What Really Is 5G Wireless About?

What Really Is 5G About?

After my article “Is This What You Want Outside Your Bedroom Window”appeared, one of the EMF researchers, whom I network with, emailed comments, which I have permission to share with readers.  The researcher wants to remain anonymous, which I respect, but was a former military radar specialist and also worked as a radiology specialist in hospitals, so he knows more about EMFs/RFs than most of us.  Here are his comments to consider.

5G is serious stuff. We are living in very serious times. And no one seems to know, or wants to know, just how serious a price we have to pay for all our wireless tech addictions.  I know from personal experience that 99.9% of Americans do not even know what “G” stands for, nor do they know anything about the scientifically- proven lethal radiation emitted from their children’s phones and  Wi-Fi.  [“G” stands for generation of power.]

The Elana Freeland video https://youtu.be/4efE1KBF80M?t=4  in your article is a must-see!  YouTube is literally now exploding with warnings on 5G and pulsed microwave wireless harms, which the Mainstream Media have on total lockdown. This is 11:59:59 of the 11th Hour.

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Television and Cell Phones are using Patents/Technology for Subliminal Influencing

We are being FORCED to live in a low level MICROWAVE OVEN with all the cell phone towers.  Cannabis is one solution to reduce DNA damage from such RF-EMF.  Symbols and Sigils are living magic Technologies.

“The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program.  For certain monitors, pulsed EM fields capable of exciting sensory resonance in near by subjects may be generated even as the displayed messages are displayed with subliminal intensity.”