Currency Solutions: The Zero Note – The 5th Pillar

by belisoful – India has a “worthless” Zero Rupees Bank Note that is used to conduct commerce with corrupt public servants and corporate employees.  It is specifically designed to manage bribery and corruption; as bribery and corruption is/was a leading issue in third world countries like India, Inc.  The founder of The 5th Pillar Zero Rupees Note has expanded into creating a Zero Currency Note for nearly every country.

Use this Zero Dollars Federal Reserve Note in instances of corruption and bribery in the UNITED STATES, INC.  Click here for more information.

Here is how it works:

We print these Zero Currency Notes and then hand them to the corrupt banker, politician, public servant, official, etc.  These Notes are a grounded physical thing in hand that everyone can immediately act upon and with.

Nearly every US Politician is corrupt and takes CORPORATE BRIBES in the form of corporate campaign donations and post-official positions in corporations.  The Election and Campaigning processes appear to be completely controlled by AIPAC (Pro-Israel Lobby) as per Cynthia McKinney.

Every Bank in the United States, INCORPORATED is corrupt for dealing with Federal Reserve Notes of Debt rather than real lawful money (gold, silver, real value) and deserve to have these notes “deposited” with the banksters.  Every mortgage they issue is fraud.

Debt is merely “legal tender” and is a mockery of lawful money.  Debt is the “corporate monopoly money” that is only usable in their “company stores” like Walmart, McDonalds, Whole Foods, Amazon,com, Google, etc.

Debt is also COPYRIGHT ARTWORK and the only TRUE recognized SPEECH in the “legal fictional system of maljustice.”  Every Courtroom globally essentially deserves these zero currency notes…  the United Nations has literally and actually replaced every courtroom globally with their UNITED NATIONS Competent National Tribunals.  The UN outlawed “justice” so that only the UN had the “entitled human rights” to create “justice.”  And yet the UN was created out of World War 2, in perpetuation of World War 2, where all humanity is/was the “Axis Power.”  oh, and your silence on humanities enslavement has been turned int consent, disagreement has been turned into consent.

The only way to NOT consent to the UN corruption of governments globally is to realize our non-“limited sovereignty” and be a part of a Self-Governing Body.  The BAR Attorneys have done exactly that.  They operate a self-governing body foreign to the governmental corporations/national-trusts they administrate.  Attorneys document the reason why it is important to join a self-governing body, such as the World Government of World Citizens.

BARACK H OBAMA is an honorary member of the World Government of World Citizens.



Every Public Official in every Governmental Services Corporation essentially deserves a Zero Currency Note for operating the corrupt UN Legal Fictional Slavery System.  Ignorance is no excuse, they say, but exempt themselves from all sayings and legalisms.  Bribery doesn’t stop because the legal statutory corporate codes only apply to “CITIZENS” and not “governmental Corporate Employees.”

Governmental Corporation Employees/Public Offices/Public Servants are not “PERSONS” and thus have less responsibilities and restrictions.  Governmental Employees have their own separate statutory CODES to follow.  Their PERSON CORPORATEHOOD is wiped away when being an employee of the governmental corporation.  Indeed, Corporate LEGAL PRESENCES are getting their own separate courts now:

All Corporate POLICy Enforces are legally allowed to lie just as attorneys are allowed to lie as everything they say qualifies as “investigative” as merely a “legal fiction.”

Producing a Zero Currency Note for any Corporate Policy Enforcement would be appropriate.

Anyone may print these Zero Currency Notes.  As it qualifies as OUR protected copyright speech, it is perfectly lawful and legal to print these notes and issue them upon corruption and bribery demands – which is all speech by every governmental corporation employee.

The Zero Currency Notes are printable and usable with nearly every UN Country this very moment.  Have you experienced a corrupt government and/or bankster?

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