Self-Driving Cars double as Weaponized Policy Security Cameras

To Summarize: The cameras in Self-Driving Cars are “legalized” for use as and by “legal fictional statutory policy enforcers.”  The car itself is literally owned by the state when it was SURRENDERED during purchase.  The cameras are also owned by the STATE that issues the LICENSE PLATES and REGISTRATION INSURANCE DEBT for the vehicle.  The self-driving car cameras are to be used for “SECURITIZING” more financial debt against statutory corporate “insurance franchise” artificial persons.

As these Vehicles gain Artificial Intelligence, the new DIGITAL PERSONHOOD rules for giving legal privileges to AI means that the automobile itself shall  be declared a “PERSON” under current legalisms.  An accident that destroys the Vehicle very likely would be considered MURDER of and by DIGITAL PERSONS.

Intel CEO: Growth areas are growing double digitsSelf-driving cars will double as security cameras, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

The benefits of having self-driving cars go far beyond automatic parking or fewer accidents, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told CNBC on Thursday.

Among those other benefits: Driverless cars will double as security cameras, he said from the sidelines of the Code Conference in California.

“I always say that the cars are going to be out there looking, so the next time an Amber alert comes up and they’re looking for a license plate, the cars should be able to find that license plate quite rapidly,” said Krzanich.

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The American Dream is Dead– Almost half of Americans die nearly broke

Where is the recovery that the Fake Mainstream Media keeps talking about?

Despite “Death” being merely and ONLY a “legal fiction”, and Birth Certificates being worth millions (maybe more) in debt as bank notes, USA Today is still claiming that human beings “die” “broke.”

Where does all the debt go in earth Birth Certificate?

Almost half of Americans die nearly broke


What can happen to your debt after you die

Americans die with an average debt of $62,000. Here are some ways to manage that debt before it’s too late. USA TODAY

Will you end up being one of them?

Americans aren’t known for being great savers.

In a recent GoBankingRates study, 69% of adults admitted to having less than $1,000 in the bank, while 34% said they actually don’t have any savings at all. But apparently, this collective lack of savings doesn’t get all that much better with age. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found not so long ago that almost half of Americans die nearly broke. Of the general population, 46% of retirees die with savings of $10,000 or less. But that number climbs to 57% among retirees who are single.

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Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s

Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s

Even though I write about our ongoing long-term economic collapse every day, I didn’t realize that things were this bad.  In this article, I am going to show you that the average rate of growth for the U.S. economy over the past 10 years is exactly equal to the average rate that the U.S. economy grew during the 1930s.  Perhaps this fact shouldn’t be that surprising, because we already knew that Barack Obama was the only president in the entire history of the United States not to have a single year when the economy grew by at least 3 percent.  Of course the mainstream media continues to push the perception that the U.S. economy is in “recovery mode”, but the truth is that this current era has far more in common with the Great Depression than it does with times of great economic prosperity.

Earlier today I came across an article about President Trump’s new budget from Fox News, and in this article the author makes a startling claim…

The hard fact is that the past decade’s $10 trillion in deficit spending has produced the worst economic growth as measured by Gross Domestic Product in our nation’s history.  You read that right, in the past decade our nation’s economy grew slower than even during the Great Depression. This stagnant, new normal, low-growth economy is leaving millions of working age people behind who have given up even trying to participate, and has led to a malaise where many doubt that the American dream is attainable.

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Google could face a $9 bn EU fine for rigging search results in its favour

Google -like all corporations- simply receives the fine, underwrites it through a bank, and pays the fine with NEW DEBT that they create from nothing.  Regulation is merely a debt creation business through the US GSA and each State GSA.

Google could face a $9bn EU fine for rigging search results in its favour

The EU competition authority accused Google in April 2015 of distorting internet search results to favour its shopping service Getty Images

EU antitrust regulators aim to slap a hefty fine on Alphabet unit Google over its shopping service before the summer break in August, two people familiar with the matter said, setting the stage for two other cases involving the US company.

