Utility Companies Send us “Invoices” Instead of a Dividend Statement, and We Fall For It

Utility Companies Send us “Invoices” Instead of a Dividend Statement, and We Fall For It

Rodney Class – Notice and Warning To Utility Companies

I had to quickly reblog this article on Dec. 23rd and I think now that significantly more people are awake and wanting to know what happened and how we got here, I want to bring it to the attention of The People again.

Who could believe that all this time the utility companies in the U.S. and the U.K. and probably other countries have been basically billing us and taking our money instead of PAYING us?!

I know… hard to believe this could happen. Read for yourself. These monsters have successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of the Sheeple for as long as there have been Utility Companies.

Hopefully this will aid us in understanding where some of the promised abundance and prosperity is going to come from. It won’t be from thin air, it will come from returning things to the way they were always intended to be before the evil ones turned the tables and began stealing from us.

“All utilities companies knowingly have been sending their (customers) dividends but, in fact, making each recipient believe that dividend was an invoice for services provided by the utilities companies.”

Rodney Class – Notice and Warning To Utility Companies

73RD CONGRESS. SESS 1. CHS. 48 49. JUNE 5, 6,1933 HJR 192
HR 1491 PUBLIC LAW 1 48 STAT 1
PUBLIC LAW 73-10 40 STAT 411
but not limited to:

Since House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR 192) (Public law 7310) was passed in 1933 we have only had debt, because all property and gold was seized by the government as collateral in the bankruptcy of the United States.

In 1863 the first Bank Act was passed. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (or OCC) is a US federal agency established by the National Currency Act of 1863 and serves to charter, regulate, and supervise all national banks and the federal branches and agencies of foreign banks in the United States.

The OCC was created by Abraham Lincoln to fund the American Civil War but was later transformed into a regulatory agency to instill confidence in the National Banking system and protect consumers from misleading business practices.

The Lieber Code, or General Order 100 was also created by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

The National Bank Act (ch. 58, 12 Stat. 665, February 25, 1863) was a United States federal law that established a system of national charters for banks, the United States national banks. It encouraged development of a national currency based on bank holdings of U.S. Treasury securities, the so-called National Bank Notes. It also established the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) as part of the Department of the Treasury. This was to establish a national security holding body for the existence of the monetary policy of the state. The Act, together with Abraham Lincoln’s issuance of “greenbacks”, raised money for the federal government in the American Civil War by enticing banks to buy federal bonds and taxing state bank issued currency out of existence. The law proved defective and was replaced by the National Bank Act of 1864. The money was used to fund the Union army in the fight against the Confederacy. This authorized the OCC to examine and regulate nationally-chartered banks.

The above only partially begins to include the historical records and other Acts of Congress that proves the US bankruptcy of 1933 and that there is no money, only credit that the American people are the Creditors.

All utilities companies knowingly have been sending their (customers) dividends but, in fact, making each recipient believe that dividend was an invoice for services provided by the utilities companies.

The Utilities Companies have mailed through the US Mail an intentional misrepresentation of facts, unfair business practices and each utility company and agents thereof have knowingly with forethought and malice created a fraudulent debt, defrauding the Creditor, that is the recipient of said dividends, that the utilities companies lead the recipient to believe through deception is an invoice.

The utilities companies in turn then extract through extortionate measures payment from the customers instead of the utilities companies informing those same recipients that this dividend is in actuality payment to the recipient as a charged off debt pursuant to the incorporated in entirety documented evidence provided herein.

Every/all utilities companies have thus created a convertible and fraudulent debt.(see ANALYSIS OF A COUNTRY EMBEZZLED).

Every/all utilities companies have failed to pay off any of the public debt but rather unlawfully redirected ill-gotten gains into private corporate accounts through embezzlement, theft by deception, fraudulent conversion, and in violation to each all incorporated in entirety laws established through and as a result of the US Bankruptcy of 1933, wherein there is no money, only “bank Notes” which are but only a promise to pay.

Thus all debts are to be discharged as agreed, but the utilities companies (and banks) through their greed have not discharged any debt, fraudulently making the utility customer deeper in debt by utilities companies use of “Bank Notes” or “promissory Notes” that the utilities companies add to the public debt side of the books rather than discharging the debts as stipulated in Public Laws, House Resolutions, and House Joint Resolutions.

Additionally, the alleged invoices sent to every recipient is a dividend an/or a coupon to the recipient. The utilities
companies all know this to be a fact.

The Comptroller of The Currency also knows all of the above to be irrefutable facts, but is acting as a money launderingagency by/for/through/ the privately owned Federal Reserve, in Houston Texas, et al.

