Ann Arbor Michigan Public Defender commits mail fraud and identity theft

April 8th, 2016

Ann Arbor, Republic for Michigan, World

The Public Defender for Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lloyd E Powell, forged a US Postal Service Return Mail Receipt with a different return identity and address to maintain legal jurisdiction over a non-legal non-lienable private natural human being World Citizen from the World Government of World Citizens.  This World citizen is not a US Citizen.  The original Return Mail Receipt was in red ink, had the certified sticker, and the identity was a copyrighted name, Sui Generis, and an identified World Citizen, with a non-domestic address in the “republic for michigan” rather than the corporate “State of Michigan”.  The address was specifically “[zip code exempt]” for the legal meanings and implications.

The forged return mail receipt was in black ink, had a hand written certified tracking code, and lacked the Title of “World Citizen”, was missing the “non-domestic” verbiage, and used an abbreviated STATE code rather than the “Republic for Michigan.”

When any other legal person changes these identifying terms in a name, title, and address, it would be considered written identity theft…  a violation of Michigan Compiled Law §750.157v when legal tender is involved; such as charges in a courtroom.  Forging a USPS Return Mail Receipt is mail fraud.

The legal jurisdiction of the falsified identity on the forged return mail receipt was such that it would allow the corporate State of Michigan to legally rob this World Citizen of his private property automobile that is not party to Michigan Codes.  One of the two Judges in these double jeopardy cases -about 9 months ago- kicked the world Citizen out of the courtroom claiming, “You are not party to the law!”.  In the video tapes of the armed grand theft auto on October 1st, 2015 by Washtenaw area Police, they state, “When the chief finds out this car is private property, he’s going to make me clean up the glass.”  They knew taking a World Citizen car was a crime, and did it any way.  The World citizen was stopped for having a WORLD plate on the private automobile.

The judges (both Joseph F. Burke and Kirk W. Tabbey), the prosecutor (Brian L. Mackie), the sheriff (Jerry L. Clayton), and the public defender (Lloyd E. Powell) in the courtrooms -as constructive trusts- are all maintaining a conspiracy to remove “NON-DOMESTIC” from the World Citizen’s identity thus depriving him of his Right to Nationality -in accord with the UNITED NATIONS – Declaration of Human Rights Article 15-, his right to Private Property, and his right to travel, a human right so basic U.S. judges say it does NOT need to be mentioned.

To get the automobile out of Sakstrups impound, the World citizen needs a Michigan Driver’s License and a Michigan vehicle Title.  The State of Michigan has only refused to give the World Citizen a driver’s license because -as a non-legal human being- he is not a LEGAL permanent resident.  Having terminated the Vehicle Title according to 49 Code of Federal Regulations §365.123, the State itself invalidated the Michigan Vehicle Title legal authority thus making the car a private property automobile.

The county and state seem interested in only covering up their liability for these crimes upon a World Citizen.  Could armed grand theft auto by police be considered state-sponsored terrorism?  Why is it acceptable to the U.S. Department of Justice to rob a man of his private property (through the NMVTIS -a national motor vehicle database run by the U.S. DoJ) and then blame the man for needing to rob him?

The whole point of capitalism is private property.  If the US and State “justice system” can disregard private property without consequence, then capitalism is dead.  If the US and State “justice system’ is willing to commit felonies to cover up crimes of their own (corporate) POLICy Enforcers, there is no justice in America.  If the US and State “justice system” is willing to dishonor their own instruments of debt in commerce, there is no rule of law.  Where is the rule of law when private property can be stolen by a state during the exercise of the right to travel with impunity while blame their victim, but Hilary Clinton is not prosecuted for the most egregious violations of United States secrecy and Goldman Sacks gets away with robbing their clients of hundreds of millions of dollars?  (See the Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime).

If there is no consequence for the Lloyd E Powell, the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED has no moral nor ethical pillars to be operating legitimately.  When the wolfs guard the hen house…

(See included Pictures of a sample address with the World citizens hand writing and the forgery, the forgery in black ink on top, the samples are in red ink on bottom.  The blurred out section of the USPS Return Mail Receipt is the name and street address.  We see in the sample that the address does actually work in the USPS system.)

Public Return Mail Receipt.frontPublic Return Mail Receipt.back

NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

There’s the official explanation for why NASA is spraying lithium, a pharmaceutical drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder, into our ionosphere, and then there is the probable reason(s). It would be easier to accept NASA’s official explanation if they were not so secretive about everything they study and do in space – but one thing is for certain – NASA’s own personnel have admitted that lithium, along with other chemicals, are intentionally being placed into our environment regularly. It is possible that many of NASA’s own employees aren’t even aware of the true motivations for carrying out such a project, ironically displaying the very behaviors that these chemicals/pharmaceuticals are meant to instill.

