Freemason Whistleblower Doc Marquis: Donald Trump is a 3rd Degree Mason

According to Doc Marquis -a high level mason whistleblower-, Donald J Trump is a 3rd Degree Master Freemason. Donald Trump used his Masonry connections to build his empire cheaply at cost. Trump Towers would cost a billion dollars, yet the Masons would allow him to build Trump Towers for half the cost.

Donald Trump used his Freemason Connections to Purchase the US Presidency by loaning himself debt from nothing.

Furthermore, Donald Trump was born in New York City, not a City under the United States. There is a “corporate copy” that the United States controls, but that was from eras bygone. New York City is the Sovereign City-State of the United Nations. New York City even issues their own birth certificates outside the United States and State of New York.

The United Nations issues seems to be the global franchiser of legal presences and all UN Member-Nations license their “citizenry” from the UN in exchange for the surrender of the Birth Certificates.

As we see, DONALD J TRUMP Birth Certificate is THE CITY OF NEW YORK:

Rudolph Guliani -former governor of City of New York- stated that, “New York is the center of the world.”  The United Nations has replaced ALL US Court rooms with “Competent National Tribunals” and totally replaced the US Constitution with their UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Rudolph Guliani is also a known Freemason, of the 33rd degree.  He was instrumental in covering up the 9/11 “terrorist” scam, making Rudy Guliani complicit in crimes against humanity.

History seems to be written as staged battles between “elite.”


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