U.S. Congress Covertly Nationalized U.S. Banks under the Federal Reserve after 2008 Financial Crisis– A Retrospective

After the “2008 U.S. Financial Crisis”, new bank legal codes were passed.  The contents of the bills are disclosed though not publicly discussed and their importance waived by the Fake News -even NY Times.  By legalized law, after 2008,  U.S. Banks send their risk to the Federal Reserve System…  In effect Centralizing and Nationalizing all banks in the United States, Inc under one central private corporation: The Federal Reserve System.


2 thoughts on “U.S. Congress Covertly Nationalized U.S. Banks under the Federal Reserve after 2008 Financial Crisis– A Retrospective”

  1. Just because all banks are subserviant to the Federal Reserve is NOT the same as a nationalized monetary system, in as much as the Federal Reserve is not Federal, not a “reserve” but is a PRIVATE corporation, NOT “the government.” In fact what you really have is a Master/Blaster relationship where the Fed is the Master and Uncle Sam is the Blaster. Or to put it in the word of the financier in The Godfather, “Finance is a gun and politics pulls the trigger.” The 3%-of-GNP management fee that the Fed has been charging Uncle Sam since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 (not to mention T-bill sales since then) have put US hopelessly and haplessly in “debt” that can never be repaid. The good news is that “debt” is void because it was signed by a retarded person (Uncle Sam) and is in fact a bogus invoice. The Fed has already been paid, in as much it only pays 4 cents per bill of every denomination, printed by the Bureau of Printing & Engraving, or the cost-of-printing, and immediately realized its face value. Or to put it another way, I’ll give you less than a nickel for every single bill in your wallet. Charging % on top of that level of buggery is only adding insult to buggery. How much the Fed has earned on % charged to mom-&-pop banks, not to mention overnight money-markets, private, off-balance sheet transactions since its inception also needs to be considered, though is highly doubtful that a complete audit would ever reveal. but I digress from my original point that the government and citizens has been made the pauper to all the above.


    1. Fantastic comment! So true.

      debating nuances now: The Federal Reserve was private corporation. Their model is like the UN:
      A “Citizen” is a legal fictional corporate insurance franchise of the “governmental services corporation.” (GSC)
      A “a Nation”(GSC) is a “Citizen” of the UNITED NATIONS.
      A Member Bank of -having shares; thus obligation to- The Federal Reserve makes them party as a “citizen.” the Banks MUST DO what the Federal Reserve System Tells them.

      The Member Banks were all essentially NATIONALIZED via centralization of all DEBT RISK of member banks onto the balance sheet of the FEDERAL RESERVE, documented above. It is a result of the 2008 Financial Crisis and the changes of banking laws from that. Even though it was not “NATIONALIZED” publicly, in the background the financial system changes of 2008 had the same effect.

      Bankers Master and Uncle Sam Bankruptcy Blaster. great analogy! The United States Inc went bankrupt in 1933. The centralization is a “feature” of bankruptcy proceedings of the whole planet under the Vatican “Death” Constructive Trusts- Papel Bulls.


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