Ex-DEA Spokeswoman: ‘Marijuana Is Safe,’ Kept Illegal Because It’s a ‘Cash Cow’

Ex-DEA Spokeswoman: ‘Marijuana Is Safe,’ Kept Illegal Because It’s a ‘Cash Cow’

(ANTIMEDIA) Before the heroin epidemic became a nationwide problem, claiming thousands of lives, Plano, Texas, was already entrenched. And like many of the places caught in the crosshairs of the continuing heroin crisis, Plano is the last place that one would expect to be swept into the opioid tidal wave.

Anti-Media recently interviewed Texas-native Belita Nelson, who has had an interesting few decades. For six years she termed herself the “chief propagandist” — or spokeswoman — for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Before that, as a Plano mother and teacher, Belita noticed what was happening in her community. She described Plano as an area rivaling Newtown, Connecticut, or Cape Cod — tight-knit regions where tragedy strikes hard and deep.

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She explained that “[Plano] has the best school districts in the state of Texas…it’s a gated community. And in 1998, for heroin to be that prevalent in the community was stunning. Stunning. We got all the media attention because we were this upscale Texas neighborhood that nobody thought would be inundated with heroin.”

Nelson decided to take action, saying, “I decided I’d had it. I was going to organize my community and fight this thing at the grassroots level. But we were never grassroots because the first thing I did was go on the Oprah show for the DEA.”

Belita stresses that she was never officially employed by the DEA but traveled for six years as a sort of unofficial spokeswoman for the agency.  The group recruited her because their goals aligned, and in many ways, she was perfect for the role. She was a mother who had witnessed the toll of heroin first-hand. She was passionate and knew what she was talking about. Belita spoke to schools and parent groups and appeared on television networks.

With the help of a former Dallas Cowboy, she founded the Starfish Foundation to tackle heroin addiction. That organization ran until 2004 when one of the employees pocketed the donation money and left the foundation scrambling in the dark.

In our interview, Belita was hesitant to speak too openly but mentioned that when she first went to work with the DEA (she was contacted and became familiar with agency’s goals), she was told “‘Marijuana is safe, we know it’s safe, but it’s our cash cow and we will never, ever, give it up.’” When the DEA seizes a car or makes a drug bust, it’s likely they’ll find wads of money. They turn in the pot (or other drugs) — and keep the cash. Civil asset forfeiture law essentially gives the police and feds free reign, and they have confiscated billions of dollars from Americans, a majority of whom have not been charged with a crime.

Belita, like many people, posits that the DEA is not willing to give up the long disproven idea that marijuana is a “gateway drug.” Unlike heroin, most people are open to trying marijuana. At high school or college parties, it’s much more likely that a joint is being passed around than a needle. While a joint conjures up images of Bob Weir or SOJA on stage, a needle brings to mind a lifeless Philip Seymour Hoffman or Basquiat.

Belita cut ties with the DEA in 2004 after becoming frustrated with the system and the government’s need to keep marijuana criminalized, despite knowledge that the drug was safe.

While at the Starfish Foundation, Belita heard time and time again the tale of pot-smoking teenagers who were pushed into heroin simply because marijuana carries harsh penalties. And it’s a story that’s been told repeatedly. Today Belita works for the Gridiron Cannabis Foundation,  a nonprofit dedicated to fighting CTE, concussions, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathy, dementia, chronic inflammation, Leukemia, and brain and other cancers. But the group’s pockets that only stretch so far.

In contrast, her opposition — and the opposition of anyone fighting the heroin epidemic and hoping to legalize marijuana — are big pharma companies.

Recently, we’ve seen pharma companies hit the grassroots to secure influence. Anti-Media and a number of other news outlets recently reported on an opioid company pumping half a million dollars into Arizona anti-marijuana groups in an effort to keep the plant illegal. These sorts of campaigns do not serve the dead in Plano and the hundreds of thousands around the nation suffering from opioid addiction. Rather, they benefit CEOs and pharmaceutical groups who have invested millions in developing drugs that minimize pain. Unfortunately, they come with a dangerously high likelihood of addiction.

Big pharma corporations see dollar signs in every painkiller that moves across a counter, but some of which could easily be replaced by marijuana, which is increasingly proven to help decrease pain. So the American consumer, from Plano, Texas, to Portland, Maine, is faced with the dilemma — is it better to be a living Bob Weir or a dead Basquiat?

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Ohio Legalizes Marijuana for Artificial Persons

Signed Into Law: Ohio Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Sets Foundation To Nullify Federal Prohibition

By Mike Maharrey

On Wednesday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the state. This takes a big step toward nullifying the unconstitutional federal prohibition on cannabis in practice.

Rep. Stephen Huffman (R) introduced House Bill 523 (HB523) on April 14. The legislation sets in motion the creation of a limited medical marijuana program in Ohio.

There is hereby established a medical marijuana control program in the department of commerce and the state board of pharmacy. The department shall provide for the licensure of medical marijuana cultivators and processors and the licensure of laboratories that test medical marijuana. The board shall provide for the licensure of retail dispensaries and the registration of patients and their caregivers. The department and board shall administer the program.

