The Miranda Warning Hypocrisy: Legalizing Silence for Consent

As a reminder, The Miranda Warning is/was to legalize/fictionalize SILENCE.  Legalizing Silence formed the basis of the legal fiction “SILENCE IS CONSENT.”  Remaining silence is technically admission of not having a legal presence artificial person, as fictions must be something rather than nothing.  Thus, the Corporate Policy Enforcers are required to Legalize silence on the spot because otherwise it cannot be dictated legally/spiritually/magically after the fact.

Words are commands, and remaining silent affirms their false Legal Fictional “POWER OF ASSUMPTION.”  By using our copyright Freedom of Speech to not consent and/or conditionally accept, seems to be the only remedy.

Speech is also assumed as legal as well.  It’s a catch-22.  There are no winners; that is until we step into our power.  The whole legal fictional system is fraud and we all need to treat the fictional system as just that…  a fiction…  a fraud..  a slavery system.

Last week I was threatened with physical violence and legal harassment by Wells Fargo simply for cashing a check from Western Union that Wells Fargo calls, “A Fictional Instrument.”  The banks are responding with real violence and legal harassment over bank described fictional debt instruments.  Where does it end?


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