NSA Whistleblower William Binney Exposes “The Program” to Secretly Spy on All US Citizens -Stellar Wind

Secret program [Stellar Wind] gives NSA, FBI backdoor access to Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft data

Stellar Wind, Prism, EvilOlive, ShellTrumpet are the names of some of the US massive surveillance programs revealed recently by the press …

Declassified report points to flaws in post-9/11 NSA wiretapping

Entire Stellar Wind (CIA/NSA ‘president’s surveillance program’) from Wikileaks

A copy of the 400+ pages (700+ pdf) of the CIA/NSA ‘Stellar Wind’ (aka ‘President’s Surveillance’) Program is provided below. Recent commentaries are also included.  Stellar Wind was launched in 2001 and continued into the first two years of the Obama administration and in 2011 was ended. Stellar Wind was a creation of the NSA and CIA to track and store all domestic internet traffic. The program’s activities involved data mining of a large database of the communications of American citizens, including e-mail communications, telephone conversations, financial transactions, and Internet activity. Stellar Wind was replaced by a series of other programs, such as Boundless Informant, PRISM and XKeyscore (as exposed by Edward Snowden).

In June 2013 the Washington Post and the Guardian published an OIG draft report, dated March 2009, leaked by Edward Snowden detailing the Stellar Wind program. In June 2013 the Guardian also published the Inspector General’s report on Stellar Wind as well as correspondence involving attorney general Michael Mukasey in 2007 requesting permission for the NSA to expand its ‘contact chains’ deeper into Americans’ email records.

In 2012 the New York Times published a video interview with NSA whistleblower William Binney, who helped design Stellar Wind. NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake also commented on SW.

Here, courtesy of Cryptome, is a copy of a document that examines the legality of the program.

To see the entire ‘Stellar Wind’ (aka ‘President’s Surveillance’) Program document, click here.

Micheal Tsarion – Psychic Vampirism – Evil – Psychopathy

“Any sign of individualism is considered pathological.”     -Michael Tsarion

“We may even be compromised by having these people in society; where society becomes more and more pathological in this regard…. see, more vacuous, more empty, more narcissistic, more draining to be around.  And I already think it is.”