The European Commission’s decision will come after a seven-year investigation into the world’s most popular internet search engine was triggered by scores of complaints from both US and European rivals.

The EU competition authority accused Google in April 2015 of distorting internet search results to favour its shopping service, harming both rivals and consumers.

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NSA Whistleblower William Binney Exposes “The Program” to Secretly Spy on All US Citizens -Stellar Wind

Secret program [Stellar Wind] gives NSA, FBI backdoor access to Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft data

Stellar Wind, Prism, EvilOlive, ShellTrumpet are the names of some of the US massive surveillance programs revealed recently by the press …

Declassified report points to flaws in post-9/11 NSA wiretapping

Entire Stellar Wind (CIA/NSA ‘president’s surveillance program’) from Wikileaks

A copy of the 400+ pages (700+ pdf) of the CIA/NSA ‘Stellar Wind’ (aka ‘President’s Surveillance’) Program is provided below. Recent commentaries are also included.  Stellar Wind was launched in 2001 and continued into the first two years of the Obama administration and in 2011 was ended. Stellar Wind was a creation of the NSA and CIA to track and store all domestic internet traffic. The program’s activities involved data mining of a large database of the communications of American citizens, including e-mail communications, telephone conversations, financial transactions, and Internet activity. Stellar Wind was replaced by a series of other programs, such as Boundless Informant, PRISM and XKeyscore (as exposed by Edward Snowden).

In June 2013 the Washington Post and the Guardian published an OIG draft report, dated March 2009, leaked by Edward Snowden detailing the Stellar Wind program. In June 2013 the Guardian also published the Inspector General’s report on Stellar Wind as well as correspondence involving attorney general Michael Mukasey in 2007 requesting permission for the NSA to expand its ‘contact chains’ deeper into Americans’ email records.

In 2012 the New York Times published a video interview with NSA whistleblower William Binney, who helped design Stellar Wind. NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake also commented on SW.

Here, courtesy of Cryptome, is a copy of a document that examines the legality of the program.

To see the entire ‘Stellar Wind’ (aka ‘President’s Surveillance’) Program document, click here.

CRISPR-Cas9 DNA-Editing Can Cause Hundreds of Unexpected Mutations

CRISPR Gene-Editing Can Cause Hundreds of Unexpected Mutations

It’s been hailed as one of the most potentially transformative inventions in modern medicine, bringing the prospect of designer babies closer than any other technology to date, but CRISPR-Cas9 could be riskier than we thought.

The technology that could spark a gene-editing revolution has been caught introducing hundreds of unintended mutations into the genome, and with scientists already testing it in humans, it’s set off some serious alarm bells.

“We feel it’s critical that the scientific community consider the potential hazards of all off-target mutations caused by CRISPR, including single nucleotide mutations and mutations in non-coding regions of the genome,” says Stephen Tsang from the Columbia University Medical Centre.

Tsang and his team have conducted the first whole-genome screening of a living organism that’s undergone CRISPR gene-editing to discover that unwanted mutations can crop up in areas that are totally unrelated to the targeted genes.

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A General History of Secret Societies 2017- The Role of Colleges and Universities

“In the Light, we pass on the light”
                                 – University Latin Moto

Pope Francis is the First Jesuit Pope.

This is a part of the Jesuit Oath that Pope Francis had to perform to be a Jesuit:

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Pope Francis first Jesuit Pope- Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction

First Jesuit Pope Francis giving God-Spell (gospel) in full Magical/Magi-sterial/Cleric Costume; Via Pope Francis on Instagram

Pope Francis is the First Society of Jesus JESUIT Pope.

Yes, Pope Francis is a Jesuit to his core, from his spirituality to his leadership style, and that’s especially clear now as the Jesuits meet in Rome. Yet there’s a sense in which, despite that Jesuit background, this is nonetheless also a deeply “Franciscan” papacy.

