Political Party ANC Seeks to Nationalize South African Reserve Bank

The South African National Congress has come out supporting the Nationalize of its privately-owned Central “South African Reserve Bank” (SARB).  The SARB runs the debt-as-money franchise of, for, and by the United Nations.  South Africa was not a Nation but a UN “Member-Nation”– an organ of the United Nations.  The City of London licenses the “debt as money” franchise to the UN through the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The IMF (and BIS) is/was the “central bank” for all UN Member-Nation Organs, such as the private “South African Central Bank.”  Even US Social Security numbers appear to be issued from the IMF.

Nationalizing the South African Reserve Bank would make the Central Bank Debt-As-Money franchise self-contained in South Africa rather than UN Policy Driven.  GWEDE MANTASHE, Secretary General for the African National Congress -like the DNC/RNC- publicly supports the nationalization of it’s private Central Bank stating, “South African Reserve Bank is one of less than five central banks in private hands in the world.”  The “Secretary General” is a military position.  The ANC appears to be waging war on the voters on behalf of the UN.  The ANC is/was a fully owned of UN Crown Corporation full of BAR Attorneys who are deceiving all South Africans.

A part of the deception is that all Central Banks are in private hands, it’s just a matter of how many layers there are between the issued “debt” and the UN.  The UN underwrites all “speech-debt human rights” having removed all speech rights.  The SARB is a member of the UN IMF and BIS, and the Nationalized Central Bank would also be members of the UN IMF and BIS, (U.N.-)naturally.

In this instance, the ANC wants to inject themselves as a layer/corporate-inlay between the currency/debt that South Africans use and the UN debt-as-money IMF/BIS franchise.

South African Reserve Bank from the inside and below.

Adding a Nationalized layer, according to The Secretary General and the debate, would be to capture the Mineral and Natural wealth of South Africa for South Africans.  It is a very true claim, however, nationalizing the SARB would not change the super-structure.  It would only impose more rules and regulations, for the profit and gain of the ANC and any ruling party.  It would give the South African Governmental Corporation far more power over South African Nationals.  Such power has been rip for abuse in the past.  The UN specifically allows the South African Bankrupt Corporation to dismiss its obligation to the social contract with the people, in full.

In reading through the UN Conventions. South Africans have exactly ZERO recourse to the ANC abusing debt issuance powers.  UN Member Nations have total immunity in South African Courts…  which are EVERY COURTROOM in South Africa.  Every Courtroom in South Africa -and in every UN Member-Nation- has been taken over by the United Nations as Competent National Tribunals.  The only recourse that we-the-people have is through the UNITED NATIONS justice system;  which of course is rigged in favor of the UN.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the Central Banks’ Central Bank.  A nationalized “South African Reserve Bank” would still be required to comply with the “debt-as-money” franchise rules set forth by the IMF and BIS.

The debate around Nationalizing the RAND debt-unit is a deception as the underlaying mechanisms and organizational relationships within and above the SARB are not openly discussed by the ANC, South Africa, IMF, BIS, and UN.  These institutions would like to keep their crimes against humanity quiet.  the ANC seems to be being used as cover for a greater collapse in the faith of the Debt as Money Ponzi scheme.

Rand Tumbles On Report South Africa Seeks To Nationalize Central Bank

The South African rand has tumbled following a report confirming recent speculation that South Africa’s ruling African National Congress will propose that the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank be nationalized and wholly owned by the state, according to three people familiar with the discussions quoted by Bloomberg.


Bloomberg adds that the proposal which will surely have negative consequences on the country’s financial stability was approved in plenary session of the party’s policy conference taking place in Johannesburg. However, the decision still to be ratified at the ANC electoral conference in December, so nothing is imminent. By way of background, Bloomberg reminds us that the central bank’s currently has about 600 private shareholders who have no say over the setting of monetary policy.


2 thoughts on “Political Party ANC Seeks to Nationalize South African Reserve Bank”

  1. ANC should renounce any debt to UN, not it’s people. South Africa’s banking system is quite corrupt, see Michael Tellinger’s videos on Youtube. Governments should control issue of currency/credit, not private individuals (banksters) for their own exclusive profit; at least governments are elected. No, UN justice system is not the solution to our own national injustice system.


  2. Even if South Africa were to “gain control” over the UN Debt-For-money Franchise, it would still be under the control of the UN. South African Government and ANC would need to renounce the UN totally to gain full governmental control over their own nations money supply. South Africa is not a Nation, they are a “UN Member-Nation” operating in bankruptcy.


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