The New American Civil War (2018-?)

It has begun.  The New American Civil War.  It has been brewing since 1871, when America became a new corporation foreign to the States.

America is being torn apart by all sides, ripping at the seems, and glossed over by the corporate media.

Right vs Left, Black vs White, Men vs Women, Christianity vs Islam, Rich vs Poor, Immigrants vs Citizens.  These are all narratives designed by the Deep State/Cabal to divide us, and keep us distracted from the parasites.

The Deep State/Cabal has been controlling humanity (in varying degrees and ways) for millennia.  This is not a new phenomenon that started with Clinton, Bush, Obama, and/or Trump.  This started long ago.  It must be recognized that the President is actually the CEO of the Corporation called United States, Incorporated.  It renders governmental-like services, but is not actually a government.

What people want (rights, freedom, pursuit of happiness, capitalism, etc) is not the business model of the monopoly Corporation posing as governments.  Their business model is to ENFRANCHISE (read: create debt to represent) benefits for corporate simulacrum called legal presences.  These benefits are legally labelled “rights” but are not actually rights. There are no such thing as “civil rights” as they are merely indicating what the legal presences are capable of doing within their corporate business (like, monopoly game).

To recognize LGBTQ “rights” (benefits) is simply to create a new board game rule that allows certain business practices to be performed between two “artificial person” corporations called legal presences.  Marriage is a business for governmental corporations;  It weds not just the two “gendered” artificial persons, but it weds them to the state itself as another self-interested party.  Children are the product (for sale) of the MAN-ufacturing business of marriage created in the womb/crucible.

The divisions being propagandized (by the few who control all US media) is designed to sew fear…  designed like a magic trick to draw our attention away from the actual issues.

The Government -being a de facto United Nations Franchise- itself is the problem.  The United Nations gives all “governmental corporate employees” complete immunity in enslaving humanity by rendering slavery as a “corporate business service” of “governments.”

The United Nations has taken over all courtrooms globally and replaced them with “UN Competent National Tribunals.”  There is no constitution in the courtroom because it has been replaced by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights… the highest “legal human/fictional/monster law” document.

In 1947, the United Nations took over all national citizenships/nationalities globally and replaced them with “United Nations National.”  UN Global citizenship was created, implemented, and has since dominated.  A United States Citizen is merely a specialized version of a UN National.

Anyone that disagrees with the New World Order, is implicitly and explicitly agreeing with the current enslavement of humanity by a One World Global Government through their own citizenship participation.  The Police are given preferred treatment in their UN Competent National Tribunals, and the balance of injustice is too obvious to ignore.

The Police enforcing wholly unlawful “legal code” posing as “law” is a part of the problem.  Order Followers are the Cult of Ultimate Evil.  So is the One World Government as the head of all order followers: The United Nations.

The United Nations is the source of the Authority for Attorneys.  Here is a Prosecutor for Washtenaw County, Michigan claiming that his masters are the United Nations.  (* audio clip with disturbing consequences). The UN has usufruct the entire planet Earth and everything on it, particularly all human beings.

There are solutions, however…  it seems that UN Administrators (called “legal fictional judges”) believe they can simply ignore and violate the rule of law for their own profit at the expense of actual basic human rights.  It seems that attorneys falsely assume that only they have a handle on “what a legal presence” actually is.  I have witnessed judges commit violations of the rule of law to cover up crimes of the State.  The flagrant violations of the rule of law by UN Administrators (acting with unlawful impunity) has festered too long.

The actions of corrupt attorneys, corrupt police, corrupt judges, corrupt administrators, and corrupt politicians across America is causing pain, suffering, and seething within the population.

That nothing is being done to address the corruption within the United States Corporation (posing as a government) is causing enough anger, that people are now willing to take actions into their own hands.

The New American Civil War is upon us.  We need to direct our action toward the problem (corrupt/ignorant government officials) which is, unfortunately, at least 90% of the government work force.  “JUST EXECUTING ORDERS” is not an excuse for war crimes, human rights violations, propaganda, and racketeering against the population and ultimately enslavement.