The Comptroller of the Currency at County, State, and Federal level all know the incorporated documents and testimony to be true, but have yet to discharge any of the public debt, therefore have misappropriated funds through embezzlement, theft by deception, obtaining money through false pretenses, extortion and other predicate acts since the date of Comptroller of the Currency inception of 1863.

All utility companies, which are private for profit corporations, regardless of location, are knowingly participating in the fraud and ponzi scheme with the intent to fraudulently convert this and every other country’s wealth into private industry accounts by fraudulent conveyance, embezzlement, theft by deception, creating fraudulent debts, ponzi scheme and fraud through the US Mail, just for starters.

Every judge and every attorney in America, especially those who hold positions with several direct connections into the utilities companies bank accounts and acting as attorneys for the banks, most presumably in all other countries as well, since they all get their instructions from England the same place that all the banks get their instructions through the Comptroller of The Currency headquarters in London England, each knowing the above and incorporated to be true, since they are well versed on the US Bankruptcy of 1933 and that America still remains to date in a state of Emergency and operates under English Law, though that also is supposed to be a well kept secret.

This means there “IS NO MONEY.” It further means that since there is no money, American’s signatures are used as the credit to run this country. That in turn means that it is the American people whom are the Creditors not the Debtors, as the banks and utilities companies would like everyone to believe.

The utilities companies have been operating with this knowledge with intent, forethought and malice to commit the crimes mentioned herein but not limited to.

Due to the facts incorporated herein in entirety, all debts are to be charged off, including but not limited to every alleged utilities invoice, which each/all have actually been a dividend, for which every utilities company embezzled payment through fraud, using extortion and other threats to discontinue service if “Payment is not made.”

These alleged invoices were dividends that every utilities company using deceptive business practice lead the public to believe were debts owed, when it is a fact that it is the utilities companies who owe the American public all those fraudulently received ill gotten gains plus the interest, stocks, bonds and other proceeds derived therefrom.

All utilities companies are now put on notice that all debts are to be charged off pursuant to the stipulated and incorporated herein Acts et al.

Authorized representative for accounts;_______________________________________________


Now I know this Notice applies to the UNITED STATES and all Utility Corporations operating within the US, but you will notice that in paragraph 17 set out below:

Every judge and every attorney in America, especially those who hold positions with several direct connections into the utilities companies bank accounts and acting as attorneys for the banks, most presumably in all other countries as well, since they all get their instructions from England the same place that all the banks get their instructions through the Comptroller of The Currency headquarters in London England, each knowing the above and incorporated to be true, since they are well versed on the US Bankruptcy of 1933 and that America still remains to date in a state of Emergency and operates under English Law, though that also is supposed to be a well kept secret.

So bearing that in mind I’d bet that in the UNITED KINGDOM we have a very similar setup where all our utility companies are operating the same scam. So all you researchers out there please look at this and nail it down like Rodney Class and his team has, I would love everyone in the UK to send these criminals a similar notice.

Source       See the document Rodney Class will use in test cases


8 thoughts on “Utility Companies Send us “Invoices” Instead of a Dividend Statement, and We Fall For It”

  1. With all due respect this article seems a bit overly garish in it’s remarks & assumptions. First, I very much doubt “all utility companies know and with aforethought.” The average collection clerk for the utility company does not know and maybe right up to the CEO. You cannot expect them to behave according to your paradigm or presumptions unless you prove, show and instruct. Sending them an “Accepted-for-Value & returned for value” is a good start.


  2. I have definitive proof that this is true: An audio recording that their accounts receivable know that their “bills” are “credits.” They specifically told me how to redeem a “credit” and how their “credits” look like bills, but are not bills.

    I haven’t posted it because It shouldn’t be necessary for such obvious evidence.

    The remarks and assumptions here are true.

    I have sent utility companies accepted for value, returned for value, my own notes, and a few other things. After hundreds of phone calls…
    I can say with definitive personal experience that the collection clerk may not know, but they are outsourced to india.

    When talking with the Company employees, they do know… and if they don’t, they ignorance is no excuse for the crimes of their corporate masters.


  3. You said: “I haven’t posted it because It shouldn’t be necessary for such obvious evidence.” I heartily disagree. If it were obvious then people would not be sending bill payments to utility companies, and people would not be cut off from their utilities for their failure to do so, sometimes with fatal consequences…


    Sometimes the obvious is only to you. We would all like to know how to stop paying our utility bills without denial of service, A4V or otherwise, and make your website truly useful vs. mere dicey reporting.


