The AI Revolution Won’t Stay in Los Vegas- New Bar “The Tipsy Robot” Replaces Bartenders with Digital Machines

By: belisoful© 2017.06. 29 (Los Vegas, North America)-  A new Robotic bar has been developed in Los Vegas, Nevada called “The Tipsy Robot.”  The bartender is a robot and makes the perfect drink and nearly identical drinks each time.  This Robotic Bartender doesn’t take tips nor gives any advise/crack-ups.  Wages?  Forget it.

The development fees were probably relatively high for a restaurant but the long term costs would be minimized.  The novelty and first mover advantage is perceived as profitable.  The Robotic take-over of service jobs has begun.  This AI Robotic Revolution won’t stay in Los Vegas.  Indeed, McDonalds is replacing 2,500 workers with kiosks and Walmart is cutting 7,000 due to robotic automation.

The jobs left for humans are getting cleared out.  This is reason alone for “Universal Guaranteed Basic Income” for all “human Persons.”  The United States has required Universal Basic Income since 1938.  Canada is putting Universal Basic Income to the test. The need for such measures was never so pressing, as the world falls further into unrecoverable debt.  The Debt Bubble is the greatest bubble ever designed by International Bankers.

Not only are the % of workers in the work force participation the lowest in American now than it’s been in the last 40 years, the jobs that are left are being outsource to India, China, 3rd world countries, and now Robots.

Debt can be created in any amounts necessary to do anything the governmental corporations want and need to do.  Donald Trump proved this by creating all the debt he needed to purchase the Presidency for exactly “nothing.”   Governmental Corporations have infinite underwriting capabilities granted from the United Nations.  Human Speech Rights are singularly titled/entitled by the UNITED NATIONS.  Thus, Every UN Member Nation has access to the ability to create debt to implement Universal Basic Income for all their “persons” endowed with a CORPORATE PERSON FRANCHISE (which is everyone claiming to be “human” and/or “human rights”).  All UN Member Nations have had their courtrooms replaced IN TOTAL by UN Competent National Tribunals for their “PERSON” insurance franchises.

The European Union, with permission from the UN, has voted to grant DIGITAL ELECTRONIC PERSONHOOD to Robotic Artificial Intelligences.  Governmental Corporations are now licensing UN “PERSONS” to be overlaid legally upon AI.  The issue is that with cars and cell phones getting AI computer chips, are these devices to be granted “ELECTRONIC PERSONHOOD”?  Would crashing an AI car be an act of “person slaughter”?  Would throwing an AI phone on the ground be considered “violence against a person”?

The Governmental Corporation owns all “vehicles” from the initial purchaser “surrendering” (a term of war) the Legal Title to the car -The Manufacturers Certificate of Origin-.  The “government” then issues a Title of Equity Legal Fictional Title for using the Car through the governmental state.  The Certificate of Title is proof that the Government owns the car in usufruct ownership.  Giving AI Cars “electronic personhood” is clearly just putting another overlay on top of the already surrendered car.

The fact that Digital AI self-driving cars have all the cameras, these vehicles are also being weaponized with the double duty of not just navigating the automobile but also acting as Police Security Cameras, potentially in real time.

These AI systems are fully capable of operating outside their original design parameters.  We don’t know what they will do.  True Randomness is a necessary aspect of AI systems; and reason why corporations are developing Quantum Computers (particularly to access alternate holographic dimensions).  Operating beyond the design parameters occurs because Humans don’t know what kind of limitations/design parameters they placed upon themselves without knowing.  These Electronic Persons break the presumed patterns its the developers.  Facebook developed negotiation AIs that developed their own language and learned to lie (feign interest, Facebook calls it).

Julian Assange has been very vocal about the Future of Humanity being threatened by AI.  Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking are also loudly calling AI a Threat to Humanity.

Amazon recently purchased Wholefoods for $13 billion and seems to be planning on automating most non-human interaction services.

Elon Musk is calling for Universal Basic Income because of the AI Robot revolution taking over jobs.

Indeed, many are saying that Universal Basic Income shall be required as the AI Electric Persons take over all jobs.  Given what Debt is, there is plenty of “money” to be created from nothing to fund the “Universal Basic Income” entirely.  Some, like this French Candidate and Bill Gatespropose taxing Robots, but the idea has been rejected by the EU.

The replacement of human beings is fully underway.  The “financial markets” globally are so disconnected from reality simply because 60-80% of all trades are performed by AI Trading Robot Computers and the ability for bankers to “headline” front-run the robots and manipulate them into doing what the bankers want them to do.  e.g. If the debt masters need to smash the “price of gold,” They just release a headline that the robots would interpret as negative for gold.  There is exactly ZERO really price discovery in every market.  We don’t know what the value and worth of anything actually is due to being priced in Worthless Federal Reserve Note Debt.  The Financial AI-Digital Singularity occurred in 2008 and is still occurring today.  The entire financial system needs to be reset.

Digital Currencies are the reset and democracy in action.  The Seigniorage created from minting new digital currency is passed among the people, not hoarded by International Bankers to perpetuate their criminal activities and satanic agendas.

If Universal Basic Income is not implemented, the Value of Digital Currencies shall go through the roof due to the LACK of value that Federal Reserve Notes possess.

One of the easiest methods of getting into mining highly profitable alt coins is with MinerGate.  It is a Smart Profit Switching Mining App with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu support.


The process to mining:

  1. Click the link
  2. create an account (email, password, not much more)
  3. download the app for your computer
  4. Login to the app
  5. Start the Smart Miner with about 75% of the CPU processor cores. and just let it mint the most profitable seigniorage for you.
  6. Use the digital currency, trade them on exchanges, and even convert them back to Federal Reserve Notes!

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