The World Government of World Citizens: The Sovereign Earth City-State

The World Government of World Citizens is a non-legal non-person non-resident lawful self-governing global sovereign city-state for human beings of un-“limited sovereignty”, meaning un-enumerated rights.


by: belisoful      2017.06.30

A recent exposé on the many Sovereign Earth City-States shows that such status was never limited to the Vatican City, City of London, and DC.  Where the Vatican City tried to control the spiritua -the dead Earth hologram, conveyed in trust-, The City of London tried to control the “debt/dead as money” franchise with unlimited underwriting/undertaking/rehypothecation, and DC tried to control the war/murder franchises, there are several other nation states that are new challengers to these positions.  FYI- DC has also tried to be the franchiser of “magic” as well, despite obvious conflicts between church and state on such esoteric ideals.  The World Government of World Citizens is outside these systems, and -where necessary- uses the systems to vacate/renounce without them.

The United Nations may be considered greater in power than DC as it is the single global licenser of “PERSONHOOD” artificial persons franchises.  The [Financial] Security Counsel permanent members are the United States (for DC), Russia, China (for the Elders), France (in lieu of the Vatican, via “Avignon Papacy”, by loss of French territory from the City of London/Monarch), and the UK (for the City of London Crown Corporation) all issue the [debt] “securities”– which then financially obligate all “PERSON FRANCHISES” to perform legal [fictional] actions of “peace.”  The Vatican City itself only has permanent observer status due to not wanting to give of control over their “legal presences” to the UN- a Crown Corporation.

CERN-Large Hadron Collider operates as a sovereign city-state.  CERN should be considered more dangerous than DC as they franchise “SCIENCE.” They are building a new super collider called the Future Circular Collider 3x the size of the LHC with powers theoretically up to 40,000 TeV.  It may cause exponential mandela effects.

Switzerland is a Federation of Republic-Sovereign City-State Territories.  Monaco and Singapore have their own independence as well.

World Government of World Citizens

The World Government of World Citizen is a non-legal non-person non-resident lawful self-governing body for sentient beings with unenumerated human rights, which legally translates to the UN- UDHR to un-“limited sovereignty.” As such, its territory is the whole planet via a parallel -but NOT overlapping- lawful juristic society.   The World Government of World Citizens is operated by the World Service Authority, a non-bankrupt (non-legal) unincorporated body of private World Citizens outside the United Nations and their PERSON franchise.  It seems that recognition for being external without the UN would be provided from the UN, for application in any “competent national tribunal” globally. FYI, the UN has converted all courtrooms globally into “Competent National Tribunals”.

All UN Member Country are bound by their Charter and Personhood “Constitution” to deny recognition of private World Citizens due to such non-person status outside the UN jurisdiction.  Attorneys operate UN Person franchises and require direct UN evidence of being a NON-PERSON.  Otherwise the Bankruptcy Trust provides them the executor-ship with power of assumption, in a UN Legal Military Coup.

A similar non-recognition has occurred with other sovereign city-states throughout history.  Monaco was only moderately recognized by the UN and member nations until they joined the UN.  Monaco was required to be Bankrupt to join.  All the Major Banks (e.g. Rothschilds) have branches in Monaco, thus making the Banks “sovereign”!  Such “sovereignty” allows the banks to even commit murder and get away with it.

Even with perfect legalese non-person documents, most attorney will not respect the legal boundary as being with the private rather than public and legal.

Apparently, gaining recognition as a World Citizen with a UN Member Nation requires making an appointment with a the UN Member Nation Embassy – typically”outside” the territory- and having them ANNEX and AUTHENTICATE the World Citizen Passport, World Citizen Identity Card, World Citizen Birth Certificate, World Citizen “Driver’s License,” World Citizen Automobile Title, etc.

The World Citizen authority to exist stems from the ability of “persons” to leave UN Member Nations and then be self governing and from having unenumerated rights- U.N.”limited” sovereignty.  World Citizens possess their own Identities as private property.  If we so choose, we may make share it in public as well as a public non-legal identity, as well as a public legal identity.  Knowing the differences is up to the World Citizen.

Making an oath to the World Government of World Citizens is about being Present in this moment of Now; rather than RE/Present- of the reflection, not a primary source.  The oath and affirmation triggers Title 8 U.S.C. §1481 and RS §1999 (click “notes”) for immediate Relinquishment of US Citizenship legal presence U.N. artificial person.  Relinquishment is NOT renouncing.  Renouncing is official recognition with a loss of nationality certificate, and surrender of the right to their authority.  However, relinquishment officially occurs in the US with a letter to the State Department -according to IRS Form 8854 Initial and Annual Expatriation Tax Forms, providing:

Date of relinquishment of U.S. citizenship.
You are considered to have relinquished your U.S. citizenship on the earliest of the following dates.

2. The date you furnished to the State Department a signed statement of your voluntary relinquishment of a U.S. nationality confirming the performance of an expatriating act (provided that the voluntary relinquishment was later confirmed by the issuance of a certificate of loss of nationality).

3. The date the State Department issued a certificate of loss of nationality.

World Citizenry cannot harm another Human Being protected by a UN legal presence.  The golden rule still applies via Natural Law.  The extent of the “World Citizen City-State” sovereignty is the extent that one is willing to overstand it and -according to the United Nations- issue titles upon our own rights/property.  Simply issuing our own debt outside the UN system makes it both valid, and non-recognizable.  With the UN, only UN issued debt is/was “understandable.”  World Citizen Birth Certificates own our bodies for ourselves.  World Citizen Automobile Titles own our cars privately.  Speech rights -particularly to debt- are not retracted nor institutionalized via the City of London Speech-Debt-Money Franchise.

World Citizenry is about being present, making the whole Earth a sovereign City-state.  The Sovereign Foreign Immunity Act -affirmed by Kidane v Ethiopia- applies to World Citizens in relation to any and all UN Member Nations. World Citizens cannot sue nor be sued by/in/with “UN Competent National Tribunals” without serious international crimes being committed by the court-like tribunal.  That doesn’t stop the UN from steam rolling human beings unlawfully.

The World Government isn’t trying to control any aspect of humanity.  It exists to return enable sentient beings with options of presence in a RE-PRESENTED corporate overlay world.  We exercise our known rights and express our unenumerated rights.  Where necessary, we title our own rights to protect them.

The World Government of World Citizens began because it’s founder, Garry Davis, sat for 6 days and nights at the foot of the U.N. for recognition.

If you have also had it with the corporatism, fascism, political and financial non-sense, Begin again with a World Government of World Citizens Birth Certificate Passport, and/or ID Card.

The level of World Citizenry and involvement is up to you.  If you know that World Citizens don’t need Driver’s License, then it is an available option.  If it does not feel safe without a “UN Driver’s License”, then by all means keep it and use it.  There is a time and place for World Citizenry, and that is up to you.

BARACK H OBAMA is an honorary member of the World Government of World Citizens.

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