Corporate Personhood vs Person Corporatehood: The Door Swings Both Ways

Corporate Personhood vs Person Corporatehood (slavery): The Door Swings Both Ways

The U.S. legal system that gives corporations Constitutional rights -as “persons”- overlays natural persons with a corporation called a “legal presence”; with a “legal name” in UPPER CASE. The “second you” was designed to represent the human being in “commerce.” The corporate overlay re-creates the singularly human natural person with our likeness. The inclusion of a “head/face picture” on legal presence documents (“Driver’s Licenses”, Student ID Cards, etc) is evidence that the legal presence would be headless without it. The Legal Presence would be a legal fiction without a head!

The conversion of human beings into “legal presence insurance franchises” via corporate overlay was enshrined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 6 “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”

Corporations have had some form of “personhood” recognition for centuries. The United States Corporation unlawfully gave personhood to corporations in 1882 after the United States Incorporation had already formed as the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.

The Rulings to give corporations “RIGHTS” under the Constitution was less to open up personhood to corporations than it was to open up corporatehood to natural persons. The United Nations attempted to TITLE all human rights to remove them. The effect of this has been that ALL COURTS GLOBALLY have been taken over by the United Nations via COMPETENT NATIONAL TRIBUNALS rather than “courts” or even “courtrooms.”

The “sovereign man” filings no longer work because the UNITED NATIONS have taken over all the courts in the UNITED STATES. The UN has no financial obligations nor requirements to abide by the Constitution. The Constitution literally cedes all power to international treaties. Indeed, Claiming Constitutional Rights gives the UN authority to en/title them and remove the rights/property for the goal of “global peace.”

Rights are Property and EN/TITLING RIGHTS means putting a CERTIFICATE on them and underwriting them with new debt as an insurance franchise into a trust… so that the UN can tell us what to do with our legally stolen rights/property. When such systems were bucked, all rights were revoked via the “person” corporate structure, by UN Charter.

Effectively claiming to NOT BE a part of the U.N. PERSON CORPORATEHOOD was difficult. There are many processes to properly file for recognized non-association without the Artificial Person Legal Presence. However the ability for BAR Attorneys to ASSUME nearly anything they want was encoded in the Human Rights Document as well.

Corporate Protection Racket.png

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