Harvey Dent’s Youtube Channel Taken Down: Legal Presence and Debt as Money Franchise Licensed from UN/IMF/BIS

Harvey Dent’s youtube channel has been shut down.  It was apparently too much truth for the bankers to handle.  People are mirroring Harvey Dent’s Videos, such as above.  Many others are vlogging as well.  This blog has an Info Graphic and deeper information into what the Federal Reserve was doing.

These numbers can be plugged into the any e-check payment system and then used to pay any bill.

The Intellectual Freedom Movement website is nearing completion (if not already available).  Motuuuuuuu   Propriooooooooo!

The key in (legal/fictional) commerce has been keeping our real human identity separate from the inhumane “legal fictional presence” corporation identity.  Knowing the difference is fundamental to walking upon these paths.  Without the distinction, attorneys make humans into “wards of the UN Court” as “infants of unsound mind”.

There have been several methods identified to keep us separate.  One of the interesting methods that Harvey Dent suggests is getting a Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate and doing a Power of Attorney over it; between the legal presence and yourself as human.  Becoming the Attorney-In-Fact over the legal fictional presence corporation insurance franchise is/was the key to being “legally competent.”  Knowing the phrase “I am competent to handle my affairs” is most critical in handling all legal fictitious attorneys.

The greatest issue is who creates these legal presences…

This Wednesday, May 2, 2012 photo shows a copy of the New York Times published on May 8, 1945, at the home of Julia Kennedy Cochran, daughter of former AP Paris bureau chief Ed Kennedy, in Bend, Ore. Kennedy was dismissed by The AP after he became the first journalist to file a firsthand account of German officials surrendering unconditionally to Allied commanders at a former schoolhouse in Reims, France. Sixty-seven years later, AP President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Curley said that Kennedy was right to stand up to the censors, and should have been commended, not fired. Cochran said she was “overjoyed,” that the AP had taken an interest in exonerating him. “I think it would have meant a lot to him,” she said. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

After World War 2, the GERMANY and JAPAN surrendered to the UNITED NATIONS “before” it was formed– forming it.  They were the founding members of the United Nations.  Every UN Member-Nation has had to surrender their country to the UN to become members.  More so, before the Nation surrenders, they must declare bankruptcy and be operating in receivership.  UN Member-Nations are NOT nations nor are they sovereign.  It is ultimately a surrender to the Vatican City, White/Black Pope.

Every UN Member Nations LICENSES their “governmental functions” from the United Nations.  In practice, each UN Member-Nation surrenders the Birth Certificate for use of the “UN LEGAL PRESENCE FRANCHISE” by license.  The UN Member-Nation Governmental Services Corporations then has complete and total immunity in operating the “legal presence” upon and against “citizen legal presences” by consent, ignorance, and contract.  The dominion is extended further over human “nationals” by de facto status as stateless and packed into a “national trust” operated by the UNITED NATIONS.  The Nation must exist for there to be a National.

Attorney say “ignorance of the law is no excuse”–  This is a LEGAL MAGIC SPELL-ING that allows them to cast to meaning: “Your ignorance is our excuse to abuse you through your UN Legal Presence with near total immunity.”

Each UN Member Nation franchises is “debt-as-money” ponzi scheme from the UN’s IMF, UN’s World Bank, and Jesuit/Vatican Controlled Bank for International Settlements.  Switzerland’s Republics and Cantons have shields filled with the Jesuit IHS Sun-Star Logo.  Franchising is why the monetary system’s cannot be changed nor fixed.  UN Member-Nation’s don’t have any options.  The only choice is what division of the corporation pretending to be government sub-structure runs the debt as money ponzi scheme, which is ultimately not a real choice.

The UN is the League of Nations operating the trust/receivership.  The UN has “remote” offices in the PALACE OF NATIONS left over from the League of Nations.  So, while the League of Nations is dissolved, it’s receivership authority was transferred and renamed into the UNITED NATIONS.

UN Secretary General AntónioGuterres

The UNITED NATIONS has been perpetuating World War 2 under the guise of underwriting financial “security” for “peace.”  The Earth Supreme Leader of all “legal presences” is the SECRET/ARY GENERAL ANTÓNIO GUTERRES.  General is a Military position.  Surrender to become a UN Member Nation is a term of war.  If world peace under the United Nations requires total and unconditional surrender, then the UN would still be waging war.

Through the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN has made it so that all human rights are franchised (by debt) through the UN…  for world peace.  Claiming to be human and/or exercise human rights automatically triggers the legal presence Corporate OVERLAY.

Where the Second 13th Amendment to the Second Incorporated Constitution abolished slavery by making it consensual and non-discriminatory as “FEDERAL CITIZENS”, The United Nations UDHR abolishes world war by making it non-discriminatory and nearly mandatory as “LEGAL PRESENCES.”

The UN is/was the single licenser of “legal presence” franchises globally.

The UN has replaced all courtrooms in all UN Member-Nations with “UN NATIONAL COMPETENT TRIBUNALS.”  There are no National/State legal courts anywhere on the planet.  The UN National Competent Tribunals pay absolutely NO heed to the “country” they are in nor the documents issued by the incorporated bankrupt statutory corporation pretending to be governments.

NEW YORK CITY is considered a SOVEREIGN CITY-STATE just like Vatican City, City of London, City of Washington, and CERN.  NEW YORK CITY is the City-State of the UNITED NATIONS.  Just as “residents” in DC cannot vote nor be President of the “UNITED STATES INC,” Residents born in New York City are also not US state Citizens eligible for President’s Office.  Donald Trump was born in New York City as is not eligible to be President of the United States.  Furthermore, Donald Trump literally loaned himself millions of dollars from NOTHING to buy the President’s Office.  Most of the candidates have bankers loan them DEBT for nothing to buy their offices.  Presidents and Prime Ministers are merely CEOs.  Cabinets, Houses, Congresses, etc are Boards of Directors for the Bankruptcy.

These UN Member-Nations are corporation, by corporations, for corporations.  Corp(se)-Oration.  The UN franchises the walking talking dead -via Trust law under POWER OF ASSUMPTION-.  Orating Corpses are what (governmental, etc) corporations have become.  All States and Nations were and still have UNINCORPORATED bodies.  Are you standing in a Self-Governing body as a human with unenumerated rights? (unenumerated rights translates into non-“limited sovereignty”).

It is not surprising that the UN – IMF – Federal Reserve Franchises didn’t like Harvey Dent’s YouTube Channel.  The unlawful Federal Reserve Franchise issued/underwrote “warnings” (copyright speech) that may have even been referring to the Info Graphics supplied by this website.

6 thoughts on “Harvey Dent’s Youtube Channel Taken Down: Legal Presence and Debt as Money Franchise Licensed from UN/IMF/BIS”

  1. Good. Morning Harvey Dents. Im. Marilyn. Wood. Will. You please. Sir. Send. Me. G. Is. On. The. back. Of my. Social. Security. Card. Harvey. I’m can’t. See. the. number. for G. On. the. web site. information. that. you. are. showing. On. the. web. site.Harvey dents my. E. Mail. 657@gmil. com


  2. Try to process a payment from Amazon would not lrt. Call Telecheck verify the bank account the reservce bank would not verify the bank. I tru with paypal thry work with the government so whst the next step. I merd a wavied call bonds to release t h e fund. What code i need to use it.
    Ruby Williams


    1. These accounts are verified too exist. I’ve also verified them.

      Send the bank your Power of Attorney and demand that they give you access. When they don’t file a NOTICE OF CLAIM against the bank with the US Attorney General under Title 50a (c) & (e)


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