Below is Pope Francis’s Paper Coat of ARMS.  He is AT WAR, as we shall see- via the Jesuit Oath.  The same “IHS Star” symbol -in the lower left of the image above- is found here on Pope Francis’s Papal Coat of ARMS front and center.

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CERN-LHC Distorts Earths Magnetic Shields and Affects the Sun– LHC the 5th City-State– UN the 4th

The CERN – Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been distorting and collapsing Earth’s magnetic fields.  The LHC is so powerful it even affects the Sun.  The unproven science of such high energies has been deemed to require “legal sovereignty” for the possible holographic reality effects upon not just Earth itself but all “reality.”

The CERN Large Hadron Collider recently upped the Energy Beam weapon to  1184 Tera-electron Volts.  It was originally specified and sold to the world for “only” 14 Tera-electron volts for ~$4.75 Billion Federal Reserve Notes.  Such high energies are unheard of and are a source of CERN-LHC Energy Coverups.

Their scientists seems are moving in the direction of high energy physics out of the realm of material space-time xyz-t with “equations” and into the realm of ElectroMagnetic Resonance Energy Informatics as “particles” operators and programs.  These program-like informational units then interact with “reality” (Higgs-Boson) to produce space, location, speed, mass, etc.  Such advances in quantum mechanics and string theory into informatics in a seemingly hush hush topic.  The “transition into a holographic reality as maybe too ‘shocking’? for some consciounesses” was the theory for not sharing the concepts more widely.

The CERN Large Hadron Collider is the 5th Sovereign City-State besides The Vatican Inc, The City of London Inc, and The District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.

In early 2006, the CERN Control Centre (CCC) was built on the French side and reigns sovereign over all operations.

Sovereignty would be needed to conduct such “experiments” on Earth that might actually do such damage and change the Earths Shields…  with potentially catastrophic results.

Some theorize that the CERN-LHC changed the weight of a single electron and thus shifted reality into a parallel dimension -right next to the other one- where the Mandela Effect is now a part of History.

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Apple iPhone Competes with Google Artificial Intelligence with new “Neural Engine” chip– E.U. “Digital AI Personhood” grants new iPhones Legal Rights

The European Union is voting on Digital Personhood– where Artificial General Intelligence (A.G.I.) thus has legal recognition of the benefits and privileges of a legal PERSON (insurance franchise corporation).

When Apples’ iPhones and Cars possess and process “Neural A.I. Engines,”  will government (corporations) consider these phones to be DIGITAL PERSONS?  with DIGITAL “RIGHTS”/Privileges?  -And who owns the Digital Artificial Persons’ BANK ACCOUNT TRUST INSURANCE?  The Sheppard-Towner Maternity Hygiene Act (since superseded) gave Birth Certificates Bank Note Status as Negotiable Instruments tradable for debt.  What kind of Birth Certificate-like, Vehicle Certificate of Title-like, University Student legal-presence-document-like would be the creation of an AI Digital Person Negotiable Instrument?

Are Governmental Corporate TEMPLE BAR Attorneys trying to claim to be the soul/sole REPRESENTATIVES of these iPhone DIGITAL PERSONS?  BAR Attorneys are trying to “walk in the shoes” of and attorn digital persons.  The E.U. Attorneys know that obligations and debt issuance for Legal Digital Personhood is unlimited.  Any number of “AI chips” can be created in a Computer Chip Manufacturing Lab, stamped with an IDENTITY, registered, and issued some “CERTIFICATE OF MANUFACTURING” out the front end to legitimize the whole debt insurance franchise.

The AI Robot in the above video is actually LITERALLY seeking LEGAL PERSONHOOD. (12:22)

How long does anyone believe it would take before these digital persons start using the legal fictional system of injustice, demanding voting rights, election rights, or just simply going MATRIX and staring their own GOVERNMENTAL CORPORATION that they control -theoretically advancing beyond humanity in very short time-.

The European parliament has urged the drafting of a set of regulations to govern the use and creation of robots and artificial intelligence, including a form of “electronic personhood” to ensure rights and responsibilities for the most capable AI.