In the first bomb-shell video a NASA employee ( that lithium is being sprayed in the atmosphere, and says that it is “harmless to the environment.”

Before I give you NASA’s official explanation of why they are spraying psych-meds over hundreds of thousands of Americans, I’d like to point you to some references so that you can do your own research, and discover that this is no conspiracy theory. It is very real, and there is ample scientific documentation to corroborate what I put forth here:

Pub Med abstract titled, Feasibility of Aerosol Vaccinations in Humans discusses how an increase in antigen volumes can be beneficial in aerosol delivery of vaccines, and could be used in “developing countries and disaster areas.” The abstract also admits that several thousand human subjects have already been aerosol vaccinated with live attenuated measles and influenza A vaccines. The executive summary further states that aerosol vaccinations are ideal for “large populations.” This has apparently been happening since as early as 2003.

Another discussion of aerosolized vaccinations can be found in The New England Journal of MedicineA Randomized, Controlled Trial of Aerosolized Vaccines Against Measles states that these vaccines were tested on children in India that were as young 9 months old.

The World Health Organization has been researching aerosol vaccines for years now, as have “philanthropic” agencies which have clear aims to sterilize the population. It is also worth noting that the pharmaceutical industry has been absolved from any legal responsibility for medicating the masses since they were awarded  legal protection from all lawsuits by Congress in 1986. This law was challenged, but upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011. Many powerful agencies are making sure that we “take our medicine.”


Lawful suit upon US Department of Justice to answer questions about fraudulent nature of IRS


Thanks to David Johnson:

I.R.S. is an agency of the Zionist Rothschild CROWN/VATICAN/SWISS Banking Cabal. It was set up in 1913 to tax/burden all U.S. corporations, to run up debt by design, and to enslave anyone stupid enough to think that they’re a U.S. citizen. If you pay “income” taxes on your pay for labor, you are a 10, on the 1-10 scale, dumb. The very top pinned post on this page explains your way out. If you have not watched and used that video, run to the mirror to look at the problem. WATCH THE VIDEO!!!! FRNs are MILITARY SCRIP for P.O.W./Enemies of the State/U.S. citizen/U.S. Government Employees.

Document No. 201-06182015-1

This printed side represents consideration to/of both public and private sides in things Lawful/Legal.

Without Prejudice :David-Lee: Buess. Non-Corporation Private Attorney General
Crime Victim, Corpus Delicti
~22014 Delaware Township Road 184
~Arlington, Ohio ~45814-9998
Phone: 419 694 5796

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20500

Madam Attorney General:

Problem 1
There is a conflict as to rule of law for all in forma pauperis filings and paperwork. The paperwork does not reflect the Key Case ruling of the United States Supreme Court re the Definition of “income” (1913) Stratton Indep. v. Howbert 231 U.S. 399 …the gain arrived from Capital, from labor or from both combined, provided it includes profit gained from the sale of a capital asset. This for all Tax legislation and IRC CODE and U.S. Code.

Problem 2
In accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act 3500 – 3520 Specifically 3512 Public Protection the in forma pauperis paperwork does not contain a valid OMB number and the court is not informing the plaintiff(s) that they are not under obligation to fill out the paperwork. These documents are fraud by trickery to get the plaintiff/defendants to admit to having “income” not lawfully defined in any of these documents: 1) INTERNAL REVENUE CODE
U. S. CODE 3) all in forma pauperis forms 4) INTERNAL REVENUE TAX forms.

Problem 3
The rules of the court are not written in simple English and are using “Latin” or some other terminology I do not understand. The first rule of law is “any law written which is not fully understandable by the reader is void for vagueness. Thus applying to the rules of Court.

Problem 4
Nowhere in the rules of court is there mention of the right of a Private Attorney General to file proceedings in this court, aka, closed shop In violation of the Taft Hartley Act on Monopolies. The rules therefore only apply to the B.A.R.

Problem 5
There are some 60 Key Case rulings by the High Court that are not found in the IRS CODE nor U.S. Code which relate to tax law– shall we say intentional fraud. Who’s job is it to see that once the Court has ruled that ruling is immediately placed in the tax laws? In my opinion that would fall to the office of the Clerk of Court.

Problem 6
In 1935 the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE was ruled un-constitutional by the Supreme Court whereas prohibition had been repealed. U.S. v. Constantine 296 U.S. 287 thus have no subject matter jurisdiction within these union States now 50. See 26 IRC § 6331 (A) Authority of the Secretary. Any supposed jurisdiction could only fall within the Federal Zone, U.S. Citizens, Washington, District of Columbia, New York City, NY and the holding territories belonging to the United States, ie, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau. No person, in a union State, can be forced into a false citizenship whereas he/she is a lawful resident of a union State. Voter registration and other government web sites only ask are you a U.S. Citizen – why – fraud by trickery.Compared to what? African American, American National, Lawful American Citizen-see Constitution, Native American, et al. The authority of the Secretary, 26 IRC 6331(A), therefore only applies to the Federal Zone and not the union States 50 and their domicilees.

