Sacramento has been tracking license plates to monitor welfare recipients

Sacramento has been tracking license plates to monitor welfare recipients

Sacramento County officials have been tracking the license plates of welfare recipients in the hopes of catching potential fraud, according to a new report in the Sacramento Bee.

The license plate monitoring program, which the ACLU warned us about, snaps photos of license plates when the cars they are attached to make their way past telephone poles and police cars, letting officials track the location of vehicles. Welfare fraud investigators working with the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance (DHA) pay $5,000 a year for access to the license plate reader database to track those welfare recipients they suspect of fraud. This isn’t new, either: They’ve been doing it since 2016.

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NY Union Protecting Hundreds of Cops Accused of Misconduct

via Daily Caller News Foundation – By Anders Hagstrom    –   The New York Police Department failed to fire more than 300 police officers guilty of misconduct ranging from lying to superiors, to assaulting innocents, Buzzfeed reported Monday.

BuzzFeed uncovered documents detailing the records of 319 NYPD officers who committed fireable offenses but were never terminated, largely thanks to employment contracts the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, the city’s largest police union, negotiated.

The revelation puts New York City alongside Baltimore and many others that have struggled to get rid bad cops.

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Cops vs Humanity: Comply or Die

Compliance is no longer enough to “be safe” when interacting with legal fictional CORPORATE POLICY ENFORCERS.  They take their job of  BEING THREATENED and KILLING PEOPLE (aka: an egocentric projection of the policy enforcers threatening everyone around them, including those who comply).  Some Policy Enforcers stole this author’s private property automobile…  They are a direct threat to capitalism if they refuse to protect/enforce/allow private property by stealing all private property (by legalizing it, under color of law [1873] /statutory code [1933/1938]/marshal law-Leiber Code [1863])

When compliance itself could mean death, what authority do these policy enforcers have?  Who investigates and puts policy enforcers on trial?  The Government has a vested interest in ALLOWING maximal abuse upon its citizenry (which is actually literal slavery, maybe with extra steps).  There is no “self-defense” allowed against policy enforcers whom are mere DEBT COLLECTORS for a criminal and corrupt legal system of the UNITED STATES, INC…  who operate the governmental services corporation slavery system.  Furthermore, it has become increasingly enforced as illegal to expose any illegal behavior of a “governmental services corporation agent/official.”  The governmental agencies refuse to look into any criminal actions as finding any would harm the image of authority, and there is so much!

If both non-compliance and compliance could be death, then how about we get back to basic human rights?  Such as the right to private property?

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Cops Are Criminals For CREATING Crimes Where None Exist

The “Police Benevolent Association” states that Policy Enforcers creating criminals to meet their “arrest quotas” is a common phenomenon.

“Good” Policy Enforcers are forced out, while the “egotistical and power hungry”  Policy Enforcers are promoted under the “quota” system.

For the reason that Policy Enforcers nation-wide seem to be adopting “arrest quotas,” it needs be said that Policy Enforcers are CREATING criminals to meet their quotas.  Forcefully contracting with people where no crime has been committed to ensure “income” for the Policy Enforcers and legal system is defrauding the public at the point of a gun.

The Policy Enforcers are nothing more than a gestapo shaking down the public for extortion money.

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FBI Told Policy Enforcers to Launder Evidence from Secret Cell Phone Trackers

The social contract that FBI and Policy Enforcers are in any way “authoritative” and abide by “rule of law” is completely gone.  Between hiring attorneys making humans of “unsound mind”, IRS taxes being voluntary, the Federal Reserve Central Bank being a private corporation, Hillary Clinton acting “above the law” in many ways, NASA spraying lithium medication over the population without prescription, the making of a MAGIC religion in the UNITED STATES, INC, Civil Forfeitures and Policy Enforcers legally allowed to LIE to cover up the crimes of deprivation of right under color of law by associations with artificial “persons” by calling the abuses by another name: “investigations”, and the Federal Reserve using of magic on their bills there really is nothing left to trust about the governmental services corporation call the UNITED STATES, INC which is foreclosed, bankrupt many times over, destroying human rights, destroying the planet, murdering humans world-wide, and perpetuating a fraudulent ponzi-debt financial/monetary system