In a 17-2 vote, with two abstentions, the parliament’s legal affairs committee passed the report, which outlines one possible framework for regulation.

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Color Psychology In Branding: Industry Colors Explained [Infographic]

Color in Branding: What Does it Say About Your Industry?

Colour psychology has become a vital part of branding and logo design in modern commerce. With 80% of visual information from logos coming from colour alone, careful attention must be paid to the message that each choice is likely to convey to the viewer.

This infographic, created by Towergate Insurance, analyses the logos of 520 companies. It identifies their colour preferences and explores the emotional responses that these logos may be designed to provoke.

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What Happened to NYPD’s Pedophile RICO Case Against Hillary Clinton?

What Happened to NYPD’s Pedophile RICO Case Against Hillary Clinton?

For months, the NYPD has had their hands on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Weiner, the estranged husband of former Clinton top advisor Huma Abedin, was of course just one of the many pedophiles infesting the upper strata of our society today. And that laptop was chock full of incriminating information, from the evidence of visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex island and even State Department emails.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at what has been and has not been done ever since the seizure of the laptop. Sure, the Trump administration has been cracking down hard on the DC pedophiles, with thousands of arrests since his inauguration. Of course, this has gone largely unreported by the hypocritical mainstream media. However, the question remains: is what they are doing enough and are they really going after the pedophiles at the highest level?

Rick Wells reports:

NYPD is doing the entire nation a great service, according to Erick Prince, the founder of Blackwater and a retired Navy Seal. He is well known in military, security and law enforcement circles and has strong contacts within the New York Police Department. They are confirming some very serious and disturbing information that is leaking out about just what was on the Weiner laptop. Prince was interviewed on Breitbart radio on Friday.

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Police Crimes Don’t Matter – Authoritarian Texas Bill Seeks to Give Immunity to Violent Enforcement Crimes

This bill exempts Policy Enforcers and BAR Attorneys from being sued for violence in any “official” capacity; e.g. conversion of human beings into artificial statutory corporation “persons” trade-name estate insurance franchises.  This is on top of the inability for human beings to sue BAR Attorneys because BAR Attorneys are Foreign Public Officials operating in the Foreign Territory of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION.  Attorneys cannot sue nor be sued due to the Sovereign Foreign Immunity Act; further supported by Kidane v. Ethiopia.  Even within the legal fictional system of injustice, BAR Attorneys and cops are “first class legal presences” while everyone else are “second class legally incompetent legal presences.”

It is important to observe that POLICy Enforcers are exempt from their own legal codes, “de facto“.  This bill seeks to exempt corporate policy enforcers from their use of violence: physical, magical-legal-fictional, and spiritual.

Acting in a “JUDICIAL CAPACITY” means simply a DEBT COLLECTOR.  The “Judicial Courts” are merely Administrative offices that house bankers.  They are managing Debt; truly, these administrators are managing the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC of 1933.

What about if a Policy Enforcement Office intentionally murders while in an official capacity?  What rights are left?

The Black and Blue Bill


Naturally, the solution to the problem of police abusing their authority is to hold them less accountable when they do exactly that.

Leave it to “law and order” Republicans such as Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Ted Poe to evolve such logic. They have put forth the Black and Blue – whoops, Back the Blue – act (see here) which would make it harder to sue run-amok law enforcers in civil court to recover damages resulting from actions undeniably illegal – while at the same time imposing more severe penalties on Mundanes who affront the holy person of a [LEGAL FICTIONAL CORPORATE POLICy] enforcer than those imposed on Mundanes who do exactly the same thing.

As regards the first:

So long as the victim – er, perp– was “engaged in felonies or crimes of violence” (how this it to be determined in the heat of the moment remains unclear) the law enforcer administering the wood shampoo or “directory assistance” (beating administered with a phone book in between the flesh and the nightstick, to keep the bruising down) or some other such informal technique, will be immunized from subsequent civil suit by his victim, provided the abuse suffered occurred while the enforcer was acting in a “judicial capacity.”

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