NiftyHash: An Apple Mac Mining GUI client for Mr. NiceHash

by belisoful – In lak’ech ala K’in.

The first  beta release of a NiftyHash 1.0b3 is now available for download.  This is the first Mr. NiceHash specific client for the Apple Mac.  It supports all the typical functionality and adds a few new elements for usability.  This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for command line mining software.  This makes it easy to use your computer to mine.

Download the NiftyHash client: (17.1MiB)


  1. Download the client v1.0b3.
  2. Run the Benchmarks to analyze performance.
  3. Enter your Bitcoin address.  If you don’t have one, sign up with for a Nice Hash Wallet.
  4. Turn “on” the Miners to start mining.


The Statistics Screen is where the latest Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Local Crypto prices are displayed.  The Ping time to each NiceHash location is also displayed.  By clicking each dot, the ping time can be retested.  The graph displays the Hash Rate and the Earnings with various time scales, ranging from 3 minutes to 1 day.

The NiceHash screen is where the location, Bitcoin Address, Worker name, and minimum profit are entered.  This screen is for turning on and off the mining devices of your computer.  By supporting development, more devices shall be added.  By holding the Option Key down, Bitcoin Addresses can be deleted from the list.

Benchmarking is very important.  It enables performance optimization and maximization of profit.  This runs through each available hashing algorithm and tests the performance on your device(s).

The Preference Screen has many options.

Autostart Miners remembers the status of your miner configuration and automatically starts mining.

Hide Mining Window in Background hides the NiftyHash window when in the background to recover greater screen space.

User Activity CPU Throttle automatically throttles the Mining while you use the computer.  This option slows or stops mining while you are using your computer.  Full Throttle is activated when the computer is idling.

Block System Sleep tells your computer not to sleep while it is busy mining with Nice Hash.

Enable Sleep on Battery allows your laptop to sleep while on the battery.

Disable Mining on Battery halts the mining while a laptop is on the battery to not eat through its battery.

Sleep Display on Screen Saver  is a convenience option that allows computers to route the power for the screen to the CPU for mining.

Disable CPU is a hard setting to disable CPU Mining.

Local Currency is for the conversion of the crypto-currency into various world currencies.

Local Crypto is for viewing the earnings rates and balances in other crypto-currencies besides Bitcoin.


NiftyHash is the Mac Client for Mr. NiceHash.  NiftyHash can be downloaded at this link: Mac NiftyHash 1.0b3


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