IN-archy: The Next Level of Democracy, Communism, and Fascism

As seen in the #WalkAway, #Occupy, and other movements, there is a rebellion from the corrupt status quo ‘ncorporating ‘Merica.  Indeed, many outstanding beings are “Going Galt” by refusing to support a corrupt system that is stacked against them;  from the debt-money they impose to the legalization of corruption that is quite literally a double standard in the rule of law effectively across the board.

The refusal to support our own slavery is not just a wisdom but an action…  and -even more so- in our own perceptions of mind.

Some of the most thrilling perceptual experiences are movies…  and maybe even Netflix and chill.  The progression of nearly every movie, ever made, is to KNOW THYSELF.

We are not taught who we are as humans by government (and mandated) institutions; and such information has been purposefully occulted (out of sight) by those trying to manipulate the perceptions of human beings.

There is a Legal document more important than the Constitution: the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The UN UDHR is how the legal systems of Earth view lawful human beings.  The UN UDHR is ultimately a legal control mechanism that renders the UN Member-Nations into human and land management corporations (de facto in nature).  It is a really great starting point for grasping the basic rights we have as human beings, and need to extend to others.  Be the Peace we wish to see in the world.

Rather than focusing on changing others, our focus could include implementing these “legal rights” within.  Maybe there is good reason why human rights are as important as to be the LEADING legal document on Earth.  The UN UDHR is like the Constitution of customary international law.

The Main Stream Media highlights people who have conflicting beliefs regarding themselves and the events they experience around them.  The public displays of cognitive dissonance is outrageous.  They document the inner stirrings of America.

Many people are “Going Galt” and/or MGTOW; and rationally so.  #WalkAway is going somewhere…  just not out there with all the mediocrity (or, actually, corruption and racketeering) of government.

There are many rights we have that people may not know about.  The right to associate, the right to leave a country, the right to enter our home country, and the right to not associate with a rogue government can all be used to create our own de jure global governments.

Becoming a citizen of the World Government of World Citizens is about realizing that there is no vote that can change the DE FACTO nature of the United States corporation that converts human rights into legal fictional benefits for debt-profit.  Even after the Deep State Swamp is drained, if the United States continues to exist as a foreign corporation in DC, they are not required to respect basic human rights.

The World Government of World Citizens is a parallel government structure equating to a “legal” membership club.  The Legal BAR Associations can be seen as their own “boys membership club” as they are franchises of the City of London’s Temple Bar Legal Guilds and Inns.  As such, it is best to consider global BAR associations as their own government, with their own judicial processes, their own legal codes, and the power to unilaterally decide legality through their Professional Standards Board for Unlawful Practice of Law Complaints.

Becoming a World Citizen at the World Government of World Citizens is the a logical next step to the #WalkAway, #GoingGalt, and other movements.

This parallels the pro-active breaking down of conflicting beliefs that have been fed to us by Schools, media, men/women, and governments.  Put another way, it is aligning our perceptions with actuality.  It is deprogramming the government propaganda, e.g. American Exceptionalism.

The UN UDHR is the lens through which governments and attorneys see us. People that want to be “political” should look at the UN UDHR to settle their inner conflicts before addressing “the wrongness” of a different party affiliation.  The only way for politicians to get where they are is to be corrupt.  All sides are PRO-Corporate government.  Trump did it.  Obama did it.  Clinton did it.  The Senior Executive Services did it.  NASA did it.  The DoD did it.  The FBI, CIA, NSA did it.  They are all just corporations and corporate executives framed as “government.”  These corporate governments hide advanced technologies for the purpose of enslaving humanity.  We withdraw our vote for that, ever more.

The only winning move is not to play; not to support our own enslavement.  We find our own peace of mind and peace at heart.  Less government is the solution to too much government.

People are moving towards a new form of government: The inner “government”.  No longer happy with democracy, communism, and abject fascism, people around the globe are claiming their IN-archy from the corporate governments.  Think globally, act locally.  Inarchy is respect for our human rights and the human rights of others.

By being the peace we wish to see in the world, we create that which we seek…  finding it not so far away.

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