Police Kick Off Program to Warrantlessly Test Saliva to Check for “Drugged Driving”

via Activist Post – By Jay Srymopoulos

Michigan State Police have begun a year-long pilot program, being held in five Michigan counties, to warrantlessly test the saliva of drivers suspected of drugged driving.

“The five-county pilot program will be used to help determine accuracy and reliability of the tests,” Gov. Snyder said in June after signing the bill into law, as MLive reported.

Residents [ED: mere fictions of law] of these five unlucky counties will be forced to act as guinea pigs by the state, in what is sure to be an exercise in trampling on civil and constitutional rights of individuals.

The program calls for Drug Recognition Experts (DRE officers), a designation given to cops who earn a designation certifying them to visually recognize if a person is under the influence of a controlled substance, to administer the tests.

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Total Individual Control Technology: You & Your DNA are Being Targeted

Total Individual Control Technology: You & Your DNA are Being Targeted

Total Individual Control Technology
Total Individual Control Technology is ultimate mind control weapon since it can targets your individual DNA.


Total Individual Control Technology is a nefarious type of EM (Electromagnetic)and V2K (Voice to Skull) weaponized technology that is being experimented with and deployed against segments of the American population. Those attacked by this electronic stalking are known as TIs (Targeted Individuals). Recently another brave whistleblower has stepped forward to expose it. Bryan Kofron (who formerly used the alias of Justin Carter) is a security industry specialist who used to work for a private security company SIS (Security Industry Specialists) in Seattle, Washington. He quit in disgust after realizing that his former firm, and others just like it, were actively using this so-called total individual control technology to target people, then ultimately control and destroy their lives. Since he quit, he has himself become a victim of the technology via gangstalking.

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Nurse Legally Prevents Cop From Taking Blood From Unconscious Patient, Gets Roughly Arrested

‘This is crazy,’ sobs Utah hospital nurse as cop roughs her up, arrests her for doing her job

Nurse arrested after refusing to allow detective to take blood from unconscious patient

By all accounts, the head nurse at the University of Utah Hospital’s burn unit was professional and restrained when she told a Salt Lake City police detective he wasn’t allowed to draw blood from a badly injured patient.

The detective didn’t have a warrant, first off. And the patient wasn’t conscious, so he couldn’t give consent. Without that, the detective was barred from collecting blood samples — not just by hospital policy, but by basic constitutional law.

Still, Detective Jeff Payne insisted that he be let in to take the blood, saying the nurse would be arrested and charged if she refused.

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Cell Phone Tower Radiation 100x Stronger than Threshold to Affect Humans

Scientists End 13 Year Debate Proving Non-ionizing RF Microwave EMF Causes Cell Phone Radiation DNA Damage 

The prevailing view that non-ionizing cell phone radiation can not cause DNA damage was first challenged academically with a theory Penn State published titled, DNA and the Microwave Effect, January 20, 2001. New studies on (ROS) Oxygen Species Production and RF, proves Penn State theory correct and cell phone radiation does cause DNA damage in two-stage process.

According to RF Safe, it has now been proven that human toxicity to microwave radiation depends not only on power, but frequency as well. High-frequency ionizing radiation, such as gamma or X-rays, can damage DNA molecules directly, and low-frequency radiation such as cell phone radio waves, classified as non-ionizing were first recognized as having the potential of a Microwave effect (second stage DNA damage) in a paper published January 20, 2001 Penn State University, DNA And The Microwave Effect

CRISPR-Cas9 DNA-Editing Can Cause Hundreds of Unexpected Mutations

CRISPR Gene-Editing Can Cause Hundreds of Unexpected Mutations

It’s been hailed as one of the most potentially transformative inventions in modern medicine, bringing the prospect of designer babies closer than any other technology to date, but CRISPR-Cas9 could be riskier than we thought.

The technology that could spark a gene-editing revolution has been caught introducing hundreds of unintended mutations into the genome, and with scientists already testing it in humans, it’s set off some serious alarm bells.

