UN Member-Nations Surrender Birth Certificates for UN Legal Presence Franchise

by: belisoful   July 8th, 2017

All UN Member-Nations appear to be licensing their “Legal presences” for their (ab)use from the United Nations.  All “legal presences” globally are singularly created, owned, and franchised by the United Nations.  The IMF “underwrites” all human rights with and as debt, such as birth certificates, marriages between UN legal presences, and educational degrees.

The UN would be considered the “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” that people are/were so afraid.  The push for One World Government since 1946 has been a gigantic Psychological Operation…  The United Nations took over in 1946.  The United Nations IS the “New” World Order.

After the “Allies” won in World War 2, they decided to have their way with the world as no force could stop them.  They decided to place the whole planet into Trust Bankruptcy Receivership and the United Nations would be the Executor.  The UN operates -as Executor- all “artificial persons” for humans that have not received executorship over their own body.  The UN treats all people as lost at sea at the statutory age of 7; all human beings are legally incompetent (until we know this phrase and become executor) and essentially infants of unsound mind.  The United Nations operates WITHOUT PREJUDICE in regards to UN Member-Nations and prior agreements/contracts; having the effect of being experienced as With Extreme Prejudice from within each UN Member-Nation.  The Social Contract is/was the primary contract that the UN enabled their UN Member-Nations to terminate.

The United Nations was the perpetuation of World War 2, iinstitutionalized and making it non-discriminatory.  The Allied Nations demonstrated that their own abuses in war could only be “stopped” if they made War Against Humanity legally mandatory for all nations.  The Head of the United Nations is/was the Secret/ary General– a military position.  General Guterres is treated as “Honorable” -as in debt obligations; even has the benefit of having his title in Camel Case

Financial obligations represent human rights as copyright debt-speech. The UN titled with a franchise all “human rights” and in doing so removes them by claiming ownership over them.

The United Nations gains such Totalitarian Fascist power by placing all Member-Nations into Bankruptcy Trust Receivership.  Joining the United Nations surrenders ALL National sovereignty.  The benefits are momentous for the Public Officials as they all have total immunity due to their operation of UN legal presences upon “citizens.”

All UN Member Nations first had to Incorporate.  Then they had to go bankrupt and implement “statutory” U.C.C. slavery-code to administrate the bankruptcy.  The United Nations then takes over management of the Statutory Bankrupt National Trust.  It is not a nation,  it is a bankruptcy by the morally bankrupt United Nations.

The United Nations taking over management of all National Trusts has changed a LOT of things.  All courtrooms globally have been converted into “UN Competent National Tribunals.  All territorial Nationals have been placed into Trusteeship by the UN for the UN Member-Nation to Administrate.  All Public Officials have official immunity from “UN Competent National Tribunals.”  Claiming to be a Human and/or have/exercise any human rights triggers the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights calling for the Corporate Legal Presence Overlay.

All Courtroom Globally Have been Replaced by UN Competent National Tribunals!   *******ALERT!*******

New York City is the Independent Sovereign City-State of the United Nations, just like Vatican City, City of London, City of Washington, and CERN-LHC.  New York City issues their own Sovereign Birth certificates OUTSIDE the United States.  New York City is NOT a part of the United States.  Donald Trump -being born in New York City- is not eligible to be US President, just the same as a Puerto Rican or a DC Citizen/resident.

All the Major banks are incorporated in New York City WITHOUT a Zip Code because the Zip Code would make them United States Corporations.  As such United Nations incorporated banks (Wells Fargo, Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan, etc) do not need to follow US Laws because they are not US organizations.  They are UN-New York City organizations.  There is no enforcement by the United States within New York City without UN permission.  Bankers incorporate their banks in the City of London, New York City, District of Columbia, Monaco, and Singapore to not be liable to “national codes.”

The City of London 3rd Crown Corporation appears to be the owners of the United Nations.  The City of London allows for INFINITE RE-HYOTHECATION.  From legal terms, this translates to “City of London Banks are allowed to sell anything multiple times over to infinity no matter how limited the supply actually is.” 

Due to the transitory legal fictional imposition of financial obligations and power of assumption that the UN has given itself, It would appear that New York City also has the ability to do Infinite Rehypothecation, as per UN and City of London permissions/authority.

The UN has the ultimate ability to say what their UN Legal presences can and cannot do; even Politician, banker, and attorney “legal presences.”  The UN can tell attorneys globally what to do and what they cannot do;   and attorneys cannot go rogue on the UN.  Attorneys are bound to not speak of the UN take-over of all Courtroom globally even with their own family.

“Bar Attorneys” singularly operate UN legal presences.  The UN Member-Nations license their legal presences from the UN in exchange for the surrender of the Birth Certificates.  The UN then permits UN Member-Nations to use and abuse the UN legal presence in perpetuation of World War 2 against humanity.

Donald Trump found out that he is subservient to the UN, not the people after he got into office.  The DONALD J. TRUMP legal presence -in office- is literally OWNED by the United Nations, particularly for being born in New York City, outside the United States.

The birth certificates being surrender to the United Nations means that the UN is/was the ultimate executor of all incompetent humans and their rights/estates.  All Legal Presences globally are “property of the UN.”  If we confuse ourselves with their legal fiction straw man, then they would on some level “own” the person as surety rather than us being the authorized representative.

The UN documentation does have some bright spots.  They say that “self-governing” entities are exempt from UN legal presence/conversion/corporate-overlay.  The documentation also states that being opposite of “limited sovereignty” are also exempt.  Human beings have Unenumerated rights.  Unenumerated means non-limited, and “rights” translates legally into “sovereignty.”  According to the UN documentation, it should be as simple as claiming to have unenumerated rights with a non-legal self-governing non-bankrupt unincorporated organization.


Claiming executorship/authorized representative over the UN Legal Fiction does seem to be important proof for UN Member-Nations that they cannot “assume” possession of the UN property.  This seems to require a Certificate of Authentication over the birth certificate for use outside the UN.

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