Democratic Rep. Val Demings Tells Facebook Commenter: ‘My First Amendment Right Is Different From Yours’

Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., speaks during a news conference with Americans for Responsible Solutions and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to call on Congress to address the issue and resist the agenda of gun lobbies on May 3, 2017.

Democratic Representative VAL DEMINGS tells Facebook Commenter “My first amendment right is different from yours” yet refuses to explain her Statement.  The question is: What First Amendment Rights? and Who’s First Amendment Rights?  Here is Demings Facebook Statement:

First, The Freedom of Speech is the “right” that is in question. To the Corporation that the SENATOR runs, SPEECH is DEBT according to the US Supreme Court.  The next question produces the answer of how these rights might be different.

It must first be observed that GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYEES are not PUBLIC OFFICIALS; and PUBLIC OFFICIALS are not “US CITIZENS.”  Michigan Supreme Court decided to NOT define the legal term PUBLIC OFFICIAL which left the County Clerk in a position of NOT being a public official but a Governmental Employee.  Comically, No one there could figure out who/what the clerk does/is and the judges are under no obligation to spill their secrets, under the 5th Amendment.

Governmental Employees don’t have any rights.  That was because all rights are converted into privileges granted singularly by the government.  The codes of conduct for a GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYEE artificial Person insurance franchise are different than US CITIZEN insurance franchises.  Anyone with a Social Security Number is a Federal Employee and which both makes us employees of the Federal Government, and -via adhesion contract- also a US Citizen insurance franchise.

To the United States, being outright employed by the Government removes the US Citizen Label into just that of a US Governmental Employee.  It is deception to confuse these two legal presences as if they were the same.  We are dealing with many legal presences…  each is separate from the other.

A Governmental Employee is exempt from all the US Citizen Statutory legalized codes.  However they have their own codes to follow.

Furthermore, PUBLIC OFFICIALS are not GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYEES as they are covered by PUBLIC OFFICIAL BONDs which are essentially insurance.  The Governmental Employees and US Citizen liability ends up on the PUBLIC OFFICIALS who pass the liability to the PUBLIC OFFICIAL BONDS insurance.  I have filed many bond/insurance claims.  The insurance seems only to exist to authorize the PUBLIC OFFICIALS to commit violations of the laws they tell us to follow…  but that they have no requirements to follow.

All Governmental Service Corporations are designed this way.  The governmental corporations all literally do what they tell everyone else not to!

All of this comes from the implementation and continue exercise of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES in 1933 with the Emergency Banking Act.

From there, the entire statutory system enabling DEBT as copyright SPEECH-MONEY stems from the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES in 1933.

The role of political parties cannot be understated here.  The Political Parties have declared themselves as the SINGULAR CITIZENS defined by the Organic Constitution under the Original 1776 United States of America.  This has been done through corporatizing and statutorizing/slavery the UNITED STATES in 1871 and bankruptcy from 1933.  Corporate Personhood give corporations rights under the Constitution as “persons” but also gives human beings CORPORATEHOOD, visa versa.

Political Parties actually have Organic Constitutional “freedom of speech”; whereas U.S. Citizen Insurance Franchise PERSONS do NOT.  The FBI said that the DNC refused to let them look at DNC servers; that was due to the special status of “Political Parties” in the US.  Representative Val Demings is only speaking of this special status as Operators of the Governmental Corporate Insurance Franchise System.  These kinds of things may have been what got Seth Rich murdered.

Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton all used the Freedom of DEBT-SPEECH to loan their own campaign million of dollars to buy the offices they sought.

So Val Demings, well played.    Representatives do seem to have recognized debt issuance freedom of speech that the rest of us must “push” the fraudulent legal system of injustice to acknowledge.

Democratic Rep. Val Demings Tells Facebook Commenter: ‘My First Amendment Right Is Different From Yours’

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

On the evening of February 27, 2009, a man broke into former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings’ vehicle and stole her agency-issued 9 mm handgun as well as ammunition and several other items which were stored in a duffle bag, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“Although the vehicle’s remote was used to lock the vehicle, the doors were not physically [checked] to ensure the locks [had] engaged,” internal-affairs manager Dwain L. Rivers wrote in the four-page report. “Chief Demings accepts full responsibility and does not wish to contest the sustained finding.”

Demings was given a “written censure” that would “remain in her personnel file for three years.”

Fast-forward to 2017 — Demings is now the Representative for Florida’s 10th congressional district. On May 3, Demings posted the following to her official Facebook page:

When a commenter asked Demings if they ever found her stolen handgun and suggested that she be more responsible with her own firearms before talking about gun control for others, Demings offered a peculiar reply:

Screenshot via FacebookRep. Val Demings makes odd First Amendment Statement on FB

It’s unclear exactly what Demings meant when she said “My First Amendment right is different from yours.” Regardless, several Facebook users responded to her comment:

Screenshot via FacebookFacebook User replies to Rep. Val Demings

Screenshot via FacebookFacebook Users reply to Rep. Val Demings

The Daily Wire reached out to Demings via Twitter, Facebook, and her Washington D.C. office. While we were never able to speak with Demings herself, we did speak with her communications director, Caroline Rowland.

When asked if Demings could speak about the remarks she made on Facebook, Rowland simply stated: “No, she will have no comment on that. Thank you,” before quickly hanging up the phone.


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