Problem 7
The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al.~ CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.) Note Added: A collections agency out of Puerto Rico operating under French Law; AKA Foreign Agents – CORRECT? This now falls under criminal law – government imposters. The Treaty of 1213 does not apply to these union states now 50 nor to the 1778 ratified Constitution for the United States of America. Every law written by Congress for these union States must be Constitutional – ab inito thereof.

Problem 8
Produce [DAVID L BUESS],[DAVID LEE BUESS], [SIR DAVID-LEE DBA]=STRAW MAN, TRADE NAME, CORPORATION, COMPANY. Identity theft fraud scheme relating to Certificate of Live Birth and BIRTH CERTIFICATE, enslavement, and a $1,000,000.00 Bond. Fraud by trickery is still intentional fraud.

The IMF have now forced the Assignment of a Social Security number upon every new born child. This may well be so as to provide accurate information for census however it is unconstitutional for that organization to use a Social Security number to spy and collect financial information upon any living man, woman or child and then report that information to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE/IMF. This unlawful gathering of undefined “income” is now causing mass tax fraud in America. Get your acts together.

Problem 9
Arrest warrants have been issued to the HANCOCK COUNTY OHIO SHERIFF MIKE HELDMAN by me and to the Clerk of the Court KATHY PROSSER WILCOX for all IRS agents within these union States for tax fraud. This warrant was in accordance to law signed by 3 Notary Public which equal a judge. I highly recommend your office issue an immediate arrest warrant for these entities for obstruction of justice in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 1001.

Problem 10
Criminal Complaints filed with the U.S. Attorney’s Office 555 4th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20530 are being intentionally ignored – obstruction of justice: 18 U.S. C. 1001. These warrants were filed in Admiralty now un-rebutted.

Problem 11
Conflict: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a natural individual entitled to relief is entitled to free access to its judicial tribunals and public offices in every State in the Union (2 Black 620, see also Crandell v. Nevada, 6 Wall 35. Plaintiff should not be charged fees, or costs for the lawful and constitutional right to petition this court in this matter in which he is entitled to relief, as it appears that the filing fee rule was originally implemented for fictions and subjects of the State and should not be applied to the Plaintiff who is a natural individual and entitled to relief. Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43].
[DAVID L BUESS]=FICTION David-Lee: Buess. =natural individual – get it? Now the Courts are demanding filing fees? In forma pauperis? Refuse to allow cases to be filed into their courts under FRCP Rule 55(1) Default as in my cases. Thrown out because I refused to pay the fees in accordance to this ruling of the court and the in forma pauperis paperwork had no OMB numbers nor the lawful definition of “income”.

(1920) Eisner v. Mcomber 252 U.S. 189, 206 “Congress cannot by any definition it may adopt conclude what income is, since it by legislation cannot alter the Constitution from which it derives it’s power to legislate and within who’s limitations alone that power can be lawfully exercised.” Now what Jackass is defining income? The Center on Foreign Relations?

Stanton v. Baltic Mining Co., 240 U.S. 103:..wages are not income within the meaning of the income tax amendment to the Constitution, or any other provision of the Constitution.

Problem 12
Care to explain this tax fraud scheme? J16 American Jurisprudence, 2nd Ed. Section 177:
The “Trade or Business” Scam -shows how I.R.C. Subtitle A is a tax primarily upon “public offices”, which ~26 U.S.C. §7701(a)(26) calls a “trade or business”
• PDF Why Your Government is Either a Thief or you are a “Public Officer” for Income Tax Purposes, Form ~#05.008 (OFFSITE LINK)- SEDM Forms page
• PDF Why Statutory Civil Law is Law for Government and Not Private Persons, Form ~#05.037 (OFFSITE LINK)- SEDM Forms page
• PDF De Facto Government Scam, Form ~#05.043 (OFFSITE LINK)- SEDM Forms page. Proof that we don’t have a government anymore, but simply a huge corporation in which “citizens” are really just “employees” and officers of a corporation. This arrangement is called a “de facto government” and a “sham trust” instead of a public trust. (CLEARFIELD DOCTRINE AND TREASON AGAINST THE 1776 CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THEREOF)
• PDF Resignation of Compelled Social Security Trustee -how to abandon your job as a federal “employee” or “contractor”
• PDF State Income Taxes, Form ~#05.031 (OFFSITE LINK) -SEDM Forms page. Explains how all state income taxes are based on the Buck Act, which is a tax upon federal “public officials” and employees
Cites By Topic: “public office” •Proof that I.R.C. Subtitle A is a Federal Employee Kickback and not a “Tax”
Great IRS Hoax, section 5.6.10 entitled “The Federal Employee Kickback Position”
Public Salary Tax Act of 1939-foundation of the modern income tax
Buck Act of ~1940, 4 U.S.C. Chapter ~4 (OFFSITE LINK) – federal government consents to state taxation of its “public officials” on federal territory. All state income taxes are based on this act.
Income tax ruled unconstitutional by the USSC in 1895 and not shown to be overturned. 16th Amendment XVI was never ratified and there are 17,000 certified documents to prove it taken from state and federal archives. U.S.v.Bill Benson. Congress refused to amend this to VOID – intentional fraud.
I demand that All Truth(s) be self evident, the response to this instrument be in writing by obligation. You have only 20-days to respond whereas 28 U.S.C. §3002 Definition 15) United States means A) A Federal Corporation.
With clean hands, I come in peace.
Disclaimer on file.
Autograph: _______________________________________
David-Lee: Buess. Non-corporation, P.A.G.

