United Nations Claims Ownership over American and ISIS Legal Presences to Stop Trumps “Refugee Travel Ban”

(UNITED NATIONS) Head of the United Nations Refugee Program -Jordanian Prince- Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, declared the United States Inc “Refugee Travel Ban” illegal under International Private Law.

President-CEO Donald Trump insistence on a “Refugee Travel Ban” was finally supported by the U.S. Supreme Court when they overturned a lower Court’s opinion calling it unconstitutional.  The U.S. Supreme Court is the highest United Nation “Competent National Tribunal” in the “nation-like” United Nations Member-Nation.  UN UDHR Article 8 provides, “Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.”

To wit, UN Member-Nations are not Nations; member-Nations license “legal presence” artificial “PERSON” franchises from the United Nations.

The using of a “legal presence” in any matter -no matter what -and particularly when in courtrooms- stems from the licensing of the “legal presence” from the UN; the single global franchise licenser of “legal presences.”

MR. AL-HUSSEIN declared using legal presences in the ways that President Donald Trump has encoded -and the US Supreme Court affirmed- is against the U.N. Charter and UN PERSON Constitution called the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.  The UN Declaration of Human Rights supersedes all Constitutions for performance and use of legal presences.

Donald Trump has no choice but to honor Mr al-Hussein.  The United Nations creates financial obligations upon those member nations who abuse legal presences.  The United Nations operates strictly under PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW.  The UN is/was a Sovereign City-State; just like the City of London, DC, CERN, Geneva, and Monaco.

“Refugee protection is not a matter of solidarity or generosity, refugee protection is an obligation under international law” – ANTÓNIO GUTERRES     A screen shot directly from the UN Website. The Secretary General says it all.  It’s a financial obligation of international law, nothing to do with solidarity nor generosity, what regular people consider peace.








The Secretary General -a military war title- is the private elected CEO of the UN Corporation.  They operate on sovereign land in New York City, and at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.  SECRETARY GENERAL ANTÓNIO GUTERRES Heads the “legal presence” franchise licenser.

The UN is the renamed League of Nations running in bankruptcy.  The UN requires all member nations to be running in bankruptcy to be able to license the UN Legal Presences use.  That was an artifact of Trust Law and being able to have POWER OF ASSUMPTION -as executor- over all human rights.  The Legal Presence Trust power comes from the 4 Papel Bulls: Unam Sanctum, Romans Pontifex, Aeterni Regis, and Convocation.  The UN claims to own and title all human rights.  Simply claiming to be human, and/or have/exercise human rights triggers the UN Declaration of Human Rights and their corporate overlay.

The UN has replaced all National Courts with “Competent National Tribunals.”  Globally, there are no courtrooms, only UN constructive trusts.  All Attorneys operate United Nations legal presences.  It is a by product of the end of World War 2.

The League of Nations was found to be ineffective in stopping the abuse of “legal presences” in perpetuation of war and murder.  So it was bankrupt and running in receivership as the UN.

In essence, the way the UN sees it is that the DONALD TRUMP and US SUPREME COURT legal presences are claiming ownership and title over a UN legal presence in another country that the US didn’t license, and the UN doesn’t like it.  Donald Trump is “forbidden under human rights law” from executing the “Refugee Travel Ban.”

There is no United States, nor United States of America.  It was all surrender to the United Nations after World War 2.  All nations surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to the United Nations to be UN MEMBER NATIONS.  And remember that a UN Member-Nation is not a Nation!

The most disturbing aspect of the United Nations is that the UN has claimed ownership over TERRITORIAL Nationals of all countries by rendering them outside the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  This allowed the De Facto illegitimate Governments worldwide to enter Nationals into TRUST.  The UN Covers “legal” UN Member-Nation Citizens and non-citizen nationals.

The UNITED NATIONS CHARTER – Article 103 provides, “In the event of a conflict between the obligations of the Members of the United Nations under the present Charter and their obligations under any other international agreement, their obligations under the present Charter shall prevail.”

In Effect, the United Nations acts WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE in regards to UN Member Nations and their debts, rights, and trusts- constructive trusts.  The UN owns all trusts globally.  The UN supersedes all prior agreements and all prior debts and financial obligations with Article 103.

Article 103 also has the effect of cancelling any and all agreements between the de Facto Government and the people.  It imposes their own UN corporate super-overlay.  There is no agreement between the people and the government after UN Charter – Article 103.  Governments globally disappeared when they became UN Member-Nations.

UNITED NATIONS CHARTER – Article 104 is the icing on the cake providing, “The Organization shall enjoy in the territory of each of its Members such legal capacity as may be necessary for the exercise of its functions and the fulfilment of its purposes.”

The UN enjoinders (enjoys) the full legal capacity of each UN Member-Nation to the point that all “national [bankruptcy] statutes” passed by a “Nation” are fully at the sufferance of the UN.  Put another way, when Donald Trump tries to act on UN legal presences in any ways the UN doesn’t like, the UN can create whatever “financial obligation” they deem fit to force the UN Member-Nation to do anything the need or want.  The Financial Obligation is a legal fiction financial security debt that represents an actual human right.  Even the debt as speech right affirmed by the Supreme Court in Citizen’s United v F.E.C. has been usurped by the U.N.  Indeed, only corporation have Debt Issuance authority in their UN “Competent National Tribunals.”

If people cannot en/”title” their own rights, the UN can and will do it for you; by force, removing it via the continuation of WORLD WAR 2.

Where the US 13th Constitutional Amendment abolished Slavery by making in it ubiquitous and non-discriminatory as “federal citizens,”  the UN has Ended all War by making war non-discriminatory as “legal presences” globally–  indefinite slavery upon all humanity.

Lastly, the UN operates Private Law.  This is to say that usage and operation of “legal presences” is a private corporate function.  The “public” comes out when the UN Member Nation creates their own legal presence derivative from the UN Legal Presence.  There is nothing “public” about “public legal presences.”  They are still operated from the Private, via private international law.

If the UN is capable of financially obligating the US into compliance by stopping the Trump Travel Ban, it is singularly effective due to the private nature of the UN and their legal presences.

It is illegal to own and operate a legal presence…  its a fiction of debt, a constructed corporation made to look like us.  A straw man. An IT.

In essence, the Birth Certificates are sold by each UN Member-Nation for a license for the UN Legal Presence to create “UN Member-Nation Citizens.”

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