How the United States is like a Monopoly Game…

The United States is similar to a game of monopoly.  Lets look at how they are similar.

The United States is a governmental “monopoly” on its legal “territory.”

Each state, each county is a partition on the monopoly game board.

Each human player is represented by a monopoly game piece called a “legal presence.”  The Game Piece has “personhood” and is recognized as a corporate person with its own “rights”/benefits/privileges.  The player is Doing-Business-As the legal presence game piece.  The player is the CEO and the monopoly game tries to use the human player as surety for the game piece/legal presence. (without being paid minimum wage, btw)

A Birth Certificate is the “creation” of the game piece and significantly changes the legal status of the human being/player within the game.  According to California Vital Records, a Birth Certificate is a Bank Note.  It is not a thing of value, but it is worth debt.  (NOTE: Debt isn’t worth anything of value according to CA Vital Records)

The Monopoly game money is called Federal Reserve Notes, most of which is digitally “printed out of thin air” by violating double entry accounting rules of business.  The One-Banking-Franchise (of the UN-IMF/BIS/City of London) can created Monopoly money in whatever quantity it wants for whatever it needs.  Goldman Sachs is a prime example of such underwriting new-debt-money abuse, particularly to purchase and compromise the US Justice System (DoJ, SEC, etc).

The US President is the CEO of the Board Game Corporation.  The members of Congress are the US Corporations’ Board Members.  Each Birth Certificate is a single share of common stock the US Corporation.  The player is the stock/chattel being sold and traded.

The UN franchises each game board for each country and licenses “attorneys” to operate “UN International Legal Personalities” that are customized to each board game/country.  There are no US Citizens, nor Americans any more….   they were converted into UN Nationals in Article 78 of the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947.  There has only been One Global Citizenship through the UN since 1947.  New World Order Achieved.

Multi-National Lobbying Corporations essentially write the laws for the Congress/corporate board members to pass.  These laws are then re-written as statutes by attorneys for enforcement upon UN Nationals/game pieces.  All voting is for the upper case name game piece.

The US Constitution of the Monopoly game is not the same as the US Constitution for the players.  Indeed, this is where the “Constitution of VS for” controversy comes from….    and it’s not controversial…  it’s literal and actual US history that is NOT optional (especially for UN Nationals that believe themselves to be “Americans”).  The Constitution OF the United States came into existence/power in 1871, not 1788.  There are two separate versions of the US Constitution.  One that applies to the players and the other that applies to the game pieces/legal presences.

The Attorneys within the monopoly game have defined it such that any player that is represented as a game piece cannot recognize themselves as a player.  Indeed, any game piece that believes itself to be a player is declared “legally incompetent” by judges across the globe, unless the property documentation is provided.  Judges even use this to force medical torture upon people as ‘mentally diseased.”  The legal system itself is the disease, where knowledge of it is portrayed by attorneys as a “mental disease”…  in pure psychological projection by attorneys.

Judges are Administrators of UN International Legal Personalities, but not proper judges.  There are no courtrooms for players.

The UN outlawed “justice” across the globe due to the Nazi’s abusing the justice systems against the Jewish people and Khazarians.  The replacement/remedy that the UN provided to banning “justice” is a UN Competent National Tribunal franchise system.  Every Courtroom on Earth is a UN Competent National Tribunal, not a court.  This is how the UN subverted the US Constitution and made their own UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights superior.

Statutes are the Legalized version of the laws passed and were never voted upon nor agreed upon by any of the Board Members nor the public.  Statutes are the UN imposition of legalized laws upon the game pieces.  There is no rule of law as “law” has been perverted to be only on/for the game board.  The game board claims that the game board takes precedence over the player, no matter what.

Statutes do not apply to the player; statutes only apply to the game piece.  For Example.  The game piece does NOT have the “right to travel” in private property automobiles/cars/etc because there are no rights and there is no private property, only personal property owned by the game piece (ultimately owned by the owners of the game board/UN/Vatican).  On the other hand, the player cannot exercise the privilege of driving because such commerce is unlawful, and the player can ONLY exercise the right to travel.

The United States monopoly game exists completely within Washington, District of Columbia.  You, the player, is co-located as a game board piece, called a legal presence, onto the game board of the United States that mimics reality/land that exists only within the land territory of Washington, DC.

Only attorneys are allowed to legitimately “touch” your game board piece.  However, they can make your game board piece do ANYTHING they want it to do, so long as it doesn’t seem too outrageous TO OTHER attorneys (who are similarly biased).

The reason that attorneys are the only ones authorize to touch your game piece is because the game lost the player at sea at the legal fictional statutory age of 7. The Attorneys are literally assuming your role as the Agent of the game piece.

To correct your status as the player of the game piece/legal presence, a simple General Durable (State/Country) Power of Attorney is necessary.  Notarize it when signing, and file it in the County of Birth – Register of Deeds.  Otherwise they will assume you to be the surety for the game piece (principal) rather than its operator/attorney-in-fact/authorized representative/agent.

If attorneys violate the Power of Attorney, complaints must be filed with the State Bar Unauthorized Practice of Law Division (committee, department, etc).

The state of the United States is that it is an United Nations Corporate illusion of the United States Republic.

According to Title 18 U.S.C. §242 and §241, only Foreign Aliens (and “players” without game pieces) have protected human rights.   Domestically, human players that confuse themselves with their game pieces don’t have any rights at all.  Indeed, just hiring an attorney waives all constitutionally protected rights…  because Attorneys are all under United Nations franchises.  Here is the State of Michigan Washtenaw County Prosecutor claiming that his masters are the United Nations.

As a player, you are stateless until a de jure government is joined.  As a stateless player, the United Nations claims you under their umbrella and grants themselves immunity in imposing their monopoly game piece corporate legal presence overlay.

All of human life is converted into a business franchised by the United Nations operated by each country.  It is a military operation being conducted by the UN as each member-state must be belligerent and in a state of war to join the UN (see history of Turkey-UN relations).  The Head of the UN is a Secret/airy General, a Military Position..

Lastly, the authority of the UN is implemented from the Paris Peace Treaty 1945-  Article 45.  The United Nations is declared a government for the purpose of prosecuting World War 2 war criminals.  In effect, for simply j-walking, the UN grants immunity to Your Country in persecuting the j-walker for war crimes against the game board.  Silly, but real.  surreal.

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