    1. There is already so much obvious evidence the cat is already out of the bag. This blog is getting ’round to posting the evidence. The only people that don’t suffer the consequences of ignorance are those who question. Yes, people “need” to wake up, however, have you considered that they are not choosing to move into a world of abundance? Government is/was limiting and merely a FICTION that people believe. Some “trust” government too much and they don’t want to change their beliefs about the fiction that government is/was. they would likely never see the evidence as they would never ask the question. And even if you told them, their cognitive dissonance would prevent them from seeing. Seeds. yes. there are already so many.

      More evidence is certainly better. I do add my voice. I am producing the evidences when there is time.

      I whole agree on your point about “useful vs dicey.” One of the difficult aspects is/was portraying that the legal system could do nearly WHATEVER IT WANTS. In some instances some of our methods work, and sometimes not. Other instances require different methods. Some paperworks overlap. Some don’t overlap. Please know that the desired intentions may be different than yours.

      I could produce a “list of legal methods”, each requirement, optional documentation for each method, supplementary details, supporting paperworks, reasons to perform such actions, and potential outcomes. Some people know that the US Government is foreclosed, illegitimate, a fiction, a bankrupt corporation, etc AND ACT ON IT. Others know that the US Government is/was legitimate in disregard for (likely) some kind of brain-washing (TV, EMF, cell phones/towers, wood pecker, wifi, bluetooth, 5G, etc).

      The outcomes of “paperworks” are UNPREDICTABLE due to the entire system being a MERE FICTION… a copyright work of “art” called “legal reality” that most people believe is true but is NOT in-fact true.

      Useful: The entire system is illegitimate. go Lawful. Get a Common Law ID or World Citizen ID. Get a Power of Attorney over your legal presence. Get a State and National (and maybe UN) Certificate of Authentication on the “birth certificate” and the POA. Expatriate by relinquishment applying for world citizen id (IRS Form 8843, DHS I-407, Letter to DoS). Expatriate by renouncing $2250 @ US Embassy. Know the difference between you and the state owned legal presence that seems like you but is not you. Get your world citizen ID annexed by a US Embassy. Know that most of the news and all of the legal system depends of the FICTIONAL REALITY.

      Dicey: Any method working IN and/or WITH the system. debt. notaries aren’t honored. Judges are entirely corrupt as they know the legal system makes all humans incompetent for not knowing their LEGAL FICTIONAL SCAM. The UN has replaced all courtrooms globally with “UN NATIONAL COMPETENT TRIBUNALS.” EVERYTHING LEGAL IS DICEY. IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK. The system also works to de-legitimize everything useful and legitimate. So don’t expect

      And yes, I am intending on writing more exclusive articles documenting the useful part of things. Many people want to know about the dicey things simply because they believe them to be useful. like the TDA accounts. They are DEBT. They are DICEY. Would I use them? I’m a World citizen. I can’t. I expatriated via relinquishing US FEDERAL CITIZENSHIP.

      If you are looking to me to convince you and/or others, i can’t… no one can convince anyone of anything. It is not my job to “convince” anyone of anything. I am here to share what I observe and the way I observe reality.


      1. Once a person is “awake” to institutional fraud, the problem still remains the “how-to” for paying bills, purchasing necessities of life etc. It is the most critical need for everyone at this time. This isn’t a “convince people” issue but giving people hands-on information to free themselves. Telling people they’re in a quagmire doesn’t really help them, they already know as much, but you might throw them a rope.

        I am following such movements, ACH, claiming TDA accounts, etc. and they are saying a person must file UCC documents and renounce all government benefits to claim their Treasury bond holdings, becoming private citizens and unable to discuss their activities further or even participate in public discourse, restricting their freedom in other ways, requiring they jump through hoops, complying with terms of current masters. “You are either a slave or a banker, a debtor or a creditor” (prey or predator.) These human terms are rather simplistic and reductionist, forcing people to take sides, lose their wider human dimensions for 2D commerce, i.e. a seduction or capitulation.


      2. If this sounds counter-intuitive, then ego examination would be necessary: The point in “waking up” is “doing less” and “getting more.”

        All Debts are odious, fraudulent, uncollectible, unconstitutional, extortion, and null and void.

        What definitions are you using that such fraud would need to be substantiated and paid off? Only legal presences have “credit scores.” credit scores are mere legal fictions used to control us. Credit Scores are unnecessary and totally inapplicable to human beings.