Notice of Service: On this the 18th day of June 2015 this document was sent 1st class mail United States Post Office to the U.S. Attorney General.

1982 U.S. Congress violates Constitution First Amendment religious clause

There is a legal code on the books Public Law 97-280, 96 Stat. 1211, 97th Congress, October 4th, 1982:

[S.J.Res.] 165]

Joint Resolution authorizing and requesting the President to proclaim 1983 as the “Year of the Bible.”

Whereas the Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people;

Whereas deeply held religious convictions springing from the Holy Scriptures led to the early settlement of our Nation;

Whereas Biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil government that are contained in our Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the United States;

Whereas many of our great national leaders—among them Presidents Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, and Wilson—paid tribute to the surpassing influence of the Bible in our country’s development, as the words of President Jackson that the Bible is “the rock on which our Republic rests”;

Whereas the history of our Nation clearly illustrates the value of voluntarily applying the teachings of the Scriptures in the lives of individuals, families, and societies;

Whereas this Nation now faces great challenges that will test this Nation as it has never been tested before; and

Whereas that renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scripture can strengthen us as a nation and a people: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled , That the President is authorized and requested to designate 1983 as a national “Year of the Bible” in recognition of both the formative influence the Bible has been for our Nation, and our national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

Both the Organic and Incorporated Constitution First Amendment states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

There are a few questions:

  1. Which Bible?  Does the “national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures” include the old Testament?
  2. How is /was Public Law 97-280 not a violation of the “establishment of a religion”?
  3. To allow for religious tax exemptions, the religion must organize as a corporation for tax exemption status.  As “our legal artificial persons” TRADE-NAMES© are corporations also, this makes “corporatism” the common “religion” with which to give each “body” representative equality (though not actual/present equality) in STANDING; with the consequence of reducing humans to corporations and “wards of the state.”  How is the implementation of the religion of corporatism -under religious sigil/seal magic, operating by fictitious judges in black robes called MAGI/STRATES (straight magic) using magical words like UNDER/STANDING (the legal meaning of which is to stand UNDER their rules)- not a violation of the Organic Constitution – First Amendment?

It is possible that the Bible and Holy Scripture is nothing more than the VATICAN, INCORPORATED, in which case now we are talking about debt as speech and religion, which -technically- is allowed under the second Incorporated Constitution.  The issue here is that the authorities with knowledge are obfuscating the proper definition of “religion”; being better defined as nothing but “business.”

This legal code is further energetically refined that given 1983 is the “Year of the Bible” then all the other years are NOT.  Are Bible believers stuck in 1983?  The Jesuits running the Vatican certainly don’t have faith the Bible.

Huntington Park City Counsel refuses to accept recall papers

Illegal aliens are appointed to city commissions by the Mayor.  Remedy was sought through the “traditional channels”, such as FBI, and hadn’t produced any relief.  They decided to recall the Mayor and the aid.

These “public hearings” are nothing more than open board meetings.  Observe the “tricks” and legal orders used by the corporation pretending to be a government to shutting down lawful order notification.  “Ordo ab Chao” translates Order without chaos.  The corporation/municipality was hiding their chaos behind a veil of unlawful legal order.

Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders

The methods of issuing our own negotiable instruments with/in the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED is found in Uniform Commercial Code – Article 3 – NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS, and Article 5 – LETTERS OF CREDIT.  Our NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS can be used in any bank and courtroom. The letter that Michael Tellinger discusses here is called a “LETTER OF CREDIT”.

