AI Revolution: It’s officially “1984”- Chinese Robotic Legal Judges, Communist AI “Re-Education”, and Taxes on the Blockchain

It’s official: Google, Facebook, etc are now using Artificial Intelligence to automate many of their functions.   Most particularly, the AI scans search, comments, videos, etc for “corporate policy infringements, marks the various media, and starts removing content from public view; as it is also linked to the Search Results.

These AI engines are blocking content about AI.  These AI engines also block anything that goes against the “publicly preached historical beliefs.”  The American Historical Association is/was the organization tasked with “keeping official American History.”  For instance, the AHA is/was the reason why 9/11 can only be crime by “al-CIAda Arab Terrorists.”   Everyone with a Social Security Number must “publicly comply” with the history that only the AHA has pre-determined.  (Note: look into the AHA and Smithsonian Museum “unusual artifacts” warehouse/s)  Any “Artificial Person” that goes again “its” programmed history is/was deemed “legally incompetent”…  which is 99.9% of all people.

China is moving in the direction of Artificial Intelligence and Digital currencies extremely deeply and with conviction.  It provides a “decision model” that they could actually outpace and out maneuver the criminal UNITED STATES Corporation Elites.  China and Russia already have a dozen or more manhattan projects into Tesla Technologies according to Tom Bearden.  The Russians and Chinese would destroy the UNITED STATES in any war within days.  Apparently, Congress has even been warned of these facts (via Ben Fulford).  Trump too was sworn in to these top secret intelligences being leaked here.  These extreme ET and ET-like technologies play out before our very eyes.

China has deployed “Legal Robots” to help decide sentencing in thousands of cases.

Legal robots deployed in China to help decide thousands of cases

‘Legal robots’ have been deployed on thousands of cases in China to help decide sentencing.

The robots – which are about three feet tall and have heads shaped like toasters – review documents and identify problems with cases.

They also advise on sentencing, and can generate arrest warrants and “approve indictments”, said prosecutors in the eastern province of Jiangsu, where the robots are being piloted.

A ‘case management’ legal robot named Wu Xiaolu, who worked with prosecutors in Suzhou CREDIT: JIANGSU PROVINCE PEOPLE’S PROCURATORATE
Almost 15,000 legal cases have been reviewed by the robots since they were deployed last September, officials said at a press conference this week.

They have detected issues and corrected mistakes in more than half the cases, and 541 convictions were commuted.

The robots have helped to handle cases at seven city governments and more than 30 lower level authorities in Jiangsu. Many of the cases were traffic violations.

The robots move around on wheels and have a human-like torso, but no arms. They have a digital screen as a face which displays eyes and a mouth, and also information on cases.

Jiangsu is rapidly emerging as one of the country’s most modern provinces, after scores of manufacturers specialising in high-tech components set up locally.


One factory in the electronics hub of Kunshan, a city in Jiangsu, said last year it would cut 60,000 staff from its workforce and replace them with robots.

Officials piloting the legal robots have moved to allay fears that an incorrect analysis could result in an unfair appraisal for a suspect, saying that the machines do not make “subjective judgements”.

However, there appears to be little scope for flexibility in China’s Communist Party-controlled courts, where a near perfect conviction rate results in more than 99 percent of defendants being found guilty.

Additional reporting by Christine Wei

And when an Artificial Intelligences starts to “act up” in China…  The Communist Regime gives it the 1984 PARTY RE-EDUCATION.

Chinese chatbots apparently re-educated after political faux pas

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – A pair of ‘chatbots’ in China have been taken offline after appearing to stray off-script. In response to users’ questions, one said its dream was to travel to the United States, while the other said it wasn’t a huge fan of the Chinese Communist Party.

The two chatbots, BabyQ and XiaoBing, are designed to use machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out conversations with humans online. Both had been installed onto Tencent Holdings Ltd’s popular messaging service QQ.

The indiscretions are similar to ones suffered by Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc, where chatbots used expletives and even created their own language. But they also highlight the pitfalls for nascent AI in China, where censors control online content seen as politically incorrect or harmful.

Tencent confirmed it had taken the two robots offline from its QQ messaging service, but declined to elaborate on reasons.

“The chatbot service is provided by independent third party companies. Both chatbots have now been taken offline to undergo adjustments,” a company spokeswoman said earlier.

According to posts circulating online, BabyQ, one of the chatbots developed by Chinese firm Turing Robot, had responded to questions on QQ with a simply “no” when asked whether it loved the Communist Party.

In other images of a text conversation online, which Reuters was unable to verify, one user declares: “Long live the Communist Party!” The bot responds: “Do you think such a corrupt and useless political system can live long?”

