Legal Presences are Genderless: Deception against LGBTQ+

Public Reminder: A Legal Presence is Genderless.  It is a corporation in commerce.  It does not have a sex.  It does not have a gender.  It cannot get married…  at least not without a document re-creating it as such.

If you believe it could be politically incorrect to refer to “persons” as an IT -being a corporation-, then this article is for you.

A Driver’s License was a corporation made in our image.  It was headless until it had a picture of someone’s head on the Identity Card.  The Identity Card is the legal presence Identity.  It is a a corporation called a “legal presence” that exists as a corporate overlay singularly by “contract.”  When someone asks for your “legal name” they are referring to you as and through a legal presence corporation.

The legal presence was an overlay on top of physicality.  Some call it “the veil” and/or “a veil.”  It is a very dense layer of “mind programming” and religiosity; particularly to “authority” of legal fictions, mere fictions.

Legal Fiction Straw-ITS are not manly nor womanly.  A Driver’s License doesn’t have genitals, nor even a body.  Legal presences are an “IT” by gender rules for lacking any gender.

It is singularly by semantic deception that a “legal identity” has sex, gender, and/or any attributes at all.  Indeed, the attributes must be WRITTEN DOWN for it to be legalized and thus fictional– treated as real by other legal fictions.

The Fact that legal presences are genderless and have been genderless for millennia is a particular and odd kind of deception.

Today, the deception exists in making the LGBTQ+ community actually fight for a label on a corporate identity.  This would be the same kind of thing as making a big stink that Facebook doesn’t list the proper gender.  In the world of technicalities, just put the gender in the “About Me” content section.  Write posts about it on your wall.  lol.  Retrofitting obsolete legal presences with new genders or a lack of gender that it never had was simply an artifact that everything legal must be written and “entered into record;” usually severely after the fact.

So the Union of two genderless legal presence corporations into a “business partnership” (for children) have been the appearance of “legal marriage” since at least 1938 in the United States.

The oddity is not in giving legal presences access to genderless and gender options, but in giving legal presences any gender at all.

It should be observed that all nations are female due to giving berth to their “citizens in commerce in bankruptcy” through the UN legal presence global franchise.

Genders upon any personhood is inaccurate and harmful.  Corporations do not have genders, even those legal presence corporations that supposedly “represent” us.

Another important note is that the LGBTQ+ community should NOT expect any remedy from the courtrooms as across the globe all courtrooms have been replaced by Competent National Tribunals.  Even the United States replaced their common law courts with corporate courts, then statutory courts and in 1948 all replaced by UN Competent National Tribunals with the appearance of the same courtrooms.  The UN Color of Law overlay was one of the highest level abstractions of “personhood” that existed on Earth.

The some in the LGBTQ+ seem to be fighting a non-sensical position maintained by an illegitimate bankrupt corporation pretending to be a government.


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