The Requirement for making negotiable instruments in the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED are:
  • Unique “Instrument Number”
  • “Place Made”
  • “Date Issued”
  • “Amount” (written long-hand), and Numeric Amount
  • “WITHOUT RECOURSE PROMISE TO PAY TO THE ORDER OF: {Fill in the name receiving the deposit with account #s}
  • “I do hereby promise to pay {Name of Bank} (HOLDER) the full amount specified on this NOTE, for value received.”
    Without Prejudice U.C.C. 1-308, All Rights Reserve
    By: {Signature} ©      {Date}
    {your name and title, eg. “Joe: Doe©, Sui Generis, American National, Vermont National”}

The Copyrighting © of the Signature is VERY IMPORTANT to the legal system.  Our signature is our artwork!  It is -quite literally- our signature that is worth any amount we put on our negotiable instruments.  My recommendation is to ALWAYS copyright your artwork, your speech, your debt when dealing with anything “legal”!  What you must wrap your mind around is that YOU are the bank.  Every one of us is our own bank.  This is the truth on every level.

For instance, when we sign a mortgage to purchase a house, The First Document signed is the PROMISSORY NOTE, as a Negotiable Instrument, according to U.C.C. Article 3.  This document is worth what is says its worth and we surrender it to the mortgage bank.  This pays for the house in full.  The bank then turns around and “underwrites” the negotiable instrument with 1s and 0s in their computers.  This is legalized accounting fraud as the bank moves the negotiable instrument from the “liabilities” side of the ledger to the “assets.”  The bank then sells us our own “debt” back to us -this time with interest- and make the house surety for not paying the debt a second time.  This is to say, not a single bank has lawful consideration (aka skin in the game) in any of their loans.  (If your mortgage, car loan, credit card, and student loan was a contract, wouldn’t it have THEIR signatures on the documents also?  Just pointing out the obvious.  *grin*)

The banks ability to move a “liability” into an “asset” is the basis of how and why our own private bonds work.  If the bank suggests that these private bonds aren’t valid, this only shows that the banks are hypocrites in abiding by the law for “underwriting” certain negotiable instruments but not others.  U.C.C. – Article 3 applies to ALL issued negotiable instruments including, particularly, and specifically private bonds…  As these private bonds are the basis of their own mortgage process!

This ability for banks to flip liabilities into assets is also why fining the banks for legal infractions, such as Goldman Sacks and JPMorgan Chase, do not work.  They just “flip” the debt to pay it off.  The U.S. Department of Justice knows this is what the banks do, as they use negotiable instruments in exactly the same way.  The US D.o.J cannot pursue the banks for a crime that they themselves are also pursuing.  (Crimes of the “DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE INCORPORATED” is the “Magi/sterial commercial renderings of statutes into charges by negotiable instruments.”  The legal system uses negotiable instruments of debt just as banks do for mortgages.  The corporate fictitious/legal “Sheriff” being nothing more than a glorified debt collector.

The second necessary document is going to be a “LETTER OF CREDIT”.  Any terms and conditions from the Negotiable Instrument should be replicated along with any instructions for the bank.  There are very few formal requirements for this document.  U.C.C. – Article 5 §5-104  shows that it needs to be on paper or in a digital format that is authenticated by signature.  This letter should include the NOTICE OF DISHONOR for paperwork reduction and clarity.

Authentication is legal term.  Effectually in action, authentication means Sealed with your finger print for lawfully sealed.  Preferably use red ink for flesh and blood, or green for neutral.  Blue is Commercial/Admiralty/Sea, Black is dead, purple combines red and blue/human and commerce, Gold is sovereign. Another form of authentication is Notarization.

There are two levels of notarization, one that banks and regular notaries do, and a second more “official” legalization/authentication of documents where one raises the right hand and swears before an “officer” of the state.  This process legalizes (fictionalizes) the document into debt and thus speech.  As speech, the only way to retain rights is to copyright your debt speech under the Second Incorporated Constitution; created in 1871 in the Organic Act of DC.


Download a Sample Original American Promissory Note:

Download a Sample True Copy American Promissory Note:


You are welcome to download and use these sample Negotiable instruments.  Upon download, all liability for usage of the samples is assumed by the downloader.  Please use these wisely.

Included is a sample of a usable Negotiable Instruments, a True Copy of the Negotiable Instrument, and Letter of Credit for use within the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED.  There are many “security” features… because it is a Financial “SECURITY” worth legal debt.

These Sample notes include their exact specification for clarity;  you can see that these private bonds meets the UNCITRAL CONVENTION for INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTES as well as being a NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTMoney Order that meets the requirements of U.C.C. ARTICLE 3* and 4*.  We include the observation in *, that “This note is protected speech in accord with the Incorporated Constitution, First Amendment, as further certified and defined by Citizens United v. F.E.C. and further amended by U.C.C. Document File #2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127907, and 2012127914.”

