Overstanding Birth Certificates– Birth Certificates create Corporate Property; How to claim a Birth Certificate

One of the easiest ways for us each to claim ownership over the Birth Certificate Corporation is putting a Certificate Of Authentications (powerful Apostilles) on our own Birth Certificate.

Then, by signing a Power of Attorney (“POA”) over the Birth Certificate, we become the Attorney-In-Fact for the legal presence corporation.   Each state has a standard POA form.  The “Legal presence” Principal should give-up  as many powers as possible to the Agent.  The Agent (you) are a “non-person” of non-“limited sovereignty” in a self-governing body, such as the World Government of World Citizens.

Birth Certificates are NOT trusts/estates, but held in trust/estate due to us not claiming it.  It’s the same as if we get a coat checked and get a receipt in return; but then never return to pick it up.  Under their rules, they can use the coat we left there in any way they want.  We must pick it up.

The UN-United States are custodians of alien property and American Nationals are Alien Property -in UN-US trust- for being OUTSIDE of the City of Washington.

Confusing ourselves as “US Citizens” makes our body into “surety” for the artificial “person” legal presence.   The “US Citizen” provides an authorized signature and all rights are revoked by “en/titling” by the UN/US under perpetuation of slavery, Civil War, and World War 2.   American Nationals and US Citizens are different entities, yet both are under the corporate slavery statutory codes.

The US President, US Secretary of Treasury, and US Attorney General must be notified to terminate their presumption of trust.

Here are a few elements that can be done to leave the system:

These are all easy steps to follow.  Knowing what these forms are, do, and why must be overstood.  The steps to perform depend upon the objectives we have.  The link between our objectives and the forms depends upon our overstanding of these concepts.

Ultimately, a Legal Presence was a Franchise Corporation that represented us.  If we confuse ourselves with this corporation -in our likeness- they they feel they deserve to treat us as confused, legally incompetent, and infants lost at sea.  Their language is even couched in such concepts.  To bring someone to court, they believe our spirit must be SUMMONED from the dead.  The Vatican has placed the whole Earth Hologram into death through the 4 Papel Bulls and 3 Crowns: Unam Sanctum, Romanus Pontifex, Convocation, and Aeteri Regis.

If we are going to keep these “legal presences” around, taking possession of the corporation is a must.  This is even more important than getting an SSN and/or a Driver’s License.  It is our legal competency.

Filing a Power of Attorney over the Legal presence, and then getting a Certificate of Authentication on both the POA and Birth Certificate from the State, Nation, and UN would be necessary.  Some say that the UN level isn’t required.  It could receive Certificate of Authentications from the City of London, and Vatican City.

With these documents and Our own Identifying ID, we file it with the county we were born in (that created the Legal Presence Birth Certificate) to claim the “orphaned child.”  Get a CERTIFIED COPY of the filed instrument.  Filing a Copy of the Certified Copy with any Courtroom will disprove and undo their “Magical SENTENCES.”  Magi-strates conduct straight magic.

There are two forms of identification that could be used for the Power of Attorney:  Lawful “common Law” Id which requires 2/3 witnesses with/without notary and/or a “recognized” self governing body.  “Recognized” being a relative term of course.  The World Government of World Citizens has been around for many decades, has over a million citizens, and is a self-governing body for non-persons outside the United Nations.  It has official lawful recognition under the UNITED STATES as a non-legal entity that cannot be officially legally recognized.

It is following throw with any of these measures that makes a holographic difference not just in your own life but in the lives of everyone around you, the whole planet, and our space brothers and sisters.

With the POA, it is possible to travel without a license.  The ATTORNEY-IN-FACT cannot be held accountable for the “driver” and is merely acting for any “driver legal presence”.  However, the State is likely to not issue a Driver’s license to the Attorney-In-Fact because the “PERSON” never showed up.  So the Attorney-In-Fact cannot be confused with a legal presence given the Power of Attorney Documentation.  This said, Police are NOT lawful and abuse their powers.  Providing a POA to Police should work, but very likely won’t stop the ignorant Corporate Policy Enforces from committing their abuses under their false presumptions and color of law, and possibly then trying to cover it up -like many instances I have heard-.