“We feel it’s critical that the scientific community consider the potential hazards of all off-target mutations caused by CRISPR, including single nucleotide mutations and mutations in non-coding regions of the genome,” says Stephen Tsang from the Columbia University Medical Centre.

Tsang and his team have conducted the first whole-genome screening of a living organism that’s undergone CRISPR gene-editing to discover that unwanted mutations can crop up in areas that are totally unrelated to the targeted genes.

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Ancestry.com Terms and Conditions gives All Corporations Perpetual Royalty Free World-Wide License to our DNA

Specifically, by submitting DNA to AncestryDNA, you agree to “grant AncestryDNA and the Ancestry Group Companies a perpetual, royalty-free, world-wide, transferable license to use your DNA, and any DNA you submit for any person from whom you obtained legal authorization as described in this Agreement, and to use, host, sublicense and distribute the resulting analysis to the extent and in the form or context we deem appropriate on or through any media or medium and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed or discovered.”

DNA is private property and is/was being abused without just compensation in a great many places particularly policy enforcers who just steal the DNA without just compensation in violation of the Constitutions Amendment 5.

The issue with Ancestry.com having such “royalty free perpetual licenses” to our private property DNA is that it is a SHARED CORPORATE License.  The F.B.I, C.I.A. I.R.S. etc are corporations that have greater authority to operate the legal artificial person trade-name bank-account insurance franchises corporations [e.g. called “PERSONS” and “INDIVIDUALS”]- as their parent governmental corporation created these “corporate persons.” These “legal fictional authorities” share these royalty free perpetual licenses with Ancestry.com.

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Iris Biometric “Security” is Totally Ineffective- Theft of Private Property

In the Act- US, Inc committing iris private property theft of foreigners for the creation of more debt “SECURITIES.” [aka. Border “SECURITY”]

Using a camera, a printer, and a contact lens, hackers managed to bypass the S8’s iris scanner.  

Finger Prints are NOT effective tools in security as seen here.  Biometric security is NOT effective as -once taken and replicated- it cannot be changed!  If hackers are doing this with off the shelf components, what tools do the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, etc have?  FYI: These agencies and banks seem to all be spying on and collecting the data of the digital currencies such as Bitcoin, etc.  They likely pass these transactions through their Artificial Intelligence Banking System “BIG DATA” algorithms.

Indeed, Fingerprints, palm prints, iris prints, image-likeness, and DNA are all private property and require just compensation for public use of such private property.  However, the legal fictitious governmental service corporations steal these properties without any compensation as if that is the norm with the PRESUMPTION that such theft and property violations are somehow NOT terminating basic human rights.

Do NOT give up any biometric private property!  Biometric data is ineffective as security.  If a corporation wants your biometric data, we need to SELL it to them and define the terms and conditions of its use.

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Fluoride in the Water is Mass Medication and a War Crime

The HIDDEN History Of Fluoride

The HIDDEN History Of Fluoride

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Once you find out the hidden history behind fluoride, you will never intentionally ingest it again!  Fluoride is commonly found in water supplies and toothpaste, but you will also find it in processed foods made with tap water as well as in chemtrails.  Fluoride is a toxic waste that is so poisonous that it cannot be dumped into the ocean or any water supply.

If you look at the back of any fluoridated toothpaste, you will find a warning saying that if you swallow a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, you are supposed to call the poison control center.  According to Dr. Bill Osmunson, a “pea-sized” amount of fluoride is found in every small glass of fluoridated tap water.

The following is a shocking history of fluoride.  After reading this, many will agree that it the use of fluoride is incomprehensible and can easily be considered “crimes against humanity”.

1931 Fluoride in drinking water is found to be the cause of brown teeth – now known as dental fluorosis.

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Fingerprint Biometric “Security” is Ineffective

If anyone with a “scan” of the finger print can re-create the “biometric security identity,” then finger prints are NOT useful in identifying and securing the “identity” of the user.

We leave these finger prints EVERYWHERE: door handles, water glasses, pens, table tops, all over your car.  Given the public accessibility to the finger prints we leave nearly everywhere we go, a finger print does not identify the user in a secure way.   Should a hacker get the finger print database, there is no method to CHANGED our biometric data.

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