11 thoughts on “Accessing Birth Certificate-Social Security Accounts Multi-Country”

    1. The proof in the pudding that they are looking for is YOUR AUTHORITY OVER THE ACCOUNT. Here is what it is: Certificate of Authentication from state and federal level on a Birth Certificate, Power of Attorney with ALL POWERS between you -as a legal presence- and you -as a human being-, and your own LAWUFL non-legal ID outside their system.

      World Service Authority is one of the best non-legal Lawful ID out there: http://worldservice.org


  1. I am skeptical, but it seems logical. The hardest part seems to be gaining full legal control of my true self. I know who I am, but I don’t quite know how to prove it yet. Doing some tests!


    1. Here is the definitive method of becoming the Attorney-In-Fact over the legal presence “artificial person”:

      1) get a State level Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate, then a US Federal Level Certificate of Authentication.
      2) get a common law id that is OUTSIDE and entirely without the governmental legal system. BAR Attorneys do this, and is what the bar is explicitly for. I really like World Citizen ID: http://worldservice.org/ it is specifically designed to deal with UN control over all LEGAL PRESENCES.
      3) sign a State STATUTORY Power of Attorney as the legal presence/Principal, and sign as the Agent/Attorney In Fact. Each is a separate “legal personality.” It needs to be signed with a notary.

      This gives you EXECUTORSHIP over the Legal Presence Artificial person as your “truer self.”

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  2. What’s happening with HAJT and the OPPT? Is she out of jail? What is her Case status? How are payments being processed to date? I know many people have given up for reversals. Maybe you’d like to post specific steps and agencies to contact, forms to submit, etc., how a person can access their BC and SSN accounts, value or securities. US Treasury denies that they issue securities against our identifiers. Also concerning the steps you did post above, not everyone wants to identify with world government or put their national citizenship at risk, by subscribing to a supranational agency.


  3. I would also like to know how to access my accounts. But in South Africa you get a ID number with no lettering. So how can i find the bank or branch with my account if i dont have a letter in it like US social security number? Any one pls help? grove.raymond123@gmail.com


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