In dealing with the Policy Enforcers and local County legal presence Attorn/eys, Going over their heads is usually most effective.  Dealing with local “courtroom debt cases” at their own level could work.  Calling the US Department of State Office of Legal Affairs about a county attorney unlawfully removing World Citizen nationality has a whole different effect on situations.

Essentially, without filing to take back the American Nationality from the US President, US Secretary of Treasury, and US Attorney General, then these three people have legally claimed ownership over then American National via UN Trusteeship over stateless persons.  This is why claiming to be an American National enables further abuse by these legalized criminal corporations.

Claiming Citizenship with a foreign Self-Governing Body unrelated to the legal fictional history could be critical in proving “non-person”-hood without the United Nations.

P.S. By mining Digital Currencies, we become our own central bank.


2 thoughts on “Overstanding Birth Certificates– Birth Certificates create Corporate Property; How to claim a Birth Certificate”

  1. Renouncing citizenship seems a bit extreme, becoming a “man (or woman) without a country,” or its protections. How do you establish residency afterwards? Now you are as free as a squirrel on a tree, and as vulnerable. Also not feeling warm & fuzzy with the UN. An earlier post about the OPPT says much of this procedure described above is rendered obsolete and unnecessary now. How would you have access to the trust funds US government has been holding for you if you renounce that relationship? Some people are self-informed of natural status correction before others.




    1. The Term “RESIDENCY” is a legal term of deception and adhesion into their maritime jurisdiction. The Legal presence still resides. We become the “AGENT” Attorney-In-Fact over the legal presence Principal. As the AGENT, having expatriation papers to show that we can’t be assumed as “US Citizens” helps.

      What is called dwelling on the land is often confused as re/sidency from the sea. It is similar to presence vs re/presented-representation. The World Citizen Oath and Attestation is for us to be PRESENT in THIS MOMENT OF NOW, never RE-PRESENT/ed nor RE-Present-able. Denial of nationality is a violation of basic UN human rights, of a self-governing body outside the UN of a being of non-“limited sovereignty”; meaning “unenumerated rights.”

      Expatriating is not extreme when considering that the UN was perpetuating World War 2 and the US was perpetuating the civil war. Becoming a World Citizen is gaining lawful identity within the Agent Status. American Nationals are technically still under trusteeship as people on the land without governments, stateless. Thus, even if we partition ourselves outside their system, the non-“limited sovereignty” status apparently isn’t enough… it must be organized… which naturally expatriates the human being from the UN system of bankruptcy debt slavery.

      Relinquishing and renouncing are different processes. Relinquishing is for Human Beings, Renouncing is for Legal Presences. I recommend becoming a member/citizen of a juristic society to gain “self-governing” status without the UN. The World Government of World Citizens is global and been around for quite a while. It is designed exactly for this purpose.

      Being free could mean many things:
      1) not being associated with the UN Legal presence -which has been extremely difficult to do because of they power of assumption that the UN has over all UN legal presences, and the authority they give their UN Member Nations.
      2) Take possession of the Legal presence to use it and shut it down.
      3) expatriation via relinquishment and/or renouncing
      666) confuse oneself with the artificial person and believe they are free despite being a debt slave to the UN-IMF.
      Did you know that the UN phone number is 212-963-1234 which when the middle numbers are equalized comes out to NEW YORK 666 access the devil as Easy as 1234. I have called them several times to find out wtf is going on.

      It is up to the goals and beliefs that one acts on these various things. I have done these things and many many many more processes. I expressed my freedom of speech and found the governmental services corporations to be severely lacking. The Scope of the “legal presence problem” is vast. All universities issued “birth certificate like” negotiable instruments for each of their students and underwrote them. All Colleges and Universities are PRE-PAID! The Student ID Number comes directly from the BOND INSTRUMENT that represents them and their DEGREE. All Degrees are literally Pre-paid Debts.

      It is true that these processes are moot. Let me put it like this, these processes SHOULD be moot. I celebrate the day they are. I hope to god they are moot yesterday. I share them should they be useful to anyone in making the leap to their mootness.


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