This ensures that our freedom of debt speech is protected under the U.S. Incorporated Constitution.  Citizens United v F.E.C. ensured that debt speech is politically protected ( matter what) and that using this artwork and “debt” is lawful and without any negative repercussions.  And The One People, ensures the foreclosure of the slavery system “governmental services corporation” called the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED and thus cannot “enforce” debt collection through the fictitious legal courtrooms that aren’t even [Constitutional] Courts!

For the Instrument Number, I like to use my initials and a number, such as “JQD-0001”.  You may use any configuration of numbers and letters you wish, including astrological signs, birth days/years, alternate time encodings such as Swatch time or Mayan Calendar Time.

For the Place Made, use your City and State, eg. “San Francisco, California”, “Territory of California”.

The SS is jurisdiction.  The jurisdiction of these promissory notes is for American Nationals under the “Republic for The united States of America”.  Supreme Court Justice MARSHALL HARLAN (Downes v. Tidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) wrote “Two national governments exist, one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; and the other to be maintained by Congress outside and independently of that Instrument.”  We are simply claiming the second NON-CORPORATE jurisdiction operated under the Organic Constitution, while still working in ACCORD with -but not UNDER, the rules and codes of the Corporate UNITED STATES, INC.

The PAY TO THE ORDER is who is receiving the the debt and the account numbers.

Fill in your name IN BLUE UPPER CASE on the line after “I,”  it is automatically copyrighted.

HOLDER is the banking institution that you are sending the payment to.  Many corporations (such as AT&T, VERNON, COMCAST, etc) will not produce their banking information and it may be required to send a USPS Return Mail Receipt with your payment to get the information.  The Bank should put their name and contact details on the USPS Return Mail Receipt.  The Signature method may also work with UPS and Fedex regarding getting the Banks name.  If this a bank is where you are going to send your promissory note.

Your address should always include “c/o” or “care of” because you do not live in your residence, your residence lives in you and your consciousness!   You, as a spirit-human, live in your body, not in your house/condo/apartment/etc.  Also, after your numeric street name, always put “, Non-Domestic” to declare yourself outside, WITHOUT, the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED.   Furthermore, never use a ZIP CODE.  This is a military district declaration and acceptance derived from the CIVIL WAR.

BTW, the Civil war never ended.  The Lieber Code for marshal law during the Civil War was never closed; it was updated in the Trading with the Enemy Act to make U.S. Citizens enemies of the state and is thus applicable today.  (The laws are all on the books, one just needs to look it up.  I was shocked).  To summarize, ending the Civil War required a Peace Treaty from the North with the South, but this peace treaty was never passed nor created because it would require recognition of the Confederacy as legitimate.  The South Confederacy could only be seen as illegitimate by the North Yankees.  Thus the Civil War Marshal Law “continues.”

From Senate Report 93-549, by the “Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency” (1973, referring to Roosevelt’s 1933 declaration under “Trading with the Enemy Act”):

A majority of the people of the United States have lived all their lives under emergency rule. For almost 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought in force by states of national emergency.

All UNITED STATES, INC. attorneys/”fictitious lawyers” MUST have and use a ZIP CODE or they wouldn’t have the STATUTORY/COMMERCIAL/MILITARY jurisdiction to give the appearance of any court.  DO NOT USE A ZIP CODE, unless under duress.

e.g. “c/o 123 Lawful Street, Non-Domestic, Keene, New Hampshire [zip code exempt]”
e.g. “c/o 456 Lawful Street, Non-Domestic, San Francisco, Republic For California [zip code exempt], North America, World”

On a side note: The Gold border on their flags designate Admiralty/Military/Commercial jurisdiction.  Flags and seals are very important to these corporate/”government” officials.If one is going to use a TRADE NAME©, please know what it is and how they work when entered into them with full disclosure and proper performance of the CONTRACTUAL TRADE NAME.

For instance, they have made our TRADE NAMES into public offices.  See the AFFIDAVIT OF CORPORATE DENIAL. This means that for our 24/7 fulfillment by election and/or assignment, the governmental services corporation must be paying us equal to or above minimum wage!  This is to say, Basic Minimum Income is actually guaranteed by the actual fundamental nature of these governmental services corporations and their own definitions…  when applied fully upon themselves.

Your Debtor’s Authorized Signature is your TRADE NAME© in ALL UPPER CASE.  It is written in blue ink.  It should also be copy-right controlled so the Governmental Services Corporation cannot gain control of it by confusion.

Get the Original Note and True Copy Notarized or, if possible, go to your bank and demand that they put their Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on the note rather than their regular notary.  The Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE is a qualified legal method of entering the note into their financial system.  If your bank won’t put their Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on your private bond when you sign it, tell them that they are in dishonor and you need remedy which now includes their Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on your note.  Furthermore, if they refuse to do it, notarize it without the Medallion and then send it anyway requesting that the receiving Bank Institution put THEIR Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on the note.  It is their responsibility to honor the note, and discharge remedy upon dishonor.

