The New American Civil War (2018-?)

It has begun.  The New American Civil War.  It has been brewing since 1871, when America became a new corporation foreign to the States.

America is being torn apart by all sides, ripping at the seems, and glossed over by the corporate media.

Right vs Left, Black vs White, Men vs Women, Christianity vs Islam, Rich vs Poor, Immigrants vs Citizens.  These are all narratives designed by the Deep State/Cabal to divide us, and keep us distracted from the parasites.

The Deep State/Cabal has been controlling humanity (in varying degrees and ways) for millennia.  This is not a new phenomenon that started with Clinton, Bush, Obama, and/or Trump.  This started long ago.  It must be recognized that the President is actually the CEO of the Corporation called United States, Incorporated.  It renders governmental-like services, but is not actually a government.

What people want (rights, freedom, pursuit of happiness, capitalism, etc) is not the business model of the monopoly Corporation posing as governments.  Their business model is to ENFRANCHISE (read: create debt to represent) benefits for corporate simulacrum called legal presences.  These benefits are legally labelled “rights” but are not actually rights. There are no such thing as “civil rights” as they are merely indicating what the legal presences are capable of doing within their corporate business (like, monopoly game).

To recognize LGBTQ “rights” (benefits) is simply to create a new board game rule that allows certain business practices to be performed between two “artificial person” corporations called legal presences.  Marriage is a business for governmental corporations;  It weds not just the two “gendered” artificial persons, but it weds them to the state itself as another self-interested party.  Children are the product (for sale) of the MAN-ufacturing business of marriage created in the womb/crucible.

The divisions being propagandized (by the few who control all US media) is designed to sew fear…  designed like a magic trick to draw our attention away from the actual issues.

The Government -being a de facto United Nations Franchise- itself is the problem.  The United Nations gives all “governmental corporate employees” complete immunity in enslaving humanity by rendering slavery as a “corporate business service” of “governments.”

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55 Truly Stunning Facts about the United Nations

The “United Nations” is a singularly unique thing in the world.  Here are some truly stunning facts about the United Nations:

  1. The United Nations was established on October 24th, 1945.
  2. Only Warring “Allied” nations qualified to join the United Nations in the beginning, and some nations declared war (to be in a state of belligerency) after the meeting solidifying the formation of the UN just to be able to join.
  3. Germany surrendered to the “United Nations” on May 9th, 1945 -and was made retroactive to May 8th- months before the United Nations was officially established.
  4. The German Instrument of Surrender made the German Nazi Government the First unofficial Member of the United Nations, which was then “dissolved.”
  5. The United States deposited their ratification of the United Nations Charter on August 8th, 1945. Continue reading 55 Truly Stunning Facts about the United Nations