The new law establishes a “seed-to-sale” system for growing, testing and dispensing marijuana. Patients suffering from 20 medical conditions will now be able to access medicinal cannabis with some limitations. The law prohibits smoking marijuana and does not allow for home cultivation of cannabis. The law permits patients to use patches, edibles and vaping products.

The House passed the bill by a 71-26 margin on May 10. The Senate approved the measure 18-15 on May 25th. The House concurred with Senate amendments 67-29. With Kasich’s signature, the law will go into effect in 90 days.

Sen. Dave Burke (R-Marysville) carried HB523 in the Senate. He said growers could be cultivating marijuana within a year, with products on the shelves in 16 months. The law requires the program to be fully operational within two years.

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There is a significant difference between “cannabis” and “marijuana.”  Cannabis is the REAL plant.   “MARIJUANA” is the “legalized” debt representation of “cannabis.”   Cannabis is, has always been, and always will be Lawful.  Lawful has nothing to do with LEGAL (aka debt, Negotiable Instruments, incorporated entities, corporate franchise TRADE-NAMES, STATUTORY [unconstitutional] Courts, etc).

The STATE OF OHIO, INCORPORATED has voted to allow ARTIFICIAL PERSONS/TRUSTS/Corporations to somehow “imbibe” on “marijuana.”   Our “artificial person” [eg, driver’s license, passport, Social Security Identity, Birth Certificate, Voter ID Card, etc] does not have a mouth with which to smoke “marijuana”, nor a nose to exhale from, nor hands necessary to “pack a bowl.”

Yet it is the artificial person who is now “allowed” access to Cannabis Medicine on a restricted basis through “Marijuana.”

Without the “artificial person” (name in upper case), Cannabis cannot be restricted.  As a World Citizen, the Restriction of Cannabis is a violation of the “Right To Expatriate.”

Right of Expatriation, Title 8, U.S.C. §1481, Under Notes Section

R.S. § 1999 provided that:
Whereas the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;
and whereas in the recognition of this principle this Government has freely received emigrants from all nations, and invested them with the rights of citizenship;
and whereas it is claimed that such American citizens, with their descendants, are subjects of foreign states, owing allegiance to the governments thereof;
and whereas it is necessary to the maintenance of public peace that this claim of foreign allegiance should be promptly and finally disavowed:
Therefore any declaration, instruction, opinion, order, or decision of any officer of the United States which denies, restricts, impairs, or questions the right of expatriation, is declared inconsistent with the fundamental principles of the Republic.

As an American National, one cannot be an “artificial person”/legal-presence without committing perjury.  A Legal Presence is its own entirely separate entity/PERSON before law that is not us as humans.  The Legal Presence is a Corporate Insurance Account/Franchise that we are the CEO/President of, despite the governmental service corporations not paying the guaranteed universal minimum income as required by law.  It is a crime to conspire to force human beings into association with a corporation (TRADE-NAME©/Artificial Person/Legal Presence), UN Declaration of Human Rights – Article 20.2.

Under Ohio Code, the non-corporeal artificial person must be stricken with an actual physical illness to be able to “get remedy” through “marijuana.”  This only re-enforces the dis-ease ENERGY by giving it to the EGO-Artificial PERSON.   Yet it is nothing more than chuck of debt (an insurance franchise account corporation) managed for the human by “attorneys.”

A Medical Marijuana Card is nothing more than a “License”-permission to do illegal things -Use Federal Reserve Notes in marijuana commerce-.  Even with the highly developed OHIO CODE for Medical Marijuana, the LEGALIZED plant is still ILLEGAL, and yet is -and always shall be- Lawful.

MARIJUANA is a very interesting SIGIL used by the legal system:

MARI- is of the SEA, as in Mari-time.  Mere (a lake/pool), Mermaid.  Marine.  Marriage.  Currency => Current/Sea.   River-“Banks”, “Loan-Sharks”.  and Statutory Law being a bastardization of “Admiralty Law”, Law of the Sea, Commerce.  with Relation to the HOLY SEE/SEA of COMMERCE.

“-JUANA” is Spanish for “Gods Graciousness/Gift.”

Indeed, it was a grace upon the legal system allowing the “authority” to Money-Launder debt out of each “CHARGE” brought up by policy enforcers in their fraudulent statutory [Unconstitutional] courtrooms.  The Legal system was literally making debt by charging human beings with “corporate policy violations” under COLOR OF LAW, depriving us of our rights.  The Governmental Services Corporations profits by making crimes of human beings where none exist.

The Myth of Authority:

“In other words: so-called authority is nothing more than permission to do BAD things.”

All “Licenses” are simply permissions and insurance to do something that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed.  This is why DRIVER’S LICENSE’s are unnecessary to exercise the right to travel.  Indeed, having a Driver’s License waives all Constitutionally Protected Rights.

“the believe in government makes humanity far less civilized and far more violent because people have been taught to believe that legalized violence is acceptable.”

Ex-patriating restores all Constitutionally protected rights.