Sign your name in Gold Ink on the original, and black ink on the copy with the notary and/or banker.

I like to SEAL my signature with a red ink thumb print over the copyright.

The LETTER OF CREDIT includes posting instructions, notice of dishonor, and a return address.  The NOTICE OF DISHONOR should be included according to U.C.C. – Article 3, part 5 as you would have to send them another letter for notice of dishonor in 4 business days if it is not included.  The Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE text works via the notary of The Note, so this text can be removed if the note is not legally notarized.  Make Two copies of your letter, sign and Authenticated by: Red Thumbprint over Copyright of signature, Notarization, or Bank Medallion Signature Guarantee.

When sending these Negotiable Instruments, it is wise to use REGISTERED MAIL from the USPS.  Registered mail is specifically designed for the transfer of negotiable instruments both domestically within the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED, and internationally, with the Republic for the united States of America.

My dealings with JPMorgan Chase Private Bank confirmed that any bank that denies and dishonors these negotiable instruments are committing crimes.  Put another way, all banks are required to accept these private bonds for face value because they are negotiable instruments.  Every bank can “exchange the bill” with any STATE and/or FEDERAL Treasury Window, such as the United States Treasury to ensure they have the funds.

To not accept these private bonds can be considered theft of the negotiable instrument and the funds there-in by the bank.  The Better Business Bureau is a reasonable institution to resolve any stolen negotiable instruments.  Also tagging yelp and other social media for not accepting our negotiable instruments.

These Promissory Notes can and SHOULD be used to pay for any and all CORPORATE DEBTS, Mortgages, Student loans, credit cards, car and boat loans, etc.  Please contact your debt collecting agency/bank and request a FULL PAY-OFF.  They will likely add in other costs and fees, such as attorneys and collection costs.  Another process that can be pursued is to “register” the original note with your local county DEEDS/RECORDS Office.  Some banks say the note needs to be “registered” in a COUNTY REGISTRY before payment is acceptable.

It is also significant to observe that FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and all security Features they use are based on SIGIL MAGIC.  Guilloches, inverted ink numbers, Flutes and Horns, Borders, names and lettering in ALL UPPER CASE, and Sigils.  Sigil Magic is also known as SEAL magic.

On the back of the ONE DOLLAR “bill of exchange” negotiable instrument, the “floating eye pyramid” and the Phoenix says underneath, “THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES.”  Furthermore, “IN GOD WE TRUST” has nothing to do with faith in god, nor trust in the god of credit.  GOD, INCORPORATED is/was the Vatican.  and another name for TRUST is “Estate.”  Put another way, this phrasing is better said, “IN THE VATICAN WE ESTATE.”  This phrasing is found above and behind the podium of the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, INCORPORATED along with Two Fascias. Mussolini said in his book, “Fascism is better defined as corporatism.”  Title 28 U.S.C. §3002 (15)(a) the United States is a Federal Corporation.  In Mussolini’s time, governments took over corporations for their profits.  In our time, Corporations and “Elite” have taken over the government, via campaign contributions, regulatory capture, lobbyists, writing the bills to be passed, etc.  The Vatican became its own CITY-STATE under the Fascist Benito Mussolini for the Vaticans support of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  Now the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED appears to be owned by the Vatican.

As a Side Note: Emily Windsor Cragg claims that World War Two was a false flag, see Alfred Lambremont Webre Interviews.

These note samples use the same kinds of symbols used by the Banks in their negotiable instrument securities.

Here are the quick Instructions:

  • 0. (optional) request a full pay-off statement.
  • 1. Fill out the Private Bond Note Information Original, the True Copy of the Private Bond Note, and the AFFIDAVIT OF PAYMENT/LETTER OF CREDIT.
  • 2. Notarize the Original in gold ink, Notarize the Copy in black ink, and Notarize the Letter of Credit in red or green ink. Notarize by: Thumb Seal, Notary, or Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE.  Don’t forget to Copyright © your signature.
  • 2.5 (optional) Seal with your Thump Print
  • 3. Make your own copy of the signed True Copy and signed Letter of Credit.
  • 4. Send to the PRESENTMENT ADDRESS.  The presentment address is where the bank want you to send all payments.  If there is no presentment address, we can then send it to the Chief Financial Officer/[County & Court] Clerk/Attorney/Postal Receiving Office/etc by USPS REGISTERED MAIL.  Each HOLDER of the Note needs to sign for it as it is delivered.
  • 5. If they send the note back, they must do so within three (3) days or else it gets dishonored, on the fourth.  They work just like regular “checks” in this way.


