Health Ranger BitCoin Questions Answered

The Health Ranger Mike Adams and Natural

Recently the Health Ranger Mike Adams  publicly issued questions for the community to answer.  Here are the answers from an actual computer techie who works with digital assets on a daily basis.

Question #1) Apple produces iPhones. Amazon produces fulfillment services for millions of products. What does Bitcoin produce?

Digital Assets produce a functioning alternative to UNLIMITED RE-HYPOTHECATION of DEBT; that is called “The Federal Reserve” and “Debt as Money Ponzi scheme.”  The value is in its processes, and the ability to be TRUSTLESS.

Question #2) Bitcoin’s “value” has increased by 350% in the last 12 months. What has Bitcoin introduced in that time period that would justify a 350% increase in its value?

Several Things:

There is a continued ramping up of computational power in the digital asset spaces and the VALUE of the coin is based upon the Marginal Utility and Computational difficulty of the next Block.  Many coins reduce their payout for finding new blocks over time, essentially increasing the “difficulty” that much more.  As People realize that the BANKSTERS have loaned the world 2.6 septendecillion dollars, having something that is limited in supply would be essential.  The “Value” of the 2.6 septendecillion dollars has not been fully realized in the global economies.  If 2.6 trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars entered the “economies,” the resulting financial hyperinflation would destroy all economic output.  Digital Assets provide a functional alternative to the constructed “banking crisis” that banksters are perpetually creating.

As more banking financial crises come to a head, the value is transferred into digital assets and digital money.  It is simply a market.  And the market sees a 350% value increase in “assets” that cannot be robbed by illegitimate de facto governments.

Trying to frame such value transfer in a negative light seems more like psychological dissonance than anything else.

Question #3) Bitcoin is being promoted as a “store of value,” yet it frequently will correct by 30% – 50% in under 48 hours. What is YOUR definition of a “store of value” and how does Bitcoin fulfill your definition?

My definition of “store of value” is “a product that other people want long-term.”  You can own the Mona Lisa and all the art in the world, but if no one wants to buy it, how is it a store of value?  Bitcoin has gone from $1 to $5000.  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve Note has gone from 1.13 on the UDX to under 0.93, and the purchase power of the Dollar has gone from $1 in 1913 to $0.01 in 100 years.  Which do you believe to be a “better store of value”?  Every year “the dollar” deflates its value by 2-4%, on average.  The value deflation is called “inflation.”  Given that 2.6 trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars have yet to be valued in the economy, why would debt be a better option?

Question #4) If you are holding Bitcoin in the hopes of selling it at a higher price, how will you know when to sell it?

Sell when it is a higher price.  Haven’t you every bought and sold a stock, bond, and/or option?  Technically, according to Grishams Law, Digital Assets are far more legitimate than debt and so DEBT is going to be USED FIRST because it is losing its value more quickly than Digital Assets.  So, Most digital Asset people know to simply MINE/BUY and HOLD.  There is a functioning digital money system.  In my own trade, I only accept gold, silver, digital assets, and other things of actual value.

Really, the whole point for digital currencies to replace debt fiat currencies such that there is no “selling” except as actual currency.  As a currency, one wouldn’t be “selling” it.  Indeed, it is “sold” when something else becomes more valuable than the currency.  It’s exactly the same way Federal Reserve Notes are “sold” when we buy something from the grocery store.

Question #5) What does Bitcoin offer to secure its dominant market position that no other crypto-currency offers?

Bitcoin was the first.  It doesn’t provide anything other than that.  It’s first generation technology seems antiquated now.  Other digital assets are more like currencies, some more like assets.  Bitcoin is like gold.  It is an asset.  Monero is more like a currency.  Monero actually provides true anonymous untraceable transactions.  Business MUST HAVE ANONYMOUS TRANSACTIONS for a digital currency to be suitable for real trade.  Too many “trade secrets” are out if others business KNOW how much digital currency any particular company is spending and on what resources.

Question #6) What is the profile of the typical “new buyer” to Bitcoin today vs. five years ago?

Hopefully, the commoner.   The mainstream people are getting into it because DEBT AS MONEY is dying- literally and actually!

To mine your own digital currencies and assets, check out MinerGate.  They provide the pool, the mining software, and a mini-ecosystem.

Question #7) How will you sell Bitcoin if the power grid goes down?

Don’t put all the eggs in a digital basket.  Diversify.  It is clear that “grid down” situations are to be avoided given the continuing “quickening” of human consciousness.

We graciously request that the Health Ranger have a harder line with debt rather than digital assets as “money.”  Otherwise….

Keep up the great work Mike!  The Health Rangers focus on health, frequencies, nutrition, and other health related topics is impeccable!


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