    Issuing our own private bonds is THE solution to all debt. Most of the corporations BREAK THE LAW regarding their own instruments and honor/dishonor of our instruments. Every mechanism of working with a fiction is merely a fiction and thus do NOT have ANY guarantees to work/not work. Legal Presences are legally allowed to lie about anything and everything. So you cannot believe ANYTHING that any corporation says, particularly humans that confuse themselves as legal presence corporations. If you are looking “for a guarantee”, then the solution is examining ones own duality consciousness. learn about and experience: Unity/Tri-ality.

    The “debtor v creditor” paradigm is a fiction. the Corp/orations (the talking dead, liars, attorneys) have no rhyme nor rhythm. They make everything up for their own debt/income/revenue maximization. The Public Discourse is/was entirely corrupted by terrible definitions.

    The SLAVES have been convinced to execute the LEGAL FICTIONAL NON-SENSE of their MASTERS. There is no “fighting” it. Any support of anything “legal” [fictional] gives energy to murder, pedophilia, extortion, parasitism, dishonest, dishonor, harm.

    There is only rising above all of it. I still maintain the NON-PERSON NON-CORPORATE position for Humans and World Citizens. Exiting the legal fictional system entirely seems to be the ideal solution in many ways. Exiting the Global UN Legal Paragihm is the only way to STOP the UNITED NATIONS. Otherwise, we are “relying” upon some UN Franchise. Re-LYING. The solution -given your message- is to stop “lying” to ourselves AGAIN.

    Furthermore, the experience is WHAT WE EACH MAKE OF IT. If you are approaching it from a place of lack, you won’t do anything. Basing your experience on the results of others is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of being your own experience and learning your own lessons. STOP LISTENING TO OTHERS. Stop listening to others who say it doesn’t work! TEST IT YOURSELF. YOUR RESULTS ARE BASED UPON YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!!

    EVERYONE is already ON THE ROPE. The environment is past the tipping point and we NEED the tesla technologies from the secret space program/ETs to clean things up -like Fukushima-. The Debt As Money Ponzi scheme is collapsing RIGHT NOW, as seen in the price of Dollars in bitcoin. The Economy never recovered from 2008 and is flopping again. All Banks steal over 1000% of each paycheck that EVERYONE earns. Oh, and then there are IRS taxes which apparently exactly NOTHING reaches the Federal Government Corporation. You say a method or two that bankers already use might put someone on the ropes? Everyone is already a puppet through the legal presence. Those legal presence strings attach to the brain as a LEGAL ETHERIC IMPLANT, which effectively changes ppl’s beliefs, definitions, experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

    The Federal Reserve Note is ON THE ROPE and everyone that uses it is ON THE ROPE. Normally THEY price bitcoin in dollars. However, the equation can be flipped. Fed Notes are DYING.

    simply using Federal Reserve Notes supports the WAR-MONGERING of “your” criminal corporation pretending to be a government. And the pedophilia, extortion, etc.

    All Debt is rehypothecated hundreds of times. Stop complaining here that you don’t get your copy, and Issue your own debt. Its guaranteed to have your own copy. Guaranteed to be lawful and legally perfect and required to be recognized. More often than not, the corporations broke the law in denying the recognition of legitimate private bond debt instruments.

    Rather than pay bills that are literally extortion, what are you doing to stop the extortion? Rather than paying for the extortion… change your paradigm. change your definitions. change your sense of self worth: Those “UTILITY BILLS” are DIVIDENDS. The Total Due is due not to them but to you!

    If you want a solution…. Call the utility companies and demand that they credit the dividend and don’t take no for an answer. When they say that we owe them, tell them that we use debt as money and the credit is positive. If we owed the utility company, the amount would be NEGATIVE. In accounting assets are liabilities and liabilities are assets. Banks are allowed to move items between the sides of the account willy nilly. By having the POA, our own Lawful non-legal ID, and Cert of Auth on the b-cert, we command the bank accounts. I’ve spoken to Several Energy Company People who say that “payment coupons” are credit vouchers. Their “payments receivable” people knew exactly what I was talking about.

    They told me that the method to pay Utility bills is with the bill! Sign the Bill like a check, and put it in the mail to the presentment address. If they don’t credit the account, you call them until they do. Talk to Accounts Receivable.

    If you want a solution: REALIZE THAT YOU ARE DEFINED BY STATUTE AS A PRIVATE BANKER. and that all you need to do is step into it. Realize it.

    I’m glad your here and being true. Stop complaining and projecting and do it. Test it. Stop trusting other people’s likely experiences. CREATE REALITY from YOUR OWN DEFINITIONS.

    100% of people who don’t act: Fail.


  5. people who are not on the frequency of solutions cannot see the solutions and do not act on them. What are you acting on?

    Or are you just complaining on some random guy’s blog?


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