LEAK: US Marine Corp. Camp Pendleton 2012 Nuclear Accident– Far Far Worse than Officially Reported

It has come to this reporter’s attention that in January 2012 there was a SEVERE Nuclear accident-leak at the US Marine Corp. Camp Pendleton San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station that lasted 6-9 months.  The Nuclear leak was one of the worse on American Soil– and to this day, covered up.  It may be affecting up to 8 million Americans.  The official “report” states that the leak was within “statutory legal [fictional] limits” and won’t affect human health; however the on-going human radiation illnesses from the leak tell a different story.

The victims of this nuclear accident have the typical array of nuclear radiation related illnesses.  They have been denied care and treatments, medical records may have been “classified” as top secret and rendered inaccessible, doctors for victims have been silenced, and some people are even murdered -if not directly, then indirectly from the effects of radiation.  Many of those working with the defective tubes have been affected.

This story has spares details, but provides an open reference point for those affected by the Camp Pendleton 2012 Nuclear Accident.

The liability of such an accident was what the governmental services corporation attempted to cover up.

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