…. everyone is the Frog in boiling water.

Above the clouds, when the Canopy opens, there are white wisps of clouds.  Yet Dane has film footage of airplane spraying material out the back and expanding a cloud from the spray.

Carnegie Science lied about climate science.  The audacity of trying to explain the unnatural engineered weather as natural phenomenon is over the top.    Send them emails.  It makes a difference.  Post these peoples’ contact info for others to contact them.  Be professional.  ask:

“Why are you willing to deceive the population?  how can you look yourself in the mirror?”

The Arctic

in 2017, The Arctic is essentially highway slush.  The arctic shall be ice free within the next 2 years, if it isn’t already.   With Arctic SLUSH covering the surface, the Ice Volume/Mass is less than 18% of what it was 30 years ago.  The slush is much warmer and not dense like ice.  Arctic albedo reflected  90% of the thermal energy.  With the los of the ice the arctic is set to absorb 90% of sun thermal energy instead.

A mass of 50 Giga-Tons of Methane has already been expelled from the Arctic areas.  Night-time temperatures stay high due to Methane keeping thermal energy trapped through the night.

Plant the environmental geo-engineering seed.

Big Headlines are coming.

Even if people don’t like it, the headlines will show accuracy on the topic very quickly.

The UV radiation is off the charts.


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