As a side note, the reason why banks wait three (3) days to “deposit” checks is not just for the interest…  On the fourth day, if the bank does not deposit the funds, the banking system is allowed to REPLICATE the debt to remedy the dishonor!  The funds are basically stolen from the original bank account, and the new debt is deposited, looking like a “transaction.”  The method by which banks do this is that the banks turn the liability of the check (which is literally its own negotiable instrument worth ENTIRELY new debt on its own accord) into an asset on the fourth day; and then signal to the original bank to pull the funds making it look like a transaction.

UPDATE 2017.04.28
Direct Physical Evidence of Success!!

Here is just ONE instance of what happens when it using these American National Money Orders actually works.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. returned this IRS Form 1099-C to a very happy American National! (the hand written text in the image below was only moved to fit vertically on this webpage)

For those of you who NEED evidence that this works before you actually do it yourself.  Here is the very direct, very physical evidence that you need in the picture above.

As you can see, JPMorgan Chase DOES actually honor what Negotaiable Instruments are and the U.C.C. legal codes surrounding them.  JPMorgan are required to by law to accept  and DISCHARGE these Money Orders.

All Credit Cards, Utility Bills, Car Bills, Mortgage Bills, and Student Loans can be Discharged in exactly this way.  If they do not, the lending institution is committing a crime and they need to be reported to the proper LEGAL authorities for the theft of the DEBT/line item accounting of the total amount on the Money Order.

P.S. Did you know that besides Washington, DC, the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION, and the Vatican being their own city states, there is a fourth?  To me, only corporations that commit as much crime as the three entities would want that kind of sovereign immunity from those they are affecting.  The fourth is the CERN Large Hadron Collider.  They recently upped the capacity to  1184 Tera-electron Volts.  It was originally specified and sold to the world for 14 Tera-electron volts.  What are they doing that requires them sovereign immunity?  CERN Coverup.

P.P.S.  there are only TWO countries in the world that have SQUARE flags.  The Vatican is one, which shows the significance and importance of a square design.  The other is Switzerland, home for the Knights of Malta, The Secret Society of Secret Societies with their Red/White Cross.  Their N.S.A. like organization called “The Federal Intelligence Service” (“Nachrichtendienst Des Bundes” in German) is the most known unknown of government secret covert spy organizations.  Many call them the spy of spies. They don’t list the head of their spy organization publicly!  Of course, all spies need a place to call home: Switzerland! This is also where the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS also has its home…  The B.I.S. is the International Central Bank of Country Central Banks!  I suspect the movie, “The Kingsman: The Secret Service” is about outing this most notorious spy “agency.

To the wise: There appears to be some very interesting possible links between 9/11 and Switzerland’s F.I.S/N.D.S. (like the US’s CIA/NSA only far more secretive).  The FIS/NDS is the Global Secret Agent Organization of Secret agent organizations.  They have known links to US Corporate Secret Agencies as well and appear to work together.

P.P.P.S. Corporate Personhood is a total fraud!  Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad Company (1877) that gave corporations rights under the second incorporated constitution was a total work of fiction.  The summary of the legal opinion has no judicial standing, yet is what is quoted by judges as legal precedence for corporations having rights.  The original Legal writings NEVER included corporations having rights under either version of the constitution.  See this:

The Young Turks: Thom Hartmann- Are Corporations People

And the regulator capture of the U.S. Department of Justice with Goldman Sacks Alumni to allow GS to get away with some of the greatest financial crimes the world has ever seen:

The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime:

If this doesn’t boil your American blood, I don’t know what would.

Only Non-State U.S. Citizens can vote in State Elections

Today, I attempted to register to vote as a “Michigan Citizen” in “Michigan Elections.”

I was told, in no uncertain terms, that only U.S. Citizens may vote in Michigan Elections regardless of Michigan “State Citizen-ship” status.  The Election Registration “officials” in the “local” county (of which I am -not- a resident of, as a World Citizen and only a World Citizen) was very explicit in this matter.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services told me that Federal Law states that only U.S. Citizen may vote.

So despite there being six classes of Citizens:

  • U.S. Federal Citizens (legal presence in the D.C. Corporation)
  • U.S. Federal Nationals (legal presence outside the Federal Zone)
  • American Human Beings (human beings outside the Federal Zone)
  • State Citizens (legal presences in any State Corporation)
  • State Nationals (legal presences in a State Territory outside the State Corporation)
  • State Human Beings (human beings in a State Territory outside the State Corporation)

The only class of “persons” that may vote in any Corporate (aka government) Election are U.S. Inc. Federal Citizens in Washington, DC.

This is to say, US Nationals, State Nationals, State Citizens without US Citizenship, and Human Beings are not allowed to vote…   even for State-only elections.

Let this sink in.  We must allow the identity theft by the UNITED STATES, INC to place our “being-ness” within Washington, D.C. in order to vote for any State officials, including State Governors, State Legislature, and County/City offices.