US AG Jeff Sessions– Pedophilia in America “Getting Worse” Before 1,500 Officers

(Atlanta, Georgia)   United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims child trafficking, child exploitation and abuse, and pedophilia and is calling to make these horrific and despicable crimes a priority of legal enforcement and Department of Justice.  Sessions calls for policy enforcers to resolve the worsening pedophilia situation.

A Special Conference was held by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions with 1,500 policy enforcers present from the Federal, State, Local, and (Native American) Tribal Levels.

The FAKE NEWS Media has a LOT of explaining to do in attempting to cover up these crimes being committed upon children.

Observe the Gold Fringed flags behind Mr. Sessions and their meanings.

Jeff Sessions may have a difficult time convincing the rest of the Department of Justice to prosecute the occult-pedophilia bankers, attorneys, and “powers that were” who had captured the DOJ.

See: The United States of Goldman Sacks: The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime– Goldman Sachs gained control of the DoJ to escape prosecution.


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