PayPal Screws all Customers– Double Charges All Transactions

All transactions in the entire FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM are literally DOUBLE PAID through the Social security-Birth Certificate account.

All Bills across the board are TRIPLE paid.   Utility Companies insist that if they don’t get a “customer payment” then the account is turned off…  but the Customer payment is literally EXTORTION for a third payment.

Every “Person” is their own “private” central bank.  That’s how they access and create our accounts.

3 thoughts on “PayPal Screws all Customers– Double Charges All Transactions”

    1. according to my due diligence, the entire Federal Banking System is corrupt as… well. There is no comparison.

      ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE NEW MONEY. Let me say that again… In the Federal Reserve System, every transaction is NEW MONEY. PayPal is so big BECAUSE they knowingly re-hypothecate EACH TRANSACTION. The debt all goes into their shadow books.


    2. Precisely. PayPal is extremely corrupt and there are entire websites devoted to that subject alone, where innocent people had their accounts frozen for no discernible reason. But many of the assumptions in the video are wildly inaccurate. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Federal Reserve or “double paying.” The bottom line is very simple:

      When you send money through PayPal it goes into a holding account until someone claims it. While the money is sitting there PayPal is collecting interest and that’s how they profit from the free service. For this reason they will constantly freeze some percentage of all customer accounts on a rotating basis (like a “security hold” or “fraud investigation”) to keep the money from being withdrawn. In addition, they sometimes delay withdrawals on accounts which are not frozen, and also delay the posting of deposits which they already received, to squeeze as much profit out of you as possible.

      Since PayPal is not chartered as a bank, they are not subject to the few banking regulations which actually protect the customer. When you give money to PayPal you are agreeing to their terms — which basically say they can do whatever they want with your money and you have no recourse. So PayPal will use any excuse to freeze your account because they profit from it, and that’s what they did to Wikileaks. But they typically dont steal the money, they just sit on it for a while until they run out of excuses, and will eventually give it back.

      There are also many scammers who take advantage of eBay/PayPal and it looks like the author of this video might be a victim: if you sent someone cash in the mail for something you bought at auction, that is your problem not PayPal’s. In any case it would be more productive for him to compare the alternatives to PayPal, instead of just whining and making stuff up.


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