Cathy O’Brien former sex slave: “Our Media is Controlled by Criminals in our Government”

Conference took place in April of 2009. On May 7, 1966 a 9 year old child named Cathy O’Brien was subjected to an occult ritual named “The Rite to Remain Silent” that involves the Catholic Church as well.

This is her own very shocking and eye-opening life story about her experience as a CIA MK-Ultra Whitehouse Pentagon level trauma-based Mind Control slave.

She speaks out to expose those who abused, who go right up to presidents and congressmen and women and to give voice to the many mind control victims out there who can’t think to speak out.

O’Brien claims to have been abused since she was a toddler by her own family.

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Clinton Campaign Insider reveals Trump Protests Sponsored by Soros-Clinton Cabal

Robert Creamer “Bob”: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Robert Creamer, bob creamer
Robert Creamer in a screenshot from the Project Veritas video,

Robert “Bob” Creamer is a long-time Democratic operative who is accused of being involved in alleged efforts to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies and possibly organizing voter fraud, allegations he denies.

Creamer was captured on undercover video recorded by Project Veritas. Project Veritas is spearheaded by conservative activist James O’Keefe, who has used undercover stings before to advance conservative causes, targeting organizations like ACORN, which does community organizing.

Scrutiny of Creamer has grown after Donald Trump mentioned the O’Keefe videos in the third presidential debate and as the Republican nominee continues to say the election might be rigged. In turn, Democrats and some in the media have sharply criticized Trump for the latter comments. According to USA Today, President Barack Obama said Trump had made voter fraud allegations “without a shred of evidence.”

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Former State Dept. Official: Every Obama Official ‘Uses Their Gmail Account’

Former State Dept. Official: Every Obama Official ‘Uses Their Gmail Account’

MICHAEL BASTASCH     12:56 PM 10/31/2016

A former top Department of State official who worked under Hillary Clinton told her presidential campaign chair every White House staffer and top cabinet official uses a personal email account.

“Btw you know as well as I every god damn cabinet officer and WH staff uses [their] gmail account!” Tom Nides, the former deputy secretary of state for management and resources, wrote to John Podesta in a March 2015 email.

Nides, who served in the State Department from 2011 to 2013 while Clinton was secretary of state, wrote to Podesta using his Gmail account, and suggested that he used one while working in the Obama administration.

Podesta’s Gmail account, which he used to communicate with White House staffers, got hacked, revealing Nides’ candid email to the Clinton campaign chairman.

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Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders

by: belisoful   –  American National & World Citizen at the World Government of World Citizens, non-legal non-corporate human being


The methods of issuing our own negotiable instruments with/in the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED -and any governmental services corporation world-wide- is found in the UNITED NATIONS Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes, and executes performance of Uniform Commercial Code – Article 3 – NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS, and Article 5 – LETTERS OF CREDIT by any corporation via [U.S.] GSA VENDOR for discharge, in the corporate debt-slavery system.  Our NEGOTIABLE FICTITIOUS INSTRUMENTS may be used in any bank and “courtroom”; as DEBT is defined –by them- as Protected First Amendment Speech under the Incorporated Constitution.  Donald Trump even used these Debt mechanizations to literally buy the US, Inc Presidency FOR EXACTLY NOTHING [Debt].  Even Hillary Clinton helped herself.  It’s what BAR Attorneys do…  and do well enough to be able to scam people and then use their positions to do it.

Our own American National Money Order works with a second document called a “Letter of Credit.”  These two documents are what Michael Tellinger discusses below.  Despite claims that such fictitious debt instruments might be against corporate legalisms, the evidence below proves beyond any doubt that issuing our own fictitious debt instruments is accepted by banks, such as JP Morgan (see Updates below).  All corporations are required -by legal code- to accept debts as money, and a few do.  Others defend their unconscionable fictitious debt instruments with real threats, violence, and prison.

We need to know what debt is and how it works, even if we do not use debt ourselves.  Banks and de facto [read: illegitimate] government use debt mechanisms EVERY DAY “against” the people.

Negotiable Instruments

A Negotiable Instrument is a piece of paper that represents something else.  It can be written ON the thing that it represents, such as classic whiskey bottles, or it could be separated from the thing it represents, like a birth certificate that makes the human body “surety” for the debt of the “artificial person” (strawman) until we take possession of the birth certificate by getting them apostillized with a Certificate of Authentication; a process more important than getting a Driver’s License.
All “debt-as-money” banks use negotiable instruments to represent a future debt that does not exist.  These new negotiable instruments then become the money we use that is the money in the future.  Banks do NOT create the interest; which is/was the feature of “debt” that destroys economies globally.  The Requirement for making negotiable instruments (by banks, by Donald Trump, and by ourselves) in Governmental Services Corporations are: any thing that can be written upon (paper) with the following fields: