Corporate Personhood vs Person Corporatehood: The Door Swings Both Ways

Corporate Personhood vs Person Corporatehood (slavery): The Door Swings Both Ways

The U.S. legal system that gives corporations Constitutional rights -as “persons”- overlays natural persons with a corporation called a “legal presence”; with a “legal name” in UPPER CASE. The “second you” was designed to represent the human being in “commerce.” The corporate overlay re-creates the singularly human natural person with our likeness. The inclusion of a “head/face picture” on legal presence documents (“Driver’s Licenses”, Student ID Cards, etc) is evidence that the legal presence would be headless without it. The Legal Presence would be a legal fiction without a head!

The conversion of human beings into “legal presence insurance franchises” via corporate overlay was enshrined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 6 “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”

Corporations have had some form of “personhood” recognition for centuries. The United States Corporation unlawfully gave personhood to corporations in 1882 after the United States Incorporation had already formed as the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.

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New U.S. Bill: Register All Cash, Digital Currencies, and Digital Transactions With Local Bank, even Steem, Ethereum

Red Alert: US Congress Introduces Money Laundering Act Criminalizing Digital Currencies; Requiring the Reporting of all Digital Currencies and Cash to Local Banks, e.g. Steem


                                  by: belisoful

June 20th, 2017– Gregorian Date

(WASHINGTON, DC) Senator Chuck Grassley introduced Bill S.1241 — 115th Congress (2017-2018) -a Bill titled Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017– last May 25th, 2017. The Money Laundering Act makes it illegal to have and transact in cash and digital currencies/cryptocurriencies without registering the amounts and trades with a local bank.

The Money Laundering Act conceptually declares digital crytpo-currency mining, usage, and holding an act of money laundering and counterfeiting, particularly in regards to Federal Reserve Notes maintaining their fictitious Valueless Perception of Worth. Requiring the registration of all digital currency holdings and transactions in the U.S. is an attempt to brazenly legalize (fictionalize) the all digital currency networks under the “legal jurisdiction” of a criminal government. After the United States succeeds, all UN Member Nations interested in continued debt slavery could act to implement such measures, in kind. It is a power grab of the Commons by the United States Corporation over a Constitutionally First Amendment Protected Freedom of Speech Medium (digital currencies) and non-legal trade that governmental corporations cannot control nor profit from (with debt mechanisms).

The “Terrorist Financing” label being used by US Senators was to undermine all legitimate commentary on the topic. Indeed, the Act itself is an act of terrorism upon the Digital Commons and Digital Rights. It is a usurpation of value, rights, and property. The Act violates legal precedence in converting a basic digital right into a “license”, regardless of fees, to outright ban digital currencies. The Money Laundering Act only points out the laundering of worth via valueless debt by the Federal Reserve and seems to merely be an attempt to protect the unlawful DEBT-AS-MONEY Racketeering of Central Bankers.

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DC METRO POLICE told to Stand Down on Seth Rich -DNC Wikileaks Leaker- Murder Investigation


From The Gateway Pundit:

Seth Rich Family Detective Speaks: Police Were told to Stand Down on Murder Investigation (VIDEO)

Rod Wheeler: The police department nor the FBI haven’t been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer which I believe is at the the police department or the FBI.

Reporter: But you have sources at the FBI saying there is information that could link Seth Rich to Wikileaks.

Rod Wheeler: Actually I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said Rod we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you. That is very unusual for a murder investigation especially from a police department… I do believe there is a correlation between the mayor’s office and the DNC. And that’s the information that will come out tomorrow.

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Artificial Intelligence Reads Mind for LEGAL GUILT

Researchers are using MRIs to determine theoretical “guilt” and then passing the MRI data to an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to then read the patterns and determine guilt.

There are many issues.  First, EVERYTHING a human does is a legal crime:  over-regulation has made it such that every day each US Citizen commits three felonies each day.  The statutes are so out of control and contradictory that nearly everything we do is a crime in some way by some statutory code.

Second, the US States have made being a human over the claims of being a “legal presence artificial ‘person’ corporation trust trade-name insurance franchise” a felony crime of perjury!

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“Brain-dead” and “Death” is a Legal Fiction

UPDATE 2017.04.15:

Original Article-

Piercing the Veil: The Limits of Brain Death as a Legal Fiction

Death as a Legal Fiction

Why ‘Brain Death’ Is Contested Ground

Jeffrey P. Bishop  (reposted for educational purposes)

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WikiLeaks: Podesta implies Artificial Persons Vote

In prior articles, it is explored that only Federal US Citizens may vote in State of Michigan Elections.  The fact that there exists STATE CITIZENS (still slaves) outside the FEDERAL CITIZEN status would reasonably indicate that STATE CITIZENS vote in STATE ELECTIONS.  That premise is entirely incorrect!  At least in Michigan, STATE CITIZENS may not vote in STATE ELECTIONS.  Only a FEDERAL CITIZEN can vote in STATE OF MICHIGAN Elections.  State of Michigan Driver’s Licenses (STATE CITIZENSHIP) are only conferred benefits upon FEDERAL CITIZENS (aka, Social Security Number [SSN] is required, SSN is Federal Citizenship).

We now see the opposite proposition in email leaks from the Democratic National Convention aka Hillary Clinton, et al.  It is being proposed that in some states -with weak Driver’s License/State Citizenship Requirements-

WIKILEAKS: Podesta Says It’s OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver’s License

In the latest Wikileaks Podesta documents John Podesta actually says it is OK for illegals to vote if they have a driver’s license.

Trump says the system is rigged.
Then we see this email the next day.

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The Story of Your Enslavement

“US Citizens are SLAVES; US Citizens own nothing, only representing ownership but not actual own; US Citizens are PROPERTY OF THE STATE.”

US Citizens are Legal Presence ARTIFICIAL PERSON insurance franchise corporation trusts-trade names created by Birth Certificates.  According to the Bank Note Specialist in the Vital Records for The Department of Health of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, she said, and i quote, “IT [the birth certificate] would not be a bank note without the bar code!”

The Governmental Services Corporation LOVES to project the false illusion that it is ILLEGAL to NOT have their unlawful adhesion contracts.

State Sponsored Forensic Psychiatry- Wards of Debt Collectors

State sponsored “psychiatry” is being used to steal peoples’ private properties.  The above is an example of how ARTIFICIAL PERSONS -being without a mind- are declared “of unsound mind” and thus wards of the court…  which then the court assumes control of all personal property via the trust.

The Forensic Psychiatric officers are “Wards” of the artificial persons.  These “MEDICAL DOCTORS LEGAL FICTION”s certify that a corporation (which is literally a piece of paper) -used to “represent the human being” is of “unsound mind” as it does not have a mind with which to “think.”

While in the “care of the  state”, the corporate state is assuming by confusing the human being with/as the artificial person; through illegal adhesion contracts (such as Birth Certificates, SSNs, Driver’s licenses, etc).  The confusion of the human being with the artificial person is a crime -in many ways-, a violation of human several rights, and a lie -a legal fiction (a rule assuming as true something that is clearly false)-.

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The Ground Swell – Max Igan – Be Careful Who You Follow

There is a great solution: World Citizen.  This claims our unity with humanity.  There are International laws in play rather than Commercial / Corporate / “governmental services corporation” statutory code.  This allows for action on the ground; such as cancelling VEHICLE TITLES and taking private possession of our automobile.

World Citizen Solutions.   It is very easy to Expatriate from the UNITED STATES, INC.  Signing up for a World Citizen Identity with/through the World Government of World Citizens automatically triggers Title 8, U.S.C. §1481 Loss of Nationality for without the UNITED STATES, INC. Continue reading The Ground Swell – Max Igan – Be Careful Who You Follow

The Occult Meanings of Represent: Why You Can Not Represent Yourself in Court

By Omni Thought

Picture of Grumpy Old Judge

To know why you can not “represent” yourself in court, you need to study the definitions of the word represent and find its deeper meanings. You also need to ask yourself this question: “How could I represent myself when I am already myself living in a body made of flesh and blood?” One of the common definitions of the word represent is “to act or speak officially for (someone or something)”. Based on this definition, when you “represent” someone or something, you are acting or speaking for it.

Here are other common definitions of the word represent from

  • “to serve to express, designate, stand for, or denote, as a word, symbol, or the like does; symbolize:”
  • “to express or designate by some term, character, symbol, or the like:”
  • “to stand or act in the place of, as a substitute, proxy, or agent does:”
  • “to speak and act for by delegated authority:”
  • “to act for or in behalf of (a constituency, state, etc.) by deputed right in exercising a voice in legislation or government:”
  • “to portray or depict; present the likeness of, as a picture does:”
  • “to present or picture to the mind.”

Here is the definition of the word represent from Black’s Law Dictionary (5th edition):

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NY Attorney General got 1,000 direct complaints from voters on primary day

What is the probability that the corrupt legal system would do anything about voting fraud when all they are in the “commercial business*” of is “appearance of justice**” using unlawful contracts for use of the TRADE-NAME©?

(* creating fictitious debts for TRADE-NAMES©, and attorneys [with strange “magical” legal definitions] intentionally confusing our human being-ness and the artificial “person” TRADE-NAME©)
(** according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 44)

Please observe the NAME of the candidate that one is voting for within the UNITED STATES, INC.  All voter Cards technically SHOULD be in UPPER CASE.  I have only seen voter registrations and candidates with names in upper case.  US Citizens only vote for ARTIFICIAL PERSONS CORPORATE FRANCHISES TRADE-NAMES©.

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