The Future is Now: E.T. Disclosure Won’t Be Televised

The E.T. Disclosure won’t be televised, until it is.  There is plenty of clear evidence that there is a much greater reality beyond Earth’s atmosphere.  Faster than light “engines” are basic Tesla technology that has been suppressed since the late 19th century.  Tesla’s work exposed the science of the esoteric [sigil] “magics” and rituals such as the Khazarians abuse.

The effects available from the scalar wave technologies is momentous.  Medically, these technologies could cure all infections (viral, bacterial, parasitic), speed healing at least 10x, and even reverse aging.  Time itself is a scalar frequency just like Space and Matter.  Traveling anywhere on the planet is easy and could be done with a quantum tunnel Jump Room; even an iPhone app.  Moving goods anywhere on the planet would be as simple as “jumping it.”  It would be like an Instance UPS/Fedex without any cost.  Dial someone else jump-closet and press go.  Copies of anything could be made perfectly.  High energies are not needed for these technologies, only the proper frequency/vibration is necessary.  It’s an information issue, which can be copyright.

CERN is/was scientifically experimenting with energies high enough to shift a “higgs-boson” in weight to “get a view inside it.”  CERN experimented in vortex torsion fields with scalar waves.  Fortunately, CERN doesn’t know much about scalar waves and seem to be stumbling around.  Though, should they be able to control the holographic reality they could implement their own holo/caustic history- as seen by the Mandela Effects.  CERN wants to build the Future Circular Collider 3x larger than the LHC which may produce an exponential Mandela Effect.  CERN scientists seem to be moving all of physics into and informational system rather than particles; where particles are energies with functions rather than positions and properties.  Matter is a by-product of energy functions!  eg. the mind and its definitions.

The ET Disclosure will not be televised.  The Media seems to be too mired in the DEBT ponzi scheme and entrained by its Sigil Magic spells/spellings/sentences; like a mouse in a trap.

ET Disclosure happens WITH YOU.  When each of use realizes our “alien” nature, it is disclosed.  Being an E.T. among a world of people alien to themselves serves to wake everyone up.  We are spirit inhabiting the body.  Framing it as “Human Plus” is an easy way to think about moving into 4D, 5D, and beyond.  Listening to the small inner voice is all it takes.

More and More people every day realize that reality is greater than the media communications, that voting “disables”, that education steers us away from, that legalisms ignore and even persecute.  The UN Legal War on Humanity -via licensing PERSON franchises- want to remove the un/a/lien-able nature by liening basic human rights, titling them, and removing all human rights.  Access to Zero point energy is a basic human right, particularly when it has been hidden from the public to continue an oil/debt franchise that is/was destroying the whole Earth’s biosphere.

Zero point Energy (free energy) has been around for a century.  The US Mars Corporation -run by Dick Cheney- is like the UK East India Company for Mars uses the zero point energy to act off-Earth.  Randy Cramer is an Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Marine who has been told to leak this information to the public to get people up to speed.

The massive number of children kidnapped globally is “legal” (read: fictional is the rationale) under “birth certificates” and the war that the UN has been perpetuating upon Humanity.  It is hypothesized that these children end up in pedophile networks and human chattel trafficking.  These children would be perfect candidates for entry into the space program and taken off world, such as to Mars.  It is reported that the Mars Humans have been lied to that Earth was destroyed 40-50 years ago in environmental catastrophes.

The ICC seems to have 11 bases with major manufacturing plants, science laboratory, and R&D weapons facilities.  Major work involves Cybernetics, soul transfer, and Plasma Weapons.  Mars Space Stations monitored all communications.  All Space Stations have warp drives and invisibility and have Circular ring living centers.  These facilities have hydro-sonic showers to minimize water usage.  It uses steam with high and low frequencies to perform “cleaning.”

With such displays of acrobatics like above, the E.T.s are showing us that these kinds of engines and visibility changes are not just possible but exist.  I have seen performances with my own eyes on several occasions.

How did they get here?  The “modern science” history of Earth is far too physical based to be able to describe these technologies and sciences out of the 4th and 5th density.  Physicality is all energy.  Photons move at infinite speed; because all photons ARE the SAME photon.  There is only ONE Photon, acting like all the photons.

Tapping into tesla scalar waves could easily impulse such movements and inter-galactic travel.  These technologies have been hidden by the ICC by controlling science.  CERN operates the “Science franchise”, just as the UN operates the PERSON Franchise, DC operates the war/power franchise, City of London operates the Debt Franchise, and the Vatican City operates the Trust/dead hologram franchise.


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