The Media is not covering the New American Civil War.  They refuse to address the problem but attempt to frame our upset with the globalist legal fraud as the “issue” which is wrong with the people.  The corporatist media thrives on the debt-as-money Ponzi scheme.  It is our non-compliance with corruption that is framed as the problem by the corrupt corporate-owned government-influenced media.  The attorneys within the News Media would stop all stories exposing the truth about the unlawful nature of the fictitious legal system (and its presumptions) that they themselves participate and promulgate.

Baltimore, Ferguson, and St. Louis recent riots will only be the tip of the iceberg if the rule of law is not restored within America.  Attorneys do not abide by the rule of law..  they have licenses to violate the rule of law and insurance/bonds to enable them to go through with violating the rule of law.  Locking up children in cages is exactly what the Nazi’s did.  Dropping thousands of bombs a day without any authorized act of war.  The United States refuses to allow World Citizen to leave the United States Corporation, just as the Nazi’s didn’t allow the Jews to leave.

The United States has persecuted many people under the guise of a mere legal fiction.  The United States create crimes where none exist (which itself is a crime by “US” policy enforcers everywhere, except police ignorance, apparently, is a valid legal excuse, which is also a problem with “the law”), and most of the crimes are a result of desperation and/or psychological trauma caused by the US, Corporation (and its agents/officers) itself.  A crimes occurs only when someone has been harmed.  2/3 of the prison population never harmed anyone and merely violated a corporate monopoly board game rule of the US Corporation.  This was done on purpose because the US profits by millions of dollars for each “court case” they create.  It’s a business model.

Enough is enough.  The Fiction is over.  No more Bombs.  No more children in cages.  No more Medical tyranny.  No more CPS abusing our children.  No More conversion of human beings into Legal Presence Corporations for the profit of attorneys.

P.S. Everything Attorneys do is a legal fiction…  entirely made up.  Their job is to convince their clients that a fiction is somehow real.  If we removed their fancy clothes and put them on the street for a week, we would view them as mentally ill for believing things that they make up in their own head, and for then trying to convince others of it.  The issue, of course, is that attorneys have convinced a group of violent psychopaths called “police” (aka mere corporate POLICy Enforcers) that their made-up fiction is some how real, and then given them guns.

The New American Civil War is an old War to abolish attorneys from America.  The original 13th Amendment to the Constitution was designed to stop attorneys from incorporating America into a de facto corporation.  The War of 1812 apparently was fought by the English to stop that Original 13th Constitutional Amendment (* ref: The Goldfish Report – Winston Shrout).

By addressing the problem of the parasitical attorneys in America, we will find that there isn’t much that divides Americans…  except the criminal US Corporation posing as a “government”.

One possible solution is to implement the de jure American Republic.  It would require a total re-visioning of what the US Government actually is and how it works.  The way it works today criminalizes being a human and provides immunity to pedophiles, human rights abusers, violent (“police”) psychopaths, medical tyranny & psychological torture/experimentation, etc.  Removing the criminal government shall restore the natural monetary abundance that the bankers are stealing from the rest of humanity.

The US Government has been hiding thousands of advanced technologies that would revolutionize society and reduce pollution to (eventually) zero.  We could be cleaning up Earth right now with many of these technologies.  There is already a new US Space Force in the form a a Secret Space Program with Anti-Gravitic Vehicles.  Meanwhile, they have been chemically spraying the skies in efforts of internationally banned geoengineering.  Such spraying of the skies is documented and is causing massive environmental harm.

Americans are fed up with a government that protects its own fiction at the expense of real humanity.  If Americans are choosing to replace their criminal government, we have every right to be able to and then replace the criminal government.  There is no method to reform a de facto corporation posing as a government internally into what Americans need it to be, as such a reform would required corporate dissolution of the US,Inc as THE first step.

The New American Civil War has started…  and humanity has no option but to stop the United Nations – “United States.”  The state of Earths environment is too near the point of collapse to allow any other options.  The United States corporation must be stopped to save Earth and humanity.

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