The Definitive Guide To a Puerto Rican US President

The question of whether or not a Puerto Rican from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico can become a US President has been swirling for quite some time and most will interject their opinions and rationalize the answer being yes or no, this or that.

The answer to the question is mired in deceptive definitions and stories about Puerto Rico, Commonwealths, United States, Territories, Federal Zones, Constitutions (plural) etc.

Let’s slice through the muck and get to the heart of the situation. There appear to be at least seven (7) separate “UNITED STATES”:

  1. The Land (since before time)
  2. The legalized united States “Territories” (pre-1776, the states before federalization)
  3. The legalized Organic United States (1776-1783, The Federated States; King George Common Law under Vatican– 1783 and beyond)
  4. The Legalized Unincorporated United States (1800-1871)
  5. The Legalized Incorporated United States [Minor] (1871-1933)
  6. The Legalized Incorporated Bankrupt [Statutory] United States [Minor] (1933-1946)
  7. The Legalized Incorporated Bankrupt [Statutory] United Nations Member-Nation “United States” [Minor] (1946-?)

Each of these are corporate overlays on the first.

Puerto Rico is a part of (4) The Legalized Unincorporated United States (1800-1871).  As such, it is an Unincorporated Federal Zone Territory without voting rights within the UNITED STATES (5), (6),  and (7).  Puerto Rico recently voted to join the Federated “United States” (5-7) to be able to vote in general elections for US Presidents and representation in Congress and the House.  The United States is likely going to ignore the “request.”  This is further conversion of a less than de-jure Puerto Rico Government into a more de-facto corporation by further incorporating/encoding its bankruptcy.

The “United States” (5-7) operates Puerto Rico as a “Federal Zone” under the United Nations under TRUST by and of the UN Member-Nations.  That’s what continues to give the appearance of a “federal zone” for the several non-US Federal States.  District of Columbia was also a non-US Federal State that cannot vote in general elections for US Presidents, nor do they have representation in/on the Board of Directors Congress/House.

Just because a Puerto Rican cannot vote in US Elections, are they allowed to be US President?

United States legal presences are distinct from Puerto Rican legal presences.  Puerto Rican Legal Presences have less “granted rights” because they are unincorporated; where the human Puerto Rican Nationals have retained more [unlimited] rights.  The US INCORPORATED STATUTORY MEMBER-NATION (5-7) Constitution only applies to United States legal presences.  Thus only legal presences within the Statutory United States 5 and 6 are authorized under That Statutory Constitution to be “President”

Puerto Ricans could be “US President” of the UnIncorporated United States (4), but cannot be “US President” of the Incorporated/Bankrupt/UN United States (5-7).  If a Candidate were knowledgeable enough, there are plenty of legal arguments for enabling an Unincorporated US Citizen to be President of the United States.

Donald Trump’s New York City-State Sovereign Birth certificate. New York City is the “sovereign state” of the United Nations.

Indeed, Donald Trump was born in New York City.  New York City is beyond a Federal Territory.  It is the Sovereign City-State of the whole earth.  Just like DC, New York City issues their own Birth Certificates.  It is the City that never sleeps because it is the headquarters of the United Nations.  Just like the UNITED STATES is headquartered in and as the District of Columbia [Municipal Corporation], The United Nations is headquartered in their own Sovereign City-State Federal Territory New York City.  This is to say, New York City does not have “voting rights” except as and through “State of New York Federal Citizens.”  New York City Citizens are like DC Citizens in all other respects.

New York City-State Sovereign Flag. Usurping the history of New York City to look legitimate.

Donald Trump was born in a Federal Zone New York City and has risen to Presidency by purchasing it.  He loaned himself all the debt he needed to fund his campaign…  from nothing.

There are a US-UN decolonization protests for the debt crisis continuing to unfold in the Federal US State.  The Protestors recently spoke at the UN.

Opponents of US colonial rule in Puerto Rico speak out at the UN

Vol. 81/No. 25      July 10, 2017       AP/Danica Coto
May 1 union march in San Juan, protesting U.S.-imposed fiscal control board. Speakers at U.N. hearing said board’s dictatorial powers show Puerto Rico is colony of U.S. imperialism.



UNITED NATIONS — At this year’s hearing of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization, supporters of the fight against U.S. colonial rule over Puerto Rico spoke out against Washington’s increasing exploitation of the island’s people and the plunder of its resources to pay the regime’s $74 billion debt to wealthy bondholders.

Participants welcomed longtime independence fighter Oscar López to the June 19 hearing. López was released from U.S. custody May 17 after nearly 36 years in jail for his actions opposing U.S. domination. Puerto Rico has been a U.S. colony since 1898, when Washington wrested control of the country from Spain.


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