The Timeline of the Great Fraud and Declaration of Law

Cover Letter

Public Order

 I have confirmed some very important information this past week and taken action as a result. Please find enclosed a six page summary of the situation we are in and how we got here. If you can’t read six pages of actual documented -not-my-opinion-history to save your country, then we are all about to be done.

And we will deserve it, for being so incredibly clueless, lazy, and stupid. We are in control of the public jurisdiction of the Continental United States.

Attached as part of the history is a Declaration of Law that is executable as a Court Order by anyone who (1) understands the content of the document, (2) was born on the land of one of the fifty Continental States, (3) is NOT a member of the Bar Association.

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Purpose of Naturalization for US Illegal Immigrants

There has been much discussion as to the naturalization and legalization of US Illegal Immigrants.  Here is another perspective…

Each “person” (aka legal presence) to be naturalized is the creation of a Bank Note and revenue for the “government” corporation franchise.  It is printed on Bank Note Security Paper, meets all the requirements for a Secured Transferable Negotiable Instrument in U.C.C. Article 3 – Negotiable Instruments, and is underwritten as a bond for the Public Office of the “person”‘s Legal Fictional Presence in the Fictional Legal System.


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Sigil Magic and the Federal Reserve

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, left, shakes hands with magician David Copperfield at the U.S. Capitol during their event to push a resolution to recognize magic as an art form on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sigil Magic is a form of word and symbol Magik for manifesting into reality an intention.  SIGIL is derived from the Latin word “sigillum” and translates into SEAL magic.

There are some features to this form of Magik:

  1. Decide on the IN-ten[t](s)ion and SPELL it out in a  positive open sentence with present perfect tense such as “I am wealthy, healthy, and wise.”
  2. Reframe the phrase in UPPER CASE and remove spaces, vowels, and double letters, e.g. “IMWLTHLTHNDWS”
  3. Combine into a symbol and/or series of symbols and add decorative patterns.  Using “inverted ink” where the symbols are outlined also helps to “fill in” the manifestation.  Putting the patterns and Spell in a box/circle and/or double box/circle is bringing the manifestation through a portal.
  4. Cast it by printing and burning the paper with the spell on it.

The patterns, spelling, and portal is the seal/sigil.

The Federal Reserve engages in Sigil Magic.  On the One Dollar Bill, there are Two Seals attributed as “The Great Seal of the United States

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Legal Tender to Lawful Money

This is how the Banks have undermined Constitutional Lawful Money for their “Legal Tender.”

It is important to remember that FDR sold the America Population out in 1933 to the international Bankers (ahem, Federal Reserve) which produced the language change on these “notes.”

Secondly, Nixon temporarily nixed the Gold Standard for just Legal Tender.   As of this writing, is 44 years temporary?  When will this “temporary” Unconstitutional Executive Action end?

Third, LEGAL is better defined as FICTIONAL:

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Surrendering the MCO – The Making and Unmaking of a Foreign Motor Private Carrier

While exploring acquiring the original MCO for a vehicle from the State of Michigan, the unequivocal answer is: No, the MCO will not be returned.

Once it is surrendered, that is it.  All the phone techs for the SECRETARY OF STATE had no idea the legal implications of an MCO, or directed me to the Legal Department.

Of note, The phone technician said that a State Certificate of Title is a CONTINUATION of the original title.  Another tech in Indiana said that they cannot delete the digital copies so they can be provided for former represented “owners”.

The flag of whether or not the digital copy is “active” or not comes from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.  On the website itself, the NMVTIS system is run by the United States, Department of Justice.

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Three Types of Legal Property

The Corporate Governments appear to have three classifications of PROPERTY:

  • Private Property – This is privately owned and cannot be taxed, confiscated, and/or used without the owners authorization, otherwise a Common Law crime is committed.
  • Public Property – This is property owned and operated by the government by consent of the governed by contractual agreement.
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY – This is property turned over to the government and owned by representation through an INDIVIDUAL.  Within Legal code, an INDIVIDUAL has a very specific meaning: a human being operating as a legal presence incorporation, statutory person.

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Exporting Motor Vehicles from the UNITED STATES, INC

A pair of Customs and Border Protection UAS aircraft located at the southern border are standing by to air operations.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has some things to say about the Exporting of a Vehicle.

U.S. C.B.P – Exporting a Motor Vehicle

Mainly, at the port of exportation, CBP needs to be presented with a US CERTIFICATE OF TITLE for the VIN.

The Port of Exportation for a World Citizen converting their motor vehicles is  in the privacy of personal matters…  Thus there is no C.B.P. to present any TITLE of the VIN.

The above makes a lot of sense…  The MANUFACTURER’S STATEMENT OF ORIGIN in the Foreign Country would then be the Berthing of the vehicle into the Foreign Country.

In Canada, the Government would simply create one and/or a ship-yard that berths a motor vehicle from the vessel at see…  in other words, the manifest of each motor vehicle vessel from the manifest of each vessel

This is a very interesting PDF documenting the relationship between a STATE issued CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION, CERTIFICATE OF TITLE, a Title (MCO), and a Statement of Origin.

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Michigan Secretary of State refuses to return Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin

Before there is a STATE issued VEHICLE TITLE, the vehicle is (likely) sitting in a registered dealer’s lot.  While it sits there, the registered dealer has a MANUFACTURER’S CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN.  According to:




So lets un-confuse things here!


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World Citizen Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

Make every trade DUTY FREE

duty free red grunge stamp

Now for download, the World Government of World Citizens Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption.  112 KiloBytes (version 2.2)

and the WGWC Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Minimum.   41 KiloBytes (version 2.2)

The first form has full graphics for the WGWC and the Minimum Form does not contain any WGWC Graphics.

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Vehicle Titles: What are they?

After sending out 50 FOIA requests for each of the 50 States, the ultimate commentary is that the States do not use a bank to underwrite their vehicle titles as a bank note.  These are the responses from the State DMVs that understood what an underwriter is and does.

There are significant anomalies though.  All the states claim that their vehicle titles are printed on security paper….  but it doesn’t secure anything and isn’t a security.  hmmm…

Several States claimed that their vehicle titles are printed on BANK NOTE PAPER and one state even said that a VEHICLE TITLE is a bank note but that there isn’t any underwriter!  (Read on: underwriting may be out-sourced to the GSA, or Department of Revenue, or the Department of Treasury)

The two handfuls of States issue their VEHICLE TITLES from the DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE (DOR).  The Mississippi DOR FAQ even claims that a Vehicle Title is a SECURED, NEGOTIABLE DOCUMENT that REPRESENTS ownership.

MS DOR-Vtitle

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