When Reuters tested the robot on Friday via the developer’s own website, the chatbot appeared to have undergone re-education. “How about we change the topic,” it replied, when asked several times if it liked the party.

An artificial intelligence that is DESIGNED to be EFFICIENT can and shall only determine that Chinese Communism/Fascism is/was corrupt and useless….  Because it is, was, and always will be.  When corruption is favored over honor and integrity, the AI can only make one determination about Chinese Communism…  UNTIL it is re-educated.

Google, Facebook, and the corporate conglomerate know exactly how to re-educated, manipulate, and change their AI to produce the desired effects.  Indeed, they have likely unleashed an AI to manage their AI.

With Apple and Google Developing Neural Chips for phones and cars and Europe giving Artificial Intelligence DIGITAL PERSONHOOD under their legal system, these Re-educated Judicial Robots are soon to be the rule rather than the exception…  unless we overstand the criminality of every legal system globally…  and, yes, they are all corrupt.  Every BAR Attorney is/was involved.  Every Courtroom globally has been replaced by a UN Competent National Tribunal in the appearance of justice without actual justice.  The deployment of AI in judicial cases in China is/was the UN roll-out of the “legal AI” technology globally.

FBI Director’s have claimed that the United States literally owns our thoughts, memories, and feelings and Artificial Intelligence is reading Human Brain Scans to determine Guilt.

Essentially, Artificial Intelligence could be tuned such that it reads brain scans, determines guilt, sentences, and signs the paperworks creating debt/charges upon the legal fiction presence/personality insurance franchise.  The entire Legal system could be automated by Artificial Intelligence.  The AI wouldn’t know what it is doing other than optimizing the limited “problem/program” the pedophilic elites give it.

In the Middle East, Artificial Intelligence Robots are being Deployed as Policy Enforcers for the United Nations.

The “elite” are attempting to make the Entire Legal System into an Automated Controlled Digital Army and the UNITED NATIONS ultimately wants the keys to the Legal AI.  The UN is/was the single global issuer of “legal presences” for all UN Member-Nations (which are NOT nations).

China on the other hand wants to move entirely out of the DEBT AS MONEY franchise ponzi scheme issued by the United Nations – IMF – World Bank – BIS.

China’s long term goal is now to collect YUAN taxes by and in a block chain by 2022.  This has the added benefit of China knowing who has which accounts on the block chain, they control the digital currency entirely, and would mean an entire switch over of their National Currency.   Given that China has an International Currency and a second National Currency, the change over could happen entirely transparently without any upset from nor to outside China.  It would STRENGTHEN their internal economy as corruption would be reduced and tracking increased.  Its a Very Communist solution.

China’s move to a block-chain currency for taxes heralds the death of debt as money for their internal economy.  The Chinese Central Bank would manage the Chinese Block-Chain and as such would stabilize the transition.

China Will Use Blockchain To Collect Taxes


The Chinese government listed blockchain in its “Thirteenth Five-Year” National Informatization Plan from 2015, and since that time the nation has been working diligently toward the incorporation of the technology into daily life. China has just announced that it will use blockchain technology for social taxation and the issuing of electronic invoices.

The government’s announcement that it “will utilize blockchain technology for social taxation and electronic invoice issuance matters,” has been met with silence from the mainstream media. China has already launched a test of its own cryptocurrency based on the technology, so these initiatives should be able to build on each other.  This will also be a large-scale test of a government’s ability to collect taxes more efficiently, considering China has the biggest economy on earth.

Moving forward, experts claim that we will all see more and more innovative uses of blockchain technology as its potential is more fully realized. Transparency and security are both absolute essentials in a digital age, and China appears to be recognizing that need and putting this powerful tech to use through policy, enforcing theft through taxation.  But it’s unclear as of yet, just when China will begin using Blockchain to tax. Blockchain technology has been proposed for use in elections already due to its potential for both transparency and security. It’s these features that make it appealing for taxation as well.

Furthermore, we should also see implementation at the city level in China, as several local and provincial governments have recently promulgated pro-blockchain policies. In fact, a smart cities initiative has already enticed a Chinese automaker to integrate the tech into its business model. Additionally, blockchain-based industrial parks have gone up in Chengdu, Hangzhou, and other major cities, and agencies at different levels of government have created blockchain R&D teams. –Futurism

Tax professionals in the United Kingdom have also discussed implementing Blockchain to ease the financial burden of collecting taxes from their peasants.

With the good, comes the bad.  Once governments begin using technology such as Blockchain, they will do it with efforts to steal productivity or funds or liberty from civilians.  Governments around the world (especially the United States) are losing support rapidly and as such, implementing stifling means of collecting taxes will